PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC  April 29 - May 2, 2001


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This publication is issued on the occasion of the 8th Biennial Congress of the European Council of Coloproctology (ECCP). Previous seven ECCP Congresses have been very successful. They established a tradition of not-too-large meetings of a high scientific standard and pleasant social atmosphere. The number of free papers and posters has been increased and in the main programme you can find many renowned experts from the whole Europe and the United States of America. Coloproctology today is providing exciting changes in the care of multiple diseases. No doubt, the 8th Biennial Congress in Prague will continue the positive tradition of previous congresses.

The aim of this volume is to help doctors who are interested in coloproctology to get new information which will be presented at the 8th Biennial Congress of ECCP. It is true that only a lesser part from the whole programme of the Congress appears in this publication but nevertheless the reader can acquire many valuable information of this field therein.

J. Faltýn



Coloproctology in the Third Millennium

Anal Cancer. Staging and Updated Therapeutical Modalities
I.G. Karaitianos and Chr. Koundouris 

Czech Contribution to the Medicine
T. Skřička and J. Faltýn 

Chemoradiation ± IORT in Locally Advanced T4 and/or N3 Rectal Cancer
C. Ratto, V. Valentini, A.G. Morganti, C. Coco, C. Rossi, G.B. Doglietto and A. Picciocchi 

Chemoradiation ± IORT in Local Recurrent Rectal Cancer
C. Ratto, V. Valentini, M.A. Gambacorta, C. Coco,
U. Morelli and G.B. Doglietto 

Colorectal Cancer – Current State

Quality of Life After Surgery for Rectal Cancer
GG. Delaini, M. Scaglia, P. Marinello and B. Carrara 

Epidemiology and Classification of Colorectal Cancer
G. Ekelund 

Secondary Prevention of Colorectal Cancer
P. Frič 

Endosonography and 3D Reconstruction of Anorectal Tumors
K. Belej, K. Vyslouzil, F. Zatura, M. Duda, P. Zboril and P. Janda

Relationship of Angiogenesis, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), and Laminin With Clinicopathological Parameters of Cororectal Cancer
H. Harada, T. Hasegawa and S. Takashima 

Treatment of Rectal Cancer at the Department of Surgery University Hospital in Pilsen in the Period from l955 till l999
L. Holubec sen., R. Sequens, V. Veselý, P. Novák and L. Holubec Jr. 

Fibrynolytic Potential in Blood of Patients With Colorectal Carcinoma
A. Jawien, K. Tojek, P. Jarmocik, M. Kotschy and Z. Banaszkiewicz 

Isolated Mesorectal Foci Adversely Affect the Prognosis of Rectal Cancer Patients
C. Ratto, R. Ricci, C. Rossi, U. Morelli, F.M. Vecchio and G.B. Doglietto 

Total Mesorectal Excision A District General Hospital Experience
K. Reddy, M. Aslam, V. Kaul, A. Harwych, J. Weston, C. Topham and E. Owen 

Treatment of Post APR Erectile Dysfunction with Sildenafil – A Pilot Study
L. Ritter, L. Hornok and E. Erdei 

Clinicopathological Studies on Lateral Lymphatic Spread in Rectal Cancer
S. Takashima, H. Harada and T. Hasegawa 

Functional Results and Quality of Life Following Coloanal Anastomosis With Straight or J-Pouch Reconstruction
A. Vignali, M. Braga, L. Gianotti, M. Rovagnati and V. Di Carlo 97

Diverticular Disease

Role of Scoring in Management of Diverticular Disease Complications
J. Hoch, Z. Jech and M. Kouda 

Hodgson’s Taeniomyotomy in the Treatment of Complicated Diverticular Disease of Large Intestine
J. Sankot and R. Slováček 

Initial Calculated Antimicrobial Therapy in Patients with Hartmann´s Procedure for Perforated Diverticular Disease of Large Bowel
F. Vyhnánek, J. Faltýn, L. Novák, V. Ducháč and O. Lochmann 


Treatment of Hemorrhoids. Outpatient Procedures
J. Faltýn and T. Skřička 

Closed Hemorrhoidectomy
I.T. Khubchandani 


Incontinence – Ethiology Examinations
G. Romano, P. Esposito and F. Bianco 

Dynamic Graciloplasty as a Surgical Treatment of Fecal Incontinence
R.M. Herman, P. Walega, M. Nowakowski, A. Gryglewski,
P. Richter and T. Popiela

Anorectal Manometric Study of Patients With Long Term Diabetes Mellitus
J.K. Lin and G.S. Won 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Pelvic Exenteration in the Treatment of Locally Advanced Tumors
F. Antos, Z. Serclova and Z. Gilbert 

Non-surgical Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
J. Bures 

Histological Controversies in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
N. Haboubi

Reporting Inflammatory Bowel Disease – The Pathologist’s Delight or Nightmare?
N. Haboubi

T Cell Markers Expression in Ulcerative Colitis
A. Gryglewski, M. Szczepanik, K. Szewczyk, K. Bryniarski,
W. Ptak and T. Popiela

Anal Disease

Hemorrhoidectomy Procedure With the Titanium Nickelide Compressing Forceps
A. Mashkin, A. Nuriev and V. Plotnikov

Up-To-Date Management in The Treatment of Hemorrhoidal Disease 
A. Prochotsky

Infrared Photocoagulation as a Treatment in the Acute Hemorrhoidal Disease
K. Tsamakidis, D. Dimitroulopoulos, D. Xinopoulos and E. Paraskevas 

Colorectal Cancer Genetics

Bone Marrow Micrometastases from Colorectal Cancer: Cytogenetic Strategies for Early Detection
D.F. Altomare, E. Martinelli, M. Di Giacomo, G. Guanti,
V. Memeo and R. Bergamaschi 

Prevalence of Hereditary Non-polyposis Colorectal Cancer (HNPCC) in Czech Patients With Endoscopic Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer
J. Hajer, Z. Zádorová, M. Kment and J. Faltýn 

How I Do It (My Tips)

How I Do Lateral Internal Regulated Sphincterotomy
P. Lolli, G. Rosa, D. Piccinelli and L. Vicenzi

Large Bowel Disease

Cellular and Humorel Immunity of Patients with Chronic Constipation Under Bisacodyl Treatment
I. Khalif, E. Konovitch, I. Kabanova and I. Maximova 

Mini-invasive Surgery

Laparoscopic Versus Conventional Colorectal Resection. A Prospective Randomised Study
M. Braga, A. Vignali, W. Zuliani, L. Gianotti, G. Toussoun,
G. Radaelli and V. Di Carlo 

Place of Surgery in Constipation

Constipation in Adults with Colon Anatomic Abnormalities
S. Achkasov and K. Salamov 

Colonic Transit Time in Differential Diagnosis of Surgically Treated Constipation
U. Skowrońska-Piekarska, P. Krokowicz, M. Drews and K. Matysiak 

Retrorectal Cyst Hamartoma
P. Vlcek, J. Korbicka, A. Krpensky, P. Vlckova,
J. Dolina and J. Wechsler 

Primary and Secondary Prevention of CRC

Role of Screening in Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer
A. Jawień, Z. Banaszkiewicz, P. Jarmocik and J. Korenkiewicz 

Anatomoclinical Importance of Colonic Polyps
E. Linares Santiago, D. Ledro Cano, M. Gómez Parra, F.J. Pellicer Bautista and J.M. Herrerías 

Rectal Prolapse

Delorme’s Procedure as Treatment of Full Thickness Rectal Prolapse
M. Gorz, J. Langmayr and M. Wunderlich 

Examination of the Altemeier Operation
T. Hasegawa, H. Harada and S. Takashima 

Research in Coloproctology

Transanal Electrostimulation in the Treatment of Fecal Incontinence Following Low Anterior Rectum Resection
R.M. Herman, P. Walega, M. Nowakowski, A. Widera and T. Popiela 

Implications of Recurrent Disease on Survival After Surgery for Colorectal Carcinoma
F.E. Klee and B.R. Osswald 

Fecal Incontinence A Research in Old People’s Homes
P. Lolli, G. Rosa, D. Piccinelli and L. Vicenzi 

Morphometric Analysis of Mucosal Changes in Ileal Pouches
R. Marciniak, P. Majewski, M. Drews, A. Woźniak 

Effect of Thoracic Epidural Analgesia on Bowel Function, Postoperative Pain and Protein Catabolism After Colo-Rectal Surgery
C. Mattana, G. Pedretti, C. Coco, A. Mascia, F. Sicilia and G. De Cosmo 

Evaluation of Angiogenesis in Anal Cancer
P. Tzortzis, D.G. Tiniakos, D. Karandrea, J. Karaitianos and C. Kittas 


Endoscopic Diagnoses of the Lower GI Part Diseases
P. Dítě 

Chronic Constipation Following Congenital Colo-anorectal Anomalies
R. Škába 

Pre-Operative Oral Arginine, and n-3 Fatty Acids Improves Outcome After Colorectal Resection
M. Braga, L. Gianotti, A. Vignali and V. Di Carlo 

Bioemorral vs Placebo: Prospective Randomized Study Testing a New Natural Product in Bleeding Haemorrhoids
F. Corno, D. Donati, L. Mazza, G. Giraudo, M. Mineccia,
S. Gorrino and M. Mistrangelo 

Linitis Plastica in Colon, Rectum and Ileum mimicking Crohn’s disease
Young Soo Nam, Hong Ki Lee, Hong Kyu Baik, Hwon Gyum Park, Heung Woo Lee, Seok Joo Cho, Han Joon Kim, Yong Wook Park and Dong Soo Han 

Electromyographical and Mechanical Evaluation of Intestinal Anastomoses
J. Rudnicki, K.W. Romański, A. Skalski, J. Medyński, M. Ściebura and R. Ściborski 

Anal Ultrasound in Patients With a Colostomy
M. Szczepkowski, I. Sudoł-Szopińska and D. Sarti 

Extended Lymphadenectomy With Lateral Node Dissection for Advanced Lower Rectal Cancer
V. Visokai 

Introspective Application of DIOMED Laser to Control Bleeding from Benign Colorectal Lesions
D. Xinopoulos, D. Dimitroulopoulos, K. Tsamakidis and E. Paraskevas 

Manometric Fingdings in Restorative Proctocolectomy
C.S. Yu, H.C. Kim, S.G. Park, S.Y. Kim, Y.G. Cho,
H.K. Hong and J.C. Kim 

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