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 Andrology in the 21st Century

Proceedings of the VIIth International
Congress of Andrology

Montréal, Québec, Canada,
June 15-19, 2001

Bernard Robaire
Hector Chemes
Carlos R.Morales

1st Volume
(Plenaries, Symposia and Workshops)



With the onset of the new century, the largest gathering of Andrologists to date is taking place at the VII International Congress of Andrology in Montréal, Canada. This volume contains chapters that highlight the key elements of most presentations made at the Congress by Plenary speakers, Symposia speakers and Workshop presenters. Contributions come from over 15 countries and encompass the entire field of Andrology including breakthroughs in fertility regulation, sexual dysfunction, prostate disease, cancer, clinical genetics, hormone action, germ cell transplant, and cell and molecular biology. A wide range of approaches is presented ranging from molecular biology to surgical techniques.

We sincerely appreciate the effort made by most presenters to complete their manuscripts within a tight time frame in order to allow this volume to be available at the time of the Congress. We should also like to thank the wonderful cooperation of Anna Rosa Sailon and Naomi Mandelstein from Medimond Medical Publications in the preparation of this volume.

Bernard Robaire
Hector Chemes
Carlos R. Morales



Genetics of Spermatogenesis, Sperm Structure,
and Germ Cell Transplantation

The Genetics of Spermatogenesis: Meiosis and Gamete Quality
M.A. Handel

DNA Repair Genes and the Ubiquitin System in Spermatogenesis
W.M. Baarends, E. Wassenaar, R. van der Laan, H.P. Roest and J.A. Grootegoed 

In Vitro Maturation of Human Spermatogenic Cells
J. Tesarik and E. Greco

The Sperm Head Cytoskeleton
R. Oko, R.B. Aul, A. Wu and P. Sutovsky 

GAPDS: A Novel Glycolytic Enzyme Attached to the Sperm Fibrous Sheath
D.A. O’Brien 

Spermatozoa as Carriers of Foreign DNA
M. Okabe, K. Yamagata, T. Okuno, M. Ikawa, T. Nakanishi and R. Yanagimachi 

Transgenic Technology
S. Pilder, J.A. Grootegoed, S. Schlatt and I. Dobrinski

Germ Cell Transplants in Primates
S. Schlatt

Hormonal Regulation in Andrology

Androgen Action: Old Views, New Insights and Unsolved Mysteries
A.O. Brinkmann 

Mechanisms of Action of Androgen in the Brain
W.A. Pouliot, S.G. Beck and R.J. Handa

Androgens and Cognitive Function in Men
D.B. O’Connor, J. Archer and F.C.W. Wu

Inhibin B as a Serum Marker of Spermatogenesis
A.-M. Andersson

Evaluation of Prepubertal Testicular Function by Means of Anti-Müllerian Hormone Determination
R. Rey, P. Bedecarrás and S. Gottlieb

Future Trends in Hormone Assays
G. Lindstedt

Programmed Cell Death in the Male Reproductive Tract

The Function of Bclw in Mouse Spermatogenesis
G. MacGregor

Mitotic/Meiotic Checkpoints and Germ Cell Apoptosis
J. Blanco-Rodríguez

Antiandrogen-Induced Invasion in Prostate Cancer Cells
K. Packman, P. Zhan, J. Walker, E. Lee and M. Tenniswood

The Epididymis, Capacitation and Sperm-Egg Interactions

Regulation of Gene Expression in Epididymis
J.R. Drevet

Cell-Cell Interactions in the Epididymis
D.G. Cyr

Participation of Epididymal Protein DE in Sperm-egg Fusion
P.S. Cuasnicu, D.J. Cohen, D.A. Ellerman, D. Busso, M.M. Morgenfeld and V. Da Ros

The Nature of Sperm Capacitation: Current Concepts After 50 Years of Research
J.L. Bailey, S. Tardif and C. Dubé

Sperm-Egg Fusion in Mammals
K. Toshimori

Male Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology

Measuring Male Fertility: Epidemiological Aspects
J. Olsen

Occupational Factors and Male Fertility
J.P. Bonde

Environmental Influences on Male Fertility
A. Spira, R. Slama, B. Ducot and J. de Mouzon

Treating Male Infertility by ART and ICSI
H. Tournaye

ICSI Models in Primates
L. Hewitson, C. Simerly and G. Schatten

Is ICSI a Safe Therapeutic Approach for Severe Male Factor Infertility?
H.W.G. Baker

The Hybrid Sterility 6 Locus: A Model System for Studying Sperm Tail-Related Infertility in Humans
S. Pilder and S. Samant

Sperm Retrieval
H. Tournaye

Clinical Andrology

Ethnic Differences in Male Reproductive Function
R.S. Swerdloff and C. Wang

Hereditary Control of Variation of Serum Androgen Concentrations and Its Effects on the Prostate in Male Twins
A. Wayne Meikle

Polymorphisms and Mutations in Gonadotropin Genes
T. Lamminen and I. Huhtaniemi

Clinical Approach to Molecular Genetic Diagnosis in Andrology
H.W.G. Baker

Intersex Disorders: Biochemical and Molecular Diagnosis
R. Rey

Risks and Benefits of Testosterone in Older Men
J.L. Tenover

Testicular Cancer and Prostate Diseases

Biology of Testicular Carcinoma In Situ, the Stem Cell –like Precursor of Germ Cell Cancer
E. Rajpert-De Meyts and N.E. Skakkebæk

Associations Between Testicular Cancer and Other Indicators of Male Reproductive Hazards
H. Møller

Testicular Biopsies and the Search for Early Testicular Cancer
K.-P. Dieckmann

Chemotherapeutic Prevention Strategies in Prostate Cancer
A.R. Zlotta and C.C. Schulman

Prostate Cancer Screening: The Only Way to Early Treatment and a Major Impact on Survival
F. Labrie, B. Candas, L. Cusan, J.-L. Gomez, J. Lévesque, É. Chevrette and G. Brousseau

The Present and Future of Prostate Imaging
A. Sulman and M.I. Resnick


Androgens as a Single Contraceptive Agent
Y.Q. Gu

Androgen Progestin Regimens for Male Contraception
M.C. Meriggiola, A. Costantino and S. Cerpolini

Epididymal Approaches to Male Contraception
T.G. Cooper

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Physiology of Erection and Pathophysiology of Erectile Dysfunction
A.L. Burnett

Physiopathology of Male Sexual Dysfunction
G. Wagner

Surgical Management of Male Sexual Dysfunction
J.P. Mulhall

Advances in Male Sexual Dysfunction
W.J.G. Hellstrom

New Advances in the Medical Management of Sexual Dysfunction
A.L. Burnett



2nd Volume
(Short Communications)



Over one hundred short communications were prepared on short notice by colleagues participating in the VII International Congress of Andrology held in Montreal on June 15-19, 2001. These contributions are arranged according to the themes of the research presented, but due to time considerations, are reproduced exactly as submitted by the authors. We should like to thank Naomi Mandelstein and Anna Rosa Sailon at Medimond Medical Publications for their efficiency and excellent assistance in allowing the rapid publication of this volume.

Bernard Robaire
Hector Chemes
Carlos R. Morales





Chromatin Stability in Sex-Sorted Sperm
D. Garner, J. Schenk and G. Seidel

Spermatidal TP1 Protein and DNA Repair in the Elongating Spermatids
N. Caron, S. Veilleux, M. Chabot and G. Boissonneault

Relationship Between Reactive Oxygen Species and 8-Hydroxydeoxyguanosine as an Indicator of DNA Damage in Spermatozoa
A. Hinting and Sudjarwo 

Enhanced Sperm-Mediated Gene Transfer by Electroporation: Efficiency, Reliability and Expression of Transgene
J.G.I. Khoo, H. Flint, B. Cavari, I.L. Sin and F.Y.T. Sin

Sptrx, a Novel Thioredoxin Expressed During Mammalian Sperm Tail Elongation
A. Miranda-Vizuete, J. Ljung, A.E. Damdimopoulos, Y. Yu, R. Oko, M. Pelto-Huikko and G. Spyrou 

Sperm Characterization in Agouti paca and Agouti taczanowskii
D. Hoyos, A. Smith, A. Cano, J. López, A. Ramirez, S. Molina, F. Valencia, J. Sánchez, G.A. García, L.F. Restrepo and M. Olivera-Angel 

Stunted Tail Sperm Defect: An Ultrastructural Study of an Atypical Case
C. Tejedor, E. Sánchez, A. López-Muñoz, A. Tirado, J. Castiñeiras and JL. Dueñas

Ribonucleic Acid Content Between Motile and Nonmotile Spermatozoa
E.T. Purnell and W.E. Roudebush

Analysis of Asian mtDNA Haplogroups in Low and Normal Sperm Motility
Sudjarwo, A. Hinting, H. Sudoyo and S. Marzuki 

Caspases Are Associated With Apoptosis in Human Ejaculated Spermatozoa and in Spermatogenesis
U. Paasch, S. Grunewald, K. Wuendrich and H.-J. Glander

Identification of Antibodies Against Spermatozoa in Serum of Male Wild Foxes
F. Boué, B. Genin and Y. Verdier

Platelet-Activating Factor Activity Levels (Ligand and Receptor Transcript) Content in Sperm: Motile Versus Nonmotile
E.T. Purnell and W.E. Roudebush

Zymographic Evaluation of Proacrosin/Acrosin System in Spermatozoa of Two Marsupial Species, the Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus Vulpecula) and the Tammar Wallaby (Macropus Eugenii)
K.S. Sidhu, K.E. Mate, F.C. Molinia and J.C. Rodger

Possible In Vivo Modulation of Human Sperm Acrosome Reaction by a CBG-like Protein
W. Miska, W.-B. Schill, R. Henkel and R. Sánchez

Characterisation of Human Sperm Antigens Exposed After the Acrosome Reaction that May Participate in Gamete Fusion
N. Al-Eisa, R.O. Ojoo and H.D. Moore

Prostasomes Inhibit the NADPH-Induced Superoxide Anion Production and Enhance the Capacitation of Human Spermatozoa
F. Saez, C. Malpuech-Brugere, C. Motta, D. Boucher and G. Grizard

Role of Superoxide Anion and Hydrogen Peroxide in Acrosome Reaction of Bovine Spermatozoa
C.M. O´Flaherty, N.B. Beorlegui and M.T. Beconi 

Oxidative Metabolism and Intracellular Calcium Variation in Capacitated Bovine Sperm
M. Córdoba, L. Pintos and M.T. Beconi

Importance of Calcium During Boar Sperm Capacitation
C. Dubé, S. Tardif, P. Leclerc and J.L. Bailey

Fine Mapping and Characterization of the Stop1d (Sperm-t complex-oocyte penetration 1-distal) Locus in the t Haplotype Region of Mus musculus
A. Redkar, L. Hui, P. Olds-Clarke and S. Pilder 

In Vitro Fertilizing Characteristics of Bovine Sperm With Abnormal Morphology
J. Thundathil, A.D. Barth and R.J. Mapletoft 

Specific Agglutination of Human Sperm by Chicken Antibodies against Human Sperm from Egg Yolks of Immunized Hens
N.Q. Lu, Y.F. Huang, J.R. Zhao, J.P. Xu, N.G. Lu and J.W. Zhang


Isolation of Primordial Germ Cells From Pig Fetuses
T. Pridantseva, I. Savchenkova and I. Abdrakhmanov

Culture and Transplantation of Bovine Spermatogonial Stem Cells
F. Izadyar, L.B. Creemers, K. den Ouden and D.G. de Rooij 

Isolation and Characterization of Haploid Germ Cell-Specific OXCT cDNAs; Testis-Specific Succinyl CoA: 3-oxo Acid CoA Transferases (scot-t1 and scot-t2
Hiromitsu Tanaka, Minoru Koga, Naoko Iguchi, Masami Nozaki, Masayoshi Onishi, Carlos Egydio de Carvalho, Yoshihiro Nakamura, Yasushi Miyagawa, Masami Takeyama, Kiyomi Matsumiya, Akihiko Okuyama and Yoshitake Nishimune 

Albumin-Prosaposin Chimeric Protein Functions as a Dominant Negative Competitor Using the Same Targeting Mechanism as Endogenous Prosaposin
S. Lefrancois, C. Knight, D. Ham and C.R. Morales

The Localization of IGF-I by Immunohistochemistry in Boar Testes During Prepuberty
S.P. Fanua, M.R. N’Diaye, M.E. Ericson, K.J. Loseth, E.F.S. Wilgis, N.H. Dubin and B.G. Crabo 

Multiple Kinesin-Related Motors in the Mammalian Testis
A. Sperry

Construction and Identification of Recombinant Plasmid Expressing Human Testis Prostaglandin D Synthase
J.C. Lu, X.Y. Li, Y.F. Huang and X.R. Zhang

cDNA Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Prostaglandin D Synthase in Human Testis
J.C. Lu, X.Y. Li, Y.F. Huang and X.R. Zhang

Caveolin and Flotillin Content of Rat Testis Peritubular Myoid Cells and Detergent-Insoluble Glycosphingolipid-Enriched Membrane Fractions (DIGs) From These Cells
M.A. Shubert, M.C. Pizzorno and S.E. Nyquist 

Testosterone Preserves Mitochondrial Respiration Rat Leydig Cells Exposed to Lipopolysaccharide In Vitro
S. Valenti, B. Guazzini, L. Fazzuoli and M. Giusti

Hormonal Regulation

The Calculation of Bioavailable Testosterone
M. Haren, B.E.C. Nordin, C.E.M. Pearce, P. O’Loughlin, I. Chapman, J.E. Morley and G.A. Wittert

Androgen Function of Adrenals and Testes in Patients With Hypergonadotropic Hypogonadism
M. Koryakin, A. Akopyan and V. Mamaeva

The Possible Role of Prolactin in Adrenal Androgens’ Regulation
M. Koryakin, N. Goncharov and A. Akopyan

Oxytocin Increases Activity of Both Isoforms of 5 Alpha-Reductase in the Mouse Epididymis
H. Nicholson and K. Mirfin

Hypothyroidism Inhibits Testicular Maturation On the Way Different Than Estradiol Does: Thyroid Acts On Gonocyte Level
J. Słowikowska-Hilczer, K. Marchlewska, R. Walczak-Jędrzejowska, E. Oszukowska and K. Kula 

Relationship of Insulin, Sex Hormones, Leptin and C 21 Steroids in Men With Reproductive Disorders
N.P. Goncharov, M.V. Koryakin, G.V. Katsiya, G.S. Kolesnikova, A.D. Dobracheva and T.N. Todua 


Gene Expression Is Differentially Affected in the Epididymis After Orchidectomy
N. Ezer and B. Robaire

Epididymis: Dietary Lipids Effects on Gamma-Glutamyl- transpeptidase Activity
M. Medina Basso, A.R. Eynard and M.A. Valentich

Sperm Retrieval and Fertilization in Repeated Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration
F.F. Pasqualotto, L.M. Rossi-Ferragut, C.C. Rocha, A.R.C. Medeiros, D.R. Santos, J. Hallak, A. Iaconelli, Jr. and E. Borges, Jr.


Analyses of Sperm Quality in Large Populations Over Decades by "Datamining" and "Datawarehousing" (Winsperm®)
U. Paasch, C. Thieme and H.-J. Glander 

Comparison of Semen Cytology and Testicular Biopsy in Diagnosis of Male Infertility
Y.F. Huang and NQ Lu 

Clinical Evaluation of Tissue Factor Antigen Level in Seminal Plasma
S. Ohta, H. Wada, T. Nobori and H. Fuse

Comparison Between Spermatozoa Quality (Morphology and Chromatin Integrity) After Semen Processing With Pure Sperm or Glass Wool Filtration and Their Effect on IVF Outcome
M.E. Hammadeh, E. Strehler, P. Rosebaum and W. Schmidt 

Effect of Semen Processing on Chromatin, Morphology, Motility and Its Relevance to Cryopreservation
M.E. Hammadeh, O. Neis, E. Strehler, T. Zeginiadou, P. Rosenbaum and W. Schmidt

Laboratory Methods for the Diagnosis of Asthenozoospermia
S. Curi, J. Ariagno, H. Repetto, P. Chenlo, G. Mendeluk, N. Pugliese, M. Sardi and A. Blanco

Comparison of Four Commercial Sperm Processing Methods: Effect on Recovery, Clean-Up, Motility, and Motion Parameters
C. Foster and W.E. Roudebush 


Environmental Pollutant, Aroclor 1254 (PCB) Treatment Disrupts Spermatogenesis in the Adult Rhesus Monkey (Macaca mulatta)
U. Ahmad, S. Tariq, M.M. Ahmad, Samina Jalali and M.A. Hafeez 

Parathion Effects on RNA Synthesis in Human Spermatogenesis
H. Rodriguez, K. Walker, M. Guzman and E. Bustos-Obregon

Effects of Castration on Lindane Mediated Hepatotoxicity
Devi D. Bansal, Reeta Ghosh, Rajeshwar Sharma and Sanjeev Puri

Lead Induces Epigenetic Modification of Rat Testicular Gene Expression: A DNA Microarray Study
C. Millan, R.Z. Sokol, Q. Shi, I.R. Hurley, G.M. Centola, J. Ilasi, E.R. Rooney and S. Benoff

Fas Signaling System Mediates Cadmium-Induced Testicular Apoptosis In Rats. Protective Role of Selenium
W. Awara, N. El-Ashmawy, S. Nassar and S. Talaat

Sertoli Cell Injury in Ethanol -Treated Rats: Role of p53
N. Eid, Y. Ito, M.A. Shibata, K. Kusakabe, H. Abe, Z.L. Li, T. Horiguchi and Y. Otsuki

Green Tea and Carcinogenesis
C. Morrissey, M. Brown, M. Brush, A. Buser, J. O’Sullivan and M. Tenniswood

Analysis of the Impact of Caffeine on Membrane Integrity, Redox Ratio and GST in Human Ejaculated Sperm: Effectiveness of Antioxidants
M. Arabi, R.J.K. Anand and U. Kanwar

Hormonal Alterations and Spermatogenic Arrest under Caffeine Administration in Rats
M. Arabi, S. Oryan and K. Parivar

Male Infertility

Detection of DAZ mRNA Distribution in Human Testis Using Reverse Transcription In Situ PCR Technique (RT-ISPCR)
J.B. Warchol, A.G. Jankowska, S. Augustyniak and D. Stecewicz

High Frequencies of Nucleotide Substitutions in mtDNA in Subfertile Men
F.Y.T. Sin, A.J. Holyoake, P. McHugh, M. Wu, S. O’Carroll,  P.S. Benny and I.L. Sin 

Association Between HLA-DR and DQ Alleles and Male Infertility
A.E. Alenany, I.D. Cooke and H.D. Moore 

Detection of Microdeletions of the L-Type Calcium Channel Within Testicular Tissue: Should These Men Have ISCI?
J.L. Marmar, C. Millan, I.R. Hurley and S. Benoff

Assessment of Sperm Nuclear Decondensation Ability Using Confocal Microscopy And Flow Cytometry in Human Infertility
Y. Soffer, R. Golan, L. Shochat, Y. Oschry, L. Mittelman, D. Strassburger, S. Kaufman, A. Raziel and L.M. Lewin 

High Incidence of Intratubular Germ Cell Carcinoma in Dysgenetic Testes of Patients With 46,XY Karyotype. Aberrations of Sex Chromosomes Are Less Predictive
J. Słowikowska-Hilczer, M. Szarras-Czapnik, T.E. Romer and K. Kula 

Chromosome Analysis in Brother Cases of Kallmann’s Syndrome by Using Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization, Comparative Genomic Hybridization, Multicolor Spectral Karyotyping
T. Kobayashi, Y. Joe, Y. Tokunaga, M. Morioka and H. Tanaka

Familial Azoospermia and Oligospermia
S. Segal, Z. Palti, A. Rosenman, O. Gemer, S. Meltzer, A. Shultz and I. Tur-Kaspa

Cryptorchidism: Seasonal Variations in Greece
Ch. Mamoulakis, S. Antypas, A. Stamatiadou, D. Dimitriadis, A. Tzonou and N. Sofikitis 

The Probability of Pregnancy and Implantation Rates Are Similar for the First Four Embryo Transfers (ETS) (Fresh or Frozen) Following In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) With Intracytoplasmic Sperm
Injection (ICSI)

J.H. Check, W. Yuen, M.L. Check and K. Swenson

Evaluation of the Efficacy of Transrectal Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction in Infertile Men
M.T. Anis, M. El-Gammal, A. Meshref, E. Kotb and A. Selim

Percutaneous Aspiration Biopsy Using an Intravenous Catheter: A New Modification for Testicular Sperm Retrieval in Azoospermic Patients Undergoing ICSI
I. Fahmy, A. Kamal, M. Aboulghar, R. Mansour and G. Serour

A Morphometric and Hormonal Assessment in Men With Azoospermia and Sertoli Cell-Only Syndrome (SCO)
A. Rogoza and S. Wojtylak

Lower Percentage of Sperm With Normal Morphology (NM) Using Strict Criteria Is not Associated With Lower Pregnancy Rates (PRS) Following Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
A. Bollendorf, J.H. Check and D. Katsoff

The Effect of Sperm With Hypo-Osmotic Swelling Test (HOST) Scores in the Grey Zone and Subsequent Treatment With Chymotrypsin on In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Outcome
D. Kiefer, J.H. Check, C. Wilson, M.L. Check and J. Locuniak

The Relative Discrepancy Between Viability and Hypo-Osmotic Swelling Test (HOST) Scores Is Not Related to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Outcome
J.H. Check, D. Kiefer, M.L. Check, C. Wilson and J.K. Choe

L-carnitine Supplementation to Fertile and Subfertile Rams
G.A. El-Amrawi and W.M.B. Noseir

Proinflammatory Seminal Cytokine Levels in Asymptomatic Infertile Infected Men
E. Cardoso, J. Santoianni, A. De Paulis, S. Predari, E. Comini and A. Arregger

Bacteriospermia in Infertile Men
K. Kamal, A. Zini and K. Jarvi 

Genital Mycoplasmas and Its Impact on Sperm Samples in Infertile Men
J. Moreno-Aranda and R. Tapia-Serrano


Varicocele Elevates Reactive Oxygen Species Levels and Reduces Antioxidant Activity of Internal Spermatic Vein Blood of Infertile Men With Varicocele
T. Mostafa, T.H. Anis, A. El-Nashar, H. Imam and I. Othman

Total Antioxidant Capacity in Seminal Fluid of Varicocele Patients: 1-Correlation With Sperm Motility
A. Mancini, E. Meucci, D. Milardi, A. Bianchi, E. Giacchi, A. Mordente, G.E. Martorana, L. De Marinis and L. Jensen

Total Antioxidant Capacity in Seminal Fluid of Varicocele Patients:2-Correlation with Hormone Pattern
D. Milardi, A. Mancini, E. Meucci, A. Bianchi, E. Giacchi, A. Mordente, G.E. Martorana, L. Jensen and L. De Marinis 

Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) Isoenzymes In Human Varicocele and Experimental Rat Varicocele
J.K. Tan, K.M. Ameer and E.A. Ling

Proinflammatory Seminal Cytokines and Semen Parameters in Varicocele
E. Cardoso, G. Noya, A. Almos, J. Santoianni, L.N. Contreras and A.L. Arregger

Ultrastructural Changes of the Spermatic Veins in Varicocele
A. El-Kamshoushi, W. Abdallah, Y. Kosba and S. Helal

Value of Testicular Biopsy Due to the Microsurgical Correction of Bilateral Varicocele Associated with Azoospermia
E. Erdei, I. Lellei, A. Laki, G. Papp, A. Tóth, J. Rózsahegyi, É. Magyar, MO. North and G. Tritto


Achieving Azoospermia by Injections of Testosterone Undecanoate Alone or Combined With Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate in Indonesian Men (Jakarta Center Study)
N. Moeloek, D.A. Pujianto, R. Agustin, K.M. Arsyad, P. Waluyo, Y. Prihyugiarto and M.T. Mbizvo

Antifertility Effect of Active Immunization with the C-Terminal 67-94 Region (R-28) of Human Seminal Plasma Inhibin
M.N. Mehta, S.D. Mahale, K.S. Iyer, G.R. Vanage and S.B. Moodbidri

Identification of Antigenic Fox Spermatozoa Surface Proteins for Use in a Contraceptive Vaccine
Y. Verdier, N. Rouet, G. Farré and F. Boué 

Inhibition of Sperm-Oolemma Interactions by the Extracellular Domains of CD9 and CD81
C.H. Wong, A. Higginbottom, P. Monk, L.J. Partridge and H.D. Moore 

Is There a Difference Between Different Intervals After Vasectomy and the Reproductive Capacity from Vasectomyzed Men?
F.F. Pasqualotto, L.M. Rossi-Ferragut, C.C. Rocha, A.R.C. Medeiros,
D.R. Santos, J. Hallak, A. Iaconelli, Jr. and E. Borges, Jr. 

The Early Changes of Seminiferous Tubular Boundary Zone and Elastic Fibers in Vasectomized Young Rats: Light and Electron Microscopic Study
E. Ozcinar, U. Uslu, S. Cetinel and I. Okar 


Condition of a Prostatic Gland at Children and Teenagers, As a Criterion of Expected Reproductive Sufficiency in the Future
D. Tarusin, M. Koryakin, A. Akopyan, A. Rumiantcev, A. Okulov, S. Harlamov, K. Kulakov, S. Zadycan and A. Buchtuev 

Gap Junctions In Prostate Disease
H. Habermann, W. Habermann, V. Ray and G.S. Prins

Apoptosis Induction in Prostatic Epithelial Cells by Zinc Ions In Vitro
H. Rumpold, G. Untergasser, G. Pfister, S. Madersbacher, E. Plas and P. Berger 

Evolving Aspects of Intermittent Androgen Blockade For Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Tumor Progression and Maintenance of Remission
N. Bruchovsky, S.L. Goldenberg, N.R. Mawji and M.D. Sadar 

Mitochondrial Involvement in Casodex-Induced Cell Death in Prostate Cancer
E. Lee, P. Zhan, J. Woyach, K. Packman and M. Tenniswood

Effect of Casodex on NRP-152 and NRP-154 Cells
M. Brown, C. Morrissey, A. Buser, M. Brush and M. Tenniswood 

Selective Molecular Ablation of Epithelial Tissues in Canine Prostate: Development of PSA Promoter Based Suicide Gene Therapy for BPH and Prostatic Cancer
H.S. Park, H.Y. Cho, J.H. Bae, D.G. Moon, J.J. Kim and J. Cheon

Seasonality of Birth in Patients with Neoplasias of the Testis and the Prostate
A. Amador, G. Eckert and K. Larby

Pathophysiology of the Aging Rat Ventral Prostate
C. Morrissey, A. Buser, J. Scolaro, J. O’Sullivan, A. Moquin and M. Tenniswood 

Treatment of Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis by Transurethral Perfusion with Double-Balloon and Triple-Channel Catheter: A Control Study
Huang Weidong, Xu Bing, Huang Wenjie et al.

Erectile Dysfunction

Does Male Sexual Dysfunction Influence Male Fertility?
Arif Adimoelja, Heru Basuki and Soerasto 

Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulphate (DHEAS) and the Lipid Status in the Erectile Dysfunction
Ph. Kumanov and A. Tomova

Yohimbine Treatment of Organic Erectile Dysfunction in a Dose-Escalation Trial
A.T. Guay, R.F. Spark, J. Jacobson, F.T. Murray and M.E. Geisser

Cholinergic Stimulation of Penile Erection in Mice
A.L. Burnett, A.G. Chang, S.F. Sezen and J.K. Crone 

Management of Neglected/Untreated Old Cases of Fracture Penis
A.L. Bhat, G. Saxena, Rajiv Goyal and Madhu Patni

Savabo Special – Improvement of the Sexual Reflex
S. Bojovic, Dj. Bojovic, J. Stojkov, T. Trpcevski and G. Marusic

Practical Treatment With VEP Device
Dj. Bojovic and S. Bojovic

Micro-Measurements of Microcirculation, Perfusion and Thermal Parameters in Human Testes During Microsurgery of Varicocele
J. Tritto, M.-O. North and A. Dittmar 

Transpenile Delivery of Microvasculokinetic Drugs (TRAPS) in the Medical Treatment of Erectile Dysfunctions for Penile Rehabilitation
J. Tritto 


Serum Levels of Adrenal and Testicular Steroidal Hormones in Aged Males
S. Kitahara, M. Miyazaki, M. Yano, C. Nakajima, K. Yoshida and K. Yasuda

Mast Cells in the Aging Human Testis
H. Rodriguez, A. Irsula, G. Diaz and E. Ossandon

Effect of Aging and Hormonal Replacement Therapy on Rat Testes: Links With Apoptosis, Mitochondrial Function and Oxidative Stress
S. Nassar, N. El-Ashmawy, S. El-Sawy, M. Attia and Y. El-Hassaneen

Hormone Replacement Therapy for PADAM: Outcome and Safety (Middle East Multicenter Study)
H. Ghanem, S. Merhej, A. El-Meliegy, M. Mansi, N. Younis, K. Al-Shoumer and S. Al-Rubaei 



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