Proceedings of the 14th World Congress of 
The International Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine

Chennai (Madras), India, August 27-30, 2001



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The 14th World Congress of International Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine is an important Land Mark Meeting being the First in the New Millennium, First time to be held in India. Indian Mythological god, Lord Siva, Lord of destruction is credited to burn by rays emanating from his third eye between the eye brows.

Galaxy of Laser experts are participating and giving lectures and demonstrations during the congress. The impact of laser in 18 different specialities is being brought out in this congress. The "No cut, No clip, No suture" of Laser Surgery is getting awareness among doctors and patients. From a powerful destructive force, it has been tamed to "healing" diseases. The Laser application in endoscopic procedures give access to difficult, inaccessible area of body to cure, relieve and control diseases.

In this meeting we showcase the basic research, to clinical application in various medical and surgical specialities. What the future holds for laser surgeon and its immense benefit in various diseases, dispelling the need for open surgery.

In this meeting over 200 emenent experts will share their knowledge and expertise with the delegates from 30 countries.

I would like to thank all our sponsors for their spontaneous participation.

I thank the faculty, delegates and the Organising Committee who have made this Congress a memorable one.

The book includes the important papers presented at the Congress. This will serve as a record of this millennium meeting.

Prof. B. Krishna Rau
President, ISLSM



Invited Speakers

Radiofrequency Ablation of Liver Metastases
A.R. Gillams and I. Taylor

The Role of Low Power Laser in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot
P. Hasan

CO2 Laser Treatment for Superficial Lesions
P. Hasan

Laser in Urology – State of the Art
A. Hofstetter

Progress of Photodynamic Therapy in Gastric Cancer
S. Mimura

Long-Term Survival After Photodynamic Therapy with PhotofrinÒ for Superficial Esophageal Cancer and Early Gastric Cancer
S. Mimura, H. Narahara, R. Ishihara and H. Iishi

Airway Obstruction Role of Laser
B.K. Rau and S. Krishna

lasers in Gastroenterology
B.K. Rau and S. Krishna

Laser Application in Tracheo Bronchial Tumour
B.K. Rau and S. Krishna

Interstitial Laser Photocoagulation for Recurrent Colorectal Liver Metastases
I. Taylor, A.R. Gillams, W.R. Lees and J.A. Ledermann

Bone Fusion Stimulated by Low Energy Density Laser Irradiation
M.A. Trelles

Laser Resurfacing of the Periorbital Area
M.A. Trelles

Trans-Surface and Sub-Surface Collagen Remodeling in Skin Rejuvenation
M.A. Trelles and R.G. Calderhead

Experimental and Clinical Study for Holmium: YAG Laser with Adjustable Pulse Duration
T. Yoshida, K. Fujimura, T. Yamazaki, J. Nogaki and K. Okada


Free Papers

Low- Level Laser Therapy (LLT) in Wound Healing
F.A.H. Al-Watban

Visual Improvement Following Laser Therapy in Macular Edema of Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion
S. Deka

Polarized Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Human Tissues
N. Ghosh, S.K. Majumder and P.K. Gupta

Autofluorescence Spectroscopy Analysis of the Human
Bronchus Using a UV Laser Diode
M. Kobayashi, K. Shibuya, H. Hoshino and T. Fujisawa

New Trend of Development of X-ray Lasers and Possible Applications in Biomedical Physics and Chemistry
H. Kuroda, R.A. Ganeev, T. Ozaki, T. Kanai and A. Ishizawa

Application of New Laser Instrument
H. Kuroda, R.A. Ganeev, T. Kanai, A. Ishizawa and T. Ozaki

MR-guided Laser Induced Interstitial Thermotherapy (LITT) of Malignant Liver Lesions
M.G. Mack, K. Eichler, R. Straub, D. Woitaschek, M. Böttger, J.O. Balzer, O. Söllner and T.J. Vogl

Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD) for the Treatment of Disc Herniation
M. Marumo

Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression P.L.D.D.
Ajit M. Modak

Subcellular Localization of ATX-S10(Na) in Vascular Endothelial Cells
A. Obana, Y. Gohto and S. Nakajima

New Application of PDT: Photodynamic Occlusion of Choroidal Neovascularization with an Amphiphilic Photosensitizer, ATX-S10(Na)
A. Obana, Y. Gohto, S. Nakajima and T. Miki

New Concepts of Ohshiro’s Classification for Laser Treatment
T. Ohshiro, S. Fujii, K. Sasaki, S. Yasuda, K. Chinn and T. Ohshiro Jr.

Laser Application for Female Infertility
T. Ohshiro, S. Fujii, K. Sasaki, S. Yasuda, K. Chinn and T. Ohshiro Jr.

Laser Application in Urology
K. Okada, K. Fujimura and T. Yoshida

Retinal Damage by Laser Pointer
T. Okano

Laser Surgery in Outpatient Clinic of ENT
T. Tanabe, S. Kitahara, N. Kohno and M. Ogura

The Non Surgical Treatment of Facial Scars and Demarcation Lines with Laser CO2 and Peelings (Kosmopeel® and/or StretchPeel®)
A.A. Tenenbaum

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