Inaugural Congress of the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery

Taipei, Taiwan,

October 29 - November 3, 2001

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The first congress of the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery has indeed been a grand success. Following the merger of both world bodies, International Microsurgical Society and the International Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery, the opening conference of the century began with huge expectations. Although the international geopolitical situation appeared grim at times, following tragic events in the United States, nevertheless, the enthusiasm of our team and of all participating colleagues remain unabated.

We have the opportunity and pleasure to welcome 16 past presidents of both societies and 140 featured speakers, the trendsetters in their respective fields. The scientific program has been thoroughly prepared which covers every aspect of reconstructive surgery, replantation, maxillo-cranio-facial microsurgery, oncologic head and neck, trunk, breast, upper and lower extremity, paediatric microurgery, aesthetic microsurgery, nerve and vessels related, tissue engineering and prefabricated flaps, allograft transplantation, basic research, new technology and future trends. One of the main highlights is the Presidential Symposium, where the past presidents of both societies share their experience and expertise in their specialized fields. The instructional courses, free papers, panel and open discussions and poster presentations make the program a comprehensive one. This extensive program is preceded by live surgery at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital during pre congress live surgical workshop. The attempt is to combine the best traditions of both societies and add our flavor to it, with the aim that this conference offers something to surgeons at all levels. Indeed we are very fortunate to be able to have such an expert gathering.

This volume of the proceedings brought to you by Monduzzi Editore contains invaluable and thought-provoking contributions from almost 200 presenters, free submissions as well as invited lectures.

It is our sincere hope that it becomes a major reference book for reconstructive microsurgeons all over the world. I wish to personally thank the executive committee members of the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery for their vital support for publishing this proceeding and hope that it becomes a successful tradition.

Fu-Chan Wei, MD, FACS,

President Elect, World Society for Reconstructive

Microsurgery, Chairman, Organizing Committee,

Inaugural Congress, Taipei, Taiwan





Section I

Basic Research

Investigative Microsurgery, Studied at Our Lab
S. Lee

The Effect of Prostaglandin E1 Against Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Rat TRAM Flaps
J.P. Hong and Y.K. Chung

Ischaemia and Reperfusion Injury of the Skeletal Muscle. The Combined Use of WEB2170 and HBO Therapy in the Modulation of the Damage on a Rabbit Model
M. Riccio, P.P. Pangrazi, A. Campodonico, A. Scalise, C. Bertani, A. Bertani and L. Mazzanti

The Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Tibial Microcirculation
Y.-K. Tu and S.W.-N. Ueng

The Effect of Amifostine at Pre- and Postoperative Irradiation Damage on Microvascular Anastomoses, Nerve Regeneration and Wound Healing
A. Aydin, R. Meral, S. Solakoðlu and A. Mezdeði

Transcutaneous PO2 and PCO2 Monitoring for Flap Transplanted in Microsurgery
I. Hashimoto and H. Nakanishi

iNOS Inhibitor Improves Microcirculation of Reperfused Skeletal Muscle
L.E. Chen, L. Zhang, A.V. Seaber and J.R. Urbaniak

A Novel Platelet-rich Arterial Thrombosis Model in Rabbits: Simple, Reproducible, and Dynamic Real-Time Measurement by Using Double-opposing Inverted-Sutures Model
S.J. Shieh, H.Y. Chiu, G.Y. Shi, C.M. Wu and H.L. Wu

Experimental Study of Neurotrophins and Their Receptors During Early Axonal Regenration Along Muscle-vein-combined Grafts
A. Pagnotta, P. Tos, S. Geuna and B. Battiston

Schwann Cell Proliferation Inside Muscle-vein-combined Grafts Used to Repair Rat Sciatic Nerves
P. Tos, S. Geuna, S. Raimondo, I. Perroteau and B. Battiston

Voluntary Motor Control Recovery After End-to-side Neurorrhaphy: An Experimental Research
I. Papalia, P. Tos, S. Coppolino, S. Geuna and B. Battiston

Neurotization of the Ulnar Nerve at the Wrist by Phrenic Nerve Harvested at the Diaphragm; A Rat Model for Distal Neurotization in Reconstruction of Brachial Plexus Injury
E. Gonzalez Hernandez, S. Suominen, D. Chwei-Chin Chuang, C.T. Lan and H.L. Hsu

Recent Advancements in Peripheral Nerve Quantitative Morphology
S. Geuna, P. Tos, E. Boux, M. Fornaro and B. Battiston

Functional Sphincter Ani Externus Substitute Using Free Innervated Latissimus Dorsi Muscle (LDM) Flap: An Experimental Study in Dogs
A.H. Schwabegger, P. Kronberger, P. Obrist, E. Brath and I. Miko

Biphasic Stimulation: A New Approach to Reduce the Stimulus Artefact During Intraoperative Electroneurodiagnostics with Short Latencies
E. Turkof, M. Reichel, W. Mayr, E. Unger and H. Millesi

Mammalian Digit Regeneration – The Expression of Tenascin C 53
H. Osumi, A. Kouji, A. Morita, H. Hirata and A. Uchida


Section II


Replantation, Transplantation and other Treatment Option for Amputated Extremity 57
Z.W. Chen

Replantation Surgery – A Pace Maker in the Evolution of Reconstructive Microsurgery
V.E. Meyer

Management of Total And Subtotal Amputation Injuries at the Lower Leg

Our Surgical Service Experience in Revascularisation – Replantation at the Arm Level
Al.V. Georgescu, O. Ivan,C. Melincovici, S. Serbu, S.C. Morar and A. Vidrascu

Partial Osteo-cutaneous Replantation Following Upper and Lower Extremity Proximal Amputation
Th. Dubert, S. Malikov, D. Koupatadze, V. Nabokov, R. Polosov, A. Dinh and C. Oberlin

Temporary Ectopic Implantation of Amputated Midforearm at the Opposite Forearm
J.N. Wang and J. Li

Role of Flow-through Flaps in Salvage of Mangled Extremities
Y.T. Lin, C.H. Lin, W.S. Tseng, H.C. Chen and F.C. Wei

Surgical Management of Multidigital Amputations
R. Moradi, T. Dubert, Ph. Valenti and A. Dinh

Ring Avulsion Injury: Treatment Outcome with Microsurgical Technique
D. Brooks, K. Schott, R. Buntic, G. Kind, G. Buncke and H. Buncke

Technical Variants of Arterial and Venous Anastomosis in Digital Replantation with Soft Tissue Defects
D. Grigorescu

Rope Avulsion of the Thumb, a Review of 74 Cases
D. Brooks, K. Schott, R. Buntic, G. Kind, G. Buncke and H. Buncke

Prognostic Prediction of Digital Replantation – Data Mining the CGH Database of 800 Case
C.C.H. Liu, S.J.H. Wu, Y.-C. Li, I.-J. Chiang, K.-S. Liu, S.-Y. Lu and H.-Y. Chiu

Replantation of the Amputated Penis Using Microsurgery
Y.S. Kang and J.Y. Yang

Orthotopic Transplantation of the Testis and Retrieval
A.G. Thomas


Section III

Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Microsurgery

Double Free Fibula Mandible Reconstruction Following Distraction ‘Mesenchymogenesis’
J.B. Boyd, E. Stelnicki, Y. Barnavon and C. Ueker

Reconstruction Following Resection of Large Mandibular Ameloblastomas Using the Free Osteoseptocutaneous Fibula Flap and Immediate Osseointegrated Dental Implants
J.S. Chana, Y.-M. Chang and F.-C. Wei

Standard Size Templates for Shaping the Fibula Free Flap in Mandible Reconstruction
E. Santamaria and P.G. Cordeiro

Concomitant Reconstruction of Mandibular Basal and Alveolar Bone Using Free Fibular Flap
J.H. Lee, W.S. Choi and M.J. Kim

Mandibula Reconstruction with Fibula Flap

The Folded Double Paddled Free Flaps for Head and Neck Reconstruction
N. ÇERKEª, A. Aydin, M. Topalan and M. Erer

Current Role of Microsurgery in the Treatment of Hemifacial Microsomia
E. Santamaria

Total Upper Lip Reconstruction with a Free Temporal Scalp Flap
K.-P. Chang, C.-S. Lai, T.-M. Lin, C.-C. Tsai and S.-D. Lin

Reconstruction of Scalp Defects – Experiences in 39 Cases
B.S. Lutz, H.C. Chen, C.H. Lin and F.C. Wei

Reconstruction of Large Infected Defect of the Scalp, Skull and Dura Utilizing Free Combined Flap Transfer
J.N. Wang and J. Li

Burned Neck Reconstructions Using Various Versions of the Microvascular Augmented Subdermal Vascular Network (ma-SVN) Flaps in Dorsal Area
H. Hyakusoku, M. Murakami, R. Aoki, J.-H. Gao, D.G. Pennington and V.Q. Vinh


Section IV

Oncological Head and Neck

Suprafascial Anterolateral Thigh Flap: Can It Replace Forearm Flap for Hemiglossectomy Reconstruction: Experience of 34 Cases
V. Jain, Y.C. Chen, W.C. Huang, S.Y. Song, Y.L. Huang, S.H. Lin, S.H.T. Chen, M.W. Chang, H.C. Chen and F.C. Wei

Evaluation of Volume Ratio Between Defect and Flap in Reconstructive Surgery After Head and Neck Cancer Resection
K. Ueda, A. Kajikawa, Y. Suzuki, B. Satake and M. Nakagawa

Lip Reconstruction Following Extensive Excision for Carcinoma
R.B. Ahuja, P. Shrivastava and S. Bhattacharya

The Lateral Arm Flap for Head and Neck Reconstruction
I.C. Chen, R.S. Yen, L.F. Ou and Y.W. Tan

Speech and Swallowing Functions After Oral Cavity Cancer Resection and Forearm Free Flap Reconstruction
J.V. Berthe, P. Pelc and B.C. Coessens

Functional Results after Microsurgical Reconstruction of Lateral and Superior Oropharyngeal Defects
Y. Kimata, K. Uchiyama, M. Sakuraba, S. Ebihara and K. Harii

Free-flap Reconstruction of Extensive Scalp Defects Following Tumor Resection
I. Tanaka, P.C. Neligan, E. Ang, T.B. Sun and E. Beausang

Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer for Head and Neck Reconstruction in Transplant Recipients
T.B. Sun, P.C. Neligan, E. Ang, P.J. Gullane and G. O’Leary

Bone Metabolism Assessment of the Autograft after Lower Jaw Reconstruction in Patients with Fibrose Displasia
A. Klissarova, D. Klissarov, D. Kambourov and D. Raikov

Reliability of the Fibular Osteocutaneous Flap for Head and Neck Reconstruction
N. Jones and B. Markowitz

Mandibular Reconstruction with Microsurgical Fibula Flaps Following Wide Resection for Ameloblastoma
J. Caplan, F. Zhang and W. Lineaweaver

Osteoradionecrosis of the Mandible after Mandibular Surgery
N. Celik, F.C. Wei, H.C. Chen, M.H. Cheng, W.C. Huang, F.C. Tsai and Y.C. Chen

Combined Anterolateral Thigh Flap and Vascularized Fibula Osteoseptocutaneous Flap in Reconstruction of Extensive Composite Mandibular Defects
N. Celik, F.C. Wei, H.C Chen, M.H. Cheng and W.C. Huang

Use of Soleus Musculocutaneous Perforators in the Salvage of the Fibula Osteocutaneous Flap: Anatomic Study and Clinical Confirmation
B.K. Tan, K.C. Tan, C. Song and A.K.M. Khoo

Osteoradionecrosis of Reconstructed Mandible: Salvage Using Chimeric Flap Based On Descending Genicular Axis
V. Jain, W.C. Huang, Y.C. Chen, M. Kildall, S.Y. Song, Y.L. Huang, T.C. Kan, Y.T. Lin, S.H.T. Chen, M.W. Chang, C.H. Lin, H.C. Chen and F.C. Wei

Vascularization Improvement of Pediculated Long Colic Graft in Pharyngo – Esophageal Reconstruction Through Cervical Microvascular Anastomoses
C. Ciuce, F. Seddiq, M. Fodor and A. Avram

Is Dextran Infusion as an Antithrombotic Agent Necessary in Microvascular Reconstruction of Upper Aerodigestive Tract?
T.B. Sun, S.H. Chien, J.T. Lee, C.C. Huang and L.F. Cheng


Section V

Upper Extremity

Evolution of Microsurgical Toe Transfers for Congenital Hand Anomalies
N. Jones, P. Benhaim and J. Chang

Radial Club Hand. Guidelines for Wrist Distraction Technique Before Microvascular Epiphyseal Joint Transfer
S.K. Vilkki

Toe Tissue Transfer for Reconstruction of the Digital Defect by Electrical Burns
S.M. Hwang, J.H. Kim, J. Lee and Y.C. Bae

A New Method of Thumb Reconstruction Using Big and Second Toe Elements
M. Molski

Microsurgical Trimmed Great Toe Transplantation in Children: Long Term Results
V. Jain, F.C. Wei, C.C. YU, T.C. Kan, J.T. Yeh, Y.T. Lin, M.H. Chen, H.C. Chen, S.H.T. Chen and C.H. Lin

Thumb Reconstruction with Rib Graft in Metacarpal Base Amputation
D.W. Chung

Emergency Toe Transfer in Hand Reconstruction
Al.V Georgescu, O. Ivan, C. Melincovici, S. Serbu and A. Vidrascu

Vascularized Toe Joint Transfer for Hand Joint Replacement
S. Wongtrakul, M. Wong and T.M. Tsai

Joint Reconstruction with Osteochondral Transplantation in Upper Extremity
D.W. Chung

Reconstruction of the Elbow Joint by Metatarsophalangeal Joint Transfer from Second and Third Toes
H. Miura, S. Toh, K. Tsubo, S. Kudoh and G.I. Vajjejo

Neurovascular Free Toe Pulp Flap Using Dorsal Digital Artery in Finger Reconstruction
Y.S. Kang, J.Y. Yang and Y.Y. Chung

Delayed Reflow of Pulp Toe-to-Hand Transfer – Case Report
L.C. Tu

Distraction Osteogenesis after Toe-to Thumb Transplantation
D. Brooks, G. Buncke and H. Buncke

Salvage of Free Second Toe with Venous Thrombosis by Shunting Backflow of Second Dorsal Metatarsal Artery – A Case Report
J.T. Lee, H.D. Hsiao and K.Y. Tung

Fingertip Reconstruction with a Thenar Venous Flap
S. Furuta, M. Hayashi, Y. Ishigaki and S. Uchiyama

Homolateral Radial Forearm Free Flap for Finger Coverage
D.W. Chung and K.B. Kim

Resection Replantation of the Upper Limb for Aggressive Malignant Tumors
T.A. El-Gammal, A. El-Sayed and M.M. Kotb

Proposed Classification for Post Traumatic First Web Space Contracture: An Useful Guide for Selection for Reconstructive Procedure
V. Jain, F.C. Wei, Y.C. Chen, Y.T. Lin,J. T. Yeh, C.H. Lin, S.H.T. Chen, M.W. Chen and H.C. Chen

Vascularized Pedicled Distal Radius Bone Graft in Wrist
S.-W. Song, S.-K. Rhee and H.-M. Kim

The Omentum Free Flap in Upper Limb Salvage and Reconstruction
D. Pieptu, S. Luchian, M. Hriscu, M. Florea and C. Morosanu

Histological Findings of the Fingertip
Y.P. Peng, R. Sarimuthu, B.P. Pereira, G.L. Ng, C. Kaur and R.W.H. Pho

Case report: A Case of On-top Plasty for Duplicated Hallux with Hallux Varus, Using Microsurgical Transfer of the Whole Toe
Seishu Abe, Takakazu Hirayama and Nariaki Miyata


Section VI

Lower Extremity

Vascularized Fibula Graft for the Treatment of Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia
S. Tamai

Multiple Free Transfer in Complex Defects of the Lower Limb
Al.V. Georgescu, I. Ovidiu, R. Onoe, C. Melincovici, C. Morar and S. Serbu

Microsurgical Reconstruction for Combined Achilles Tendon Defect with Soft Tissue Loss – The Comparison Between Free Flap and Free Functional Muscle Transfers
Y.-K. Tu and S.W.-N. Ueng

Perforator Flaps in Lower Extremity Reconstruction: Coverage of Extensive Defects with a Large Split Lower Abdominal Perforator Flap
J. Fabré, K. Van Landuyt, M. Hamdi, P. Blondeel and S. Monstrey

Treatment of Tibial Osteomyelitis Using Microsurgical Flaps
V.A. Zumiotti, T.H. Wei, M.V. Guarnieri, F.S. Prada and A.A.N. Abreu

Vascularized Bone Transfer for Osteomyelitis
Y.-K. Tu

Microsurgical Treatment of “Old” Osteomyelitis in the Lower Extremity
M. Ionac, Z. Crainiceanu, J.M. Patrascu and D. Bordos

The Feep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator Flap in Lower/Upper Extremity Reconstruction
K. Van Landuyt, M. Hamdi, Ph. Blondeel and S. Monstrey

The Fistally Planned Lateral Arm Flap in the Reconstruction of the Posterior Aspect of the Ankle
B.C. Coessens and J.V. Berthe

Management of the Diabetic Foot Ulceration with Topical Negative Pressure and Microsurgery Reconstruction
S.-S. Lee, C.-S. Lai, S.-D. Lin, C.-C. Tsai, T.-M. Lin and K.-P. Chang

Long Vein Grafts in Lower Leg Reconstruction by Free Flaps
M. Ionac, G. Noditi, Z. Crainiceanu and D. Bordos

Reverse Anterior Tibial Artery Flap for Reconstruction of Foot Donor site – Utilizing the Same Vessel System
J.S. Dong, Y.P. Peng, Y.X. Zhang, B.H. Lim and R.W.H. Pho

Temporary Placement of Defatted Plantar Heel Skin and Subsequent Transfer to the Heel Using Carrying Flaps – Two Cases Report
T.-S. Lin, S.-F. Jeng and F.-C. Wei

Treatment of Avascular Necrosis of The Talus with Vascularized Fibular Graft
D.W. Chung and K.B. Kim

Reconstruction of Post-Traumatic Bone Defect with Vascularized Bone Graft – 8 Years Follow-up
Y.-K. Tu, C.-Y. Yen and S.W.-N. Ueng

Partial Knee Joint Defect Reconstruction with Vascularized Proximal Fibular Articular Portion
D.W. Chung

Vascularized Pedicle Iliac Bone Graft for the Treatment of Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head
K. Shibata, M. Fujiwara, R. Kasai and H. Niibayashi

Does Hallux Valgus Occur After Second Toe Transfer?
J.H. Kim, S.M. Hwang, Y.C. Bae, J. Lee and H.T. Kim

Our Outcome in the Resurfacing of the Donor Site Defects After Free Toe Flaps
T. Kato, M. Koizumi, Y. Umemoto, K. Yokoo and K. Fukuta


Section VII

Aesthetic Microsurgery

Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction with Free Microvascular Subunits
R.L. Walton and G.C. Burget

Esthetic and Functional Reconstruction for Burn Deformities of the Lower Face and Neck Area with Free Radial Forearm Flap
J.W. LEE, Y.C. JANG and S.J. OH

Facial Reconstruction of Barraquer-Simons Lipodystrophy with Simultaneous Bilateral Free Tram Flaps
B.C. Coessens, J. Van Geertruyden and J.V. Berthe

The History and Evolution of Perforator Flap
R.J. Allen

Comparison of Circulation in Free Microvascular TRAM and DIEP Flaps
H. Kuokkanen, S. Suominen and S. Asko-Seljavaara

Lower Abdominal Perforator to Perforator (LAP-to-P): Refinement in Reducing Morbidity in Autogenous Breast Reconstruction
M. Hamdi, P. Blondeel, K. Van Landuyt and S. Monstrey

Functional and Ultrasound Evaluation of Donor Site Morbidity After TRAM Flap for Breast Reconstruction
M. Deutinger, H. Benditte-Klepetko, G. Weiss and H. Czemibrek

Microsurgical Indication for Aesthetic and Functional Nail Reconstruction
Y. Hirase

Use of Artificial Dermis for the Better Aesthetic Result of Radial Forearm Flap Donor Site
J.W. LEE, Y.C. JANG and S.J. OH


Section VIII


Microvascular Autotransplantation of the Testis: 60 Cases with the “Refluo” Technique
M. Lima, M. Domini, G. Ruggeri, M. Libri, M. Bertozzi, C. Antonellini and G. Pelusi

The Varicocele in Children: 304 Cases Treated with Microsurgical Technique
M. Lima, G. Ruggeri, M. Domini, M. Libri, M. Bertozzi, C. Antonellini and G. Pelusi

The Vascularized Bone Grafts for the Reconstruction of Congenital Pseudarthrosis and Bones Defects.
M. Mateev, P. Pokrovsky, B. Omurzakov and A.B. Imanaliev

Telescoping Vascularized Fibular Graft: a New Method for Treatment of Congenital Tibial Pseudarthrosis with Severe Shortening
T.A. El-Gammal, A. El-Sayed and M.M. Kotb

Knee and Hip Joint Reconstruction with Microsurgery in Children
D.W. Chung 369

Emergency Free Flaps in Children
Al.V. Georgescu, O. Ivan and C. Melincovici


Section IX


A Comparison Between Radial Forearm and Anterolateral Thigh Flaps
N. Celik, F.C. Wei, H.T. Chen, D.C.C. Chuang, S.F. Jeng and Y.T. Lin

Versatile Anterolateral Thigh Free Flap: A Panacea for All Soft Tissue Reconstruction: Experience of 672 Cases
V. Jain, N. Celic, Y.C. Chen, W.C. Huang, Y.L. Huang, S.Y. Lin, T.C. Kan, H.C. Chen, S.H.T. Chen, M.W. Cheng and F.C. Wei

Anterolateral Thigh Flap Based on Perforator Directly Arising from the Femoral System
P.-W. Lai, N.-H. Keuh and S.-F. Jeng

A New Way of Elevation of the Anterolateral Thigh Flap
Yamada, M. Kakibuchi, H. Kitayoshi and M. Kurokawa

Technique and Strategy in Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap Surgery
N. Celik, F.C. Wei, C.H. Lin, M.H. Cheng, H.C. Chem, S.F. Jeng and Y.R. Kuo

Refined Uses of the Anterolateral Thigh Flap Utilizing Minor Perforators
M. Ao

The Chimaera Principle in the Thoracodorsal Artery Perforator Flap
K. Van Landuyt, M. Hamdi, Ph. Blondeel and S. Monstrey

Critical Experiences with the Thoracodorsal Artery Perforator (TAP) Flap
A.H. Schwabegger, G. Bodner, M. Ninkovic and H. Piza-Katzer

The Radial Forearm Flap: New Technique of Shape’s Change and Increasing of Size for Reconstruction of Soft Tissue Defects
M. Mateev, P. Pokrovsky, K. Beermanov and L. Subanova

Versatility of Transverse Radial Artery Forearm (TRAF) Free Flap
H.C. Ahn, B.K. Park and M.G. Jun

Experience and Versatility of Free Radial Artery Forearm Flap
R.B. Ahuja, P. Shrivastava and S. Bhattacharya

The Use of the Extended Arterialized Venous Flap on the Donor Defect of the Forearm Flap
M. Aihara, H. Ishida and N. Kumagai 405

Sensible Scapular Free Flap
D.W. Chung and K.B. Kim

Free First Dorsal Metacarpal Artery Flap for Nasal Lining
E. Beahm, R. Walton and G. Burget

The Reverse Sural Artery Neurocutaneous Island Flap
P. Aiyer, R. Rana, K. Bhaskara, S. Saraf and V. Puri

Free Vascularized Corticoperiosteal Bone Graft for the Treatment of Radiation Necrosis of the Clavicle
B. Fuchs and A.T. Bishop

Osteomuscular Free Serratus Anterior Flap in the Bones Defects Repair
Al.V. Georgescu, O. Ivan, C. Melincovici, S. Serbu and L. Fodor

New Surgical Technique for Harvesting Proximal Fibular Epiphysis in Free Vascularized Epiphyseal Transplantation
D.W. Chung

Free Flaps in Finger Reconstruction
B.J. Ferreira

Free Thenar Flaps in Fingers Reconstruction
Jung Wu, Chih-Hung Lin and Fu-chun Wei

Clinical and Anatomical Study of Dorsal Intercostal Cutaneous Perforators for Microvascular Augmented Subdermal Vascular Network (SVN, Super-thin) Flaps
R. Ogawa, H. Hyakusoku, R. Aoki and M. Murakami

Double Stringed Costal Grafts with Single Vascular Pedicle Transplantation 437
J.N. Wang and J. Li

Are There Ethnical Differences in the Reanimation Of The Paralyzed Face Using FFMT (Free Functional Muscle Transplant)?
C.H.J. Tzou, P. Giovanoli, M. Ploner and M. Frey

Pedicled or Microvascular Augmented Subdermal Vascular Network (ma-SVN) Flaps in Pectoral and Abdominal Region
M. Akimoto, H. Hyakusoku, R. Aoki, R. Ogawa and J-H. Gao

Use of Omental Flap as a Bridge Flap
Y. Kamei, S. Torii, K. Toriyama, B. Nakayama, I. Hyodo, M. Yamamoto and Y. Kubota


Section X

Miscellaneous Facets of Reconstructive Microsurgery

History of Microsurgery – Focusing on the International Microsurgical Society
S. Tamai

E. Biemer

Impact of Microsurgery in the Development of Reconstructive Surgery in Brazil
M.C. Ferreira

Changes After Bone Reconstruction
A. Lamont

Biological Values of Transferred Free Flaps
J. Kozarski, LJ. Panajotovic, B. Djordjevic, G.Sijan, L. Pajevic and B. Stanojevic

Microsurgical Reconstructions as Long Distance Visiting Microsurgeons – Personal Experiences
B.S. Lutz and J.B. Wieslander

Training Course on Basic Microsurgical Techniques – A 5 Year Experience
S.R. Tambwekar

Microsurgery in the War Wounds Treatment
J. Kozarski, LJ. Panajotovic, M. Gacevic, S. Vesanovic, G. Stankovic and B. Stanojevic

Dextran Induced Acute Renal Failure after Microvascular Muscle Transplantation: A Case Report
D. Brooks, P. Okeefe and H. Buncke

The “Sun Window” – A Simple and Effective Alternative to the Use of Background Contrast Material During Microvascular Anastomosis
T.B. Sun

A Modified Sleeve Anastomosis in Micro-surgery
F.J. Duminy, D.A. Hudson, G. Engelbrecht, H. Visser and J.E. van Zyl

A New Source for Vascular Graft: Descending Branch of the Lateral Femoral Circumflex Artery and Its Venae Comitantes
Y. Tanaka, K. Sung, K. Byun and T.O. Tatsumi

Reconstruction of Complicated Defects in the Chest Wall Using Various Forms of Local and Free Flaps: GReports of Two Cases
L.F. Cheng, J.T. Lee, T.B. Sun, S.H. Chien and B.S. Chang

Reconstruction of Thoracic Esophagus with Skin Flap Transplantation in Combination with Placement of Temporary Fistula
Y. Suzuki, K. Ueda and A. Kajikawa

Free Innervated Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Flap for Reconstruction of Full-thickness Abdominal Wall Defects
A. Moser-Rumer, Ch. Rainer, A. Gardetto and M. Ninkovic

Critical Clinico-radiographical Assessment of Ankle After Free Fibular Transfer
A.S. Halim, M.Y. Ibrahim, M. Mohamad and Z. Wan

Use of Acellular Dermal Matrix (AlloDermâ) and Split-thickness Skin Graft on Joint Contractures
J.P. Hong, Y.K. Chung and S.-W. Kim

Microsurgery in Arteriovenous Fistula for Chronic Dialysis – Benefit for the Patient and a Clinical Learning Instrument
S. Luchian, D. Pieptu, M. Hriscu, M. Popa and S. Romete


Section XI


The Neurolysis Controversy
H. Millesi, D. Millesi and W. Korak

Extended Neurolysis of Posterior Tibial Nerve to Improve Sensation in Diabetic Neuropathic Feet
S. Tambwekar, K. Mansukhani, S. Khadilkar, K. Khadalia and V. Tambwekar

External Decompression and Internal Neurolysis of Leprous Nerves Monitored by Intraoperative Electroneurodiagnostics Are Effective and Save Surgical Procedures
E. Turkof, E. Knolle, B. Richard and S. Tambwekar

Challenges to Nerve Regeneration
G.R.D. Evans

The Role of a “Barrier” Between Two Antagonistic Nerves in Adjacency During Motor Regeneration After Transection and Repair of a Peripheral Nerve Trunk
B.S. Lutz, S.F. Ma, D.C.C. Chuang and F.C. Wei

Nerve Conduit Using Fascia-wrapped Fibrocollagenous Tube
K. Watanabe, T. Tsukagoshi, M. Kuroda and Y. Hosaka

Collateral Sprouting Is Not the Regenerating Mechanism of End-to-side Neurorraphy without Epi /Perineurial Window
K. Akeda, H. Hirata, H. Osumi, M. Matumoto, A. Morita and A. Uchida

One Donor Nerve with Two Recipient Sites of End-To-Side Neurorrhaphies (An Experimental Study)
L.E. Chen, Z.J. Zhang, A.V. Seaber and J.R. Urbaniak

Acute Nerve Grafting in Traumatic Injuries
V. Sud, J. Chang and W.C. Lineaweaver

Problems After Lower Limb Replantation Surgery: Possibilities of Treatment by External Fixation

The Neural Lesions in Volkmann Contracture at the Upper Limb
A. Landi, A. Leti Acciaro and G. Caserta

Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injuries in Children, Excluding Obstetric Palsy: Outcome of Surgical Treatment by Nerve Grafting and Nerve Transfer
T.A. El-Gammal, A. El-Sayed and M.M. Kotb

Brachial Plexus Surgery in Greece: Our Preliminary Results of Elbow Reanimation Via Latissimus Dorsi Transfer in Late Cases of Brachial Plexus Palsy
M.D. Vekris, A.E. Beris, G. Afendras, A.V. Korobilias and P.N. Soucacos

Gracilis Free Muscle Transfer for Restoration of Function Following Complete Brachial Plexus Avulsion
A.T. Bishop, K.A. Barrie and S.P. Steinmann

Gracilis Functioning Free Muscle Transplantation for Reconstruction of Severely Injured Upper Extremity; Experience of 201 Cases
V. Jain, D.C.C. Chuang, W.C. Huang, S.Y. Song, Y.L. Huang, J.T. Yeh, Y.T. Lin, C.H. Lin, S.H.T. Chen, M.W. Chang, H.C. Chen and F.C. Wei

Pallýatýve Surgýcal Procedures to Restore Shoulder Functýon in Obstetrýc Palsy Sequela
T. Özkan, A.A Ydýn, B. Mersa, D. Önel and S. Özkan

Surgical Treatment of Lesions of the Lumbosacral Plexus
H. Millesi, D. Millesi and W. Korak

One Stage Gracilis Muscle Transfer for Reanimation of Old Paralysed Face
Kamal Seyed Forootan, Ahmad Maghari and Ahmad Tavassoli-Ashraf

Perineural Decompression in Leprous Ulnar Neuritis
G.S. Sawhney

A Phase I Study of Autologous Sural Nerve Grafting to Preserve Potency After Radical Prostatectomy
D.W. Chang, C.G. Wood, R.J. Babaian and S.S. Kroll


Section XII

Allograft Transplantation

Bilateral Hand Transplantation: Functional Outcome After 18 Months
H. Piza-Katzer, H. Hussl, M. Nincovic, M. Nincovic, S. Pechlaner, M. Gabl and R. Margreiter

Combined Free Vascularised Fibula Augmented Allograft
Ahmad Sukari Halim, Zulmi Wan and Avarazhi Ananda Dorai

Mucosal Perfusion During Acute Rejection of Mouse Small Bowel Allograft
G. Dindelegan, H. Liden, O. Nilsson, A. Aneman, G. Kurlberg, N. Lycke and M. Olausson


Section XIII

Tissue Engineering and Prefabricated Flap

Flap Prefabrication and Prelamination – A Prelude to Tissue Engineering
J. Pribaz

Free Tissue Transfers for Restoration of the Nasal Lining in Total and Subtotal Reconstructions
R.L. Walton, G.C. Burget and E.K. Beahm

Prefabricated Artificial Skin Flaps by Combined Use of Collagen Sponge and bFGF in Chamber – Rabbit Model –
Y. Tanaka, K. Sung and W.A. Morrison

The Vascularisation of Bioengineered Acellular Dermal Replacement (IntegraTM) in a Rat

C. Tham, C. Song, R. Ng, I. Song and I. Kee

De-Novo Adipogenesis in a Vascularized Biodegradable Construct
E. Beahm and R. Walton

Section XIV

New Technology

Maintenance of Function and Prevention of Muscle Atrophy Using Electrical Stimulation with a Totally Implantable System Following Nerve Injury and Repair
H.B. Williams

Optical Scanning of Flap Microcirculation – A Method for Evaluation
D. Reichner, S. Gutierrez, T. Scholz, V.M. VanderKam, E. Stewart and G.R.D. Evans

Robotic Harvest of Internal Mammary Pedicle in Breast Reconstruction
J.B. Boyd, K. Stahl and M. Samson

Headmounted Surgical Telescopes (Varioscope AF3): Clinical Applications in Microsurgery
A. Ortensi, S. Trinchi, D. Pichelli and V. D’Orazi

Intraoperative Electroneurodiagnostics with Transcutaneous, Electrical Stimulation of the Spinal Roots in Routine Peripheral Nerve Surgery : Results of a Prospective Study
E. Turkof, M. Reichel, W. Mayr, E. Unger and M. Frey

Motor Evoked Potentials (M E P) for Intraoperative, Sensorimotor Differentiation of Nerve Fascicles without Histochemical Laboratory: An Experimental Study on Sheep
E. Turkof, M. Reichel, W. Mayr, E. Unger and M. Frey

Ring Avulsion Injuries: A Biomechanical Study and a Preventive Device
Th. Dubert, A. Diop, P. Voeltzel, O. Gressier and P.F. Bernard


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