11th World Congress of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy

Barcelona, Spain, 9-13 June 2002




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Invited Lectures

Management of Lower Genital Tract Abnormalities in HIV Patients
A. Agarossi, E. Casolati, M. Velieri and E. Ferrazzi

A. Alba Menéndez

Principles of Management for Invasive Cancer of the Cervix
J.L. Benedet

Adenocarcinoma of the Cervix – Recognition and Special Considerations
M.A. Bertrand

The Detection of Cancer of the Cervix in the Older Woman
T.J. Colgan

The Importance of a Prospective Database in Influencing Surgical Management of Stage IB Carcinoma of the Cervix
A.D. DePetrillo and A. Covens

Colposcopy of Early Invasive Cervical Cancer
F.B. Guijon

Vulval Intraepithelial Neoplasia. Natural History
R.W. Jones

Standards on Colposcopy; View from North America
H. Jones III

Psychological Impact of HPV Screening
K. McCaffery, S. Forrest, J. Waller, J. Nazroo, M. Desai, A. Szarewski, H. Kitchener and J. Wardle

The Role of HPV DNA Testing in Follow-up Period After Treatment for CIN
E. Paraskevaidis and A. Sotiriadis

Diagnosis and Treatment of VIN
L.M. Puig-Tintoré

Fertility-preserving Surgery for Cervical Cancer
M. Roy and M. Plante

Selected Presentations

The Role of Colposcopy in the Diagnosis of VIN and Early Vulvar Cancer
A. Basta and K. Adamek

Variables Influencing Anxiety of Patients with Abnormal Cervical Smears Referred for Colposcopy
R. Bekkers, M.vd Donck, F. Klaver, A.v Minnen and L. Massuger

Prospective and Multicentric Study About Colposcopic Nomenclature
F. Coloma, V.J. Diago, S. Costa, V. Payá, A. Abad, J. López – Olmos, J. Gilabert, J.M. Bosch, M.D. Atero, M.J. Román, J.A. López – Fernández,
J.C. Martínez – Escoriza, F. Diéguez de Benito, F. Hernández Torres and I.M. Silva Reus

Analysis of Viral and Immunological Correlates of Clinical Responsiveness To TA-HPV Vaccination in Women with High Grade VIN
A.E. Tomlinson, R.J. McVey, J. Dobson, J.St.C. Roberts, J. Hickling, P.L. Stern and H.C. Kitchener

Colposcopy Services in United Arab Emirates
S. Ghazal-Aswad, P. Badrinath, I. Sidky and U. Gargash

Sentinel Lymph Node Detection in Cervical Cancer
J.M. Martínez-Palones, A. Gil Moreno, A. Pérez-Benavente, I. Roca and J. Xercavins

Diagnóstico Etiológico de las Infecciones del Tracto Genital Inferior. Reducción de Costos con la Aplicación de una Metodología Simple
J.O. Mormandi, M. Tilli y A. Farinati

Computerised Imaging Colposcopy – A Clinician’s Perspective
S.C. Quek

Geographic Distribution of Human Papillomavirus Genotypes Determined by Broad Spectrum SPF10 PCR and Reverse Hybridization on a Line Probe Assay
W.G.V. Quint, B. Kleter, A. Molijn and L.-J.van Doorn

Development of a Competence-based Colposcopy Curriculum
C.W.E. Redman, E. Dollery, J. Byrom and J.A. Jordan

A New Method for Detecting HPV
R.M. Richart, B.K. Patterson, T. Cox and D. Grundhoefer

A Population-based Study of Cervical Cancer and HPV Infection in Latvia
I. Silins, X. Wang, A. Tadesse, K.U. Jansen, J.T. Schiller, U. Vikmanis, E. Avall-Lundqvist, B. Frankendal and J. Dillner

New Technology in Diagnosis
A. Singer, N. Pisal, K. Canfell and V. Skladnev

Correlation of Brn-3a Levels in Cervical Smear with the Grade of Cervical Intraepithelial Lesion
M. Syndos, D. Ndisang, N. Pisal, C. Chow, A. Singer and D. Latchman


Antipapillomavirus Activity of Imiquimod and Derivatives in the Caski Cell Line
L. Ajram, W. Chehadeh, B. Lucas, N. Bellagra and D. Hober

Neoplasia Vaginal Intraepitelial. Casuistica de los Ultimos 10 Años en el Hospital Clinico de Barcelona
I. Alonso, L. Zamora, A. Torné, S. García, P. Jou, J. Ordi and L.M. Puig-Tintoré

Comparative Study Between Fotocolposcopie and Picture Capture by Computer
S.K. Alperovitch and D. Alperovitch

Prevalencia y Tipificacion de Papiloma Virus Humano del Cervix Uterino en Trabajadoras del Sexo
Alvarez-Rodas, G. Herrera and A. Lörincz

Psammoma Bodies on Cervical Cytology Smears (PBCS) in Postmenopausal Women: Is a New Cervical Cytology Guideline Justified?
R.D. Athavale, K. Reynolds, J. Davies-Humphreys and P.R. Steele

Angiogenesis in CIN
D. Babic, S. Jukic, M. Mrcela, A. Corusic, J. Ilic, M. Kos and N. Ljubojevic

Hysterectomia Totalis Abdominalis Radicalis Sec.Wertheim-Meigs (Our Expiriences)
J. Babusku, D. Jovanova and P. Taneska

Peripheral Cytokine Parameters in Patients with (Pre)Malignant Lesions of the Cervix – A Pilot Study
A.G. Bais, I. Beckmann, F.J. Zijlstra, J. Lindemans, C.L.J.M. Meijer and Th.J.M. Helmerhorst

Comparison of Hybrid Capture Human Papillomavirus Typing and Cervical Cytology in Post-therapeutic Follow-up
J.-J. Baldauf, J. Ritter, D. Hamid, A. Minetti and P. Walter

Condiloma y Su Tratamiento
G. Baya, C. Centeno and J. Xercavins

Subclinical Cervical Finds of HPV Infection in VIH Positive Women
S. Belmonte Páez, C.M. Simón Salvador, E. Pérez Morales, A. García Iglesias and J.L. Lanchares Pérez

Is HPV Testing Better Than Cytology in Predicting Recurrent Disease After Invasive Treatment of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN)
G. Böhmer, O. Brummer, B. Hollwitz, H. Kühnle and K.U. Petry

Stomatoplasty in Cervical Stenosis After Conization
J.C. Boulanger, N. El Bouzidi, G. Allier and J. Gondry

Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Upregulation in Vulval Squamous Cell Cancer
E.C. Brockbank, P. Hayes and J.E. Bridges

Are Punch Biopsies Reliable?
J. Byrom, G. Douce, K. Dhar, H. Tucker, J. Millinship and C.W.E. Redman

Valoracion Epidemiologica de la Mujer Infectada por HPV en la Provincia de Guadalajara. Años 1992 y 2000
MJ. Cancelo Hidalgo, A. Martinez Ramiro, E. De La Viuda Carcia, G. Aviles Santander, JC. Monte Mercado, C. Zorzo Ferrer and JI. Alvarez de los Heros

Hallazgos Histeroscópicos en Pacientes con Diagnóstico de A.G.U.S.
X. Caparrós Algarra, R. Nonell Marrugat, M. Cardona Aparici, C. Carceller Cendra and A. Álvarez De La Vega

Behaviour HPV Infection in HIV Seropositive Women Under Antiretroviral Therapy
S.V. Carrasco, J. Focchi, J.N. Stavale, I. Sader, E.C. Baracat and J.C.L. Ribalta

Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia in a Countryside General Hospital in Sao Paulo State, Brazil
C.R.N. Carvalho, J.C.L. Ribalta and N.V. Martins

Enfermedad de Behçet en el Uruguay. Revisión de 7 Casos Clínicos
A. Caussade Dutra

MSI Study in Cervical Carcinoma Using NCI Criteria
T.H. Cheung, Y.F. Wong, K.Y. Poon, V. Wang, J. Li, W.K. Lo, M.Y. Yu, G. Lahr and T. Chung

Outcome of Women Diagnosed To Have Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance (ASCUS) on Cervical Smears of a Screening Population
A.N.Y. Cheung, E.F. Szeto, K.M. Ng, K.W. Fong, E. Yeung and W.Y. Ng

Utility of the Thinprep Cytology and Human Papillomavirus Testing in Cervical Precancer and Carcinoma
H.S. Choi, S.M. Kim and J.S. Byun

Recurrent and Persistent SIL After LETZ in 198 Patients. A San Carlo Hospital Retrospective Study
F. Corrado, S. Votano, V. Petrocelli, R. Samaritani, G. Corrado, G.M. Galati, E. Vizza and C. Sbiroli

Improving Patient Satisfaction with Outpatient Treatment of CIN For Anxious Women
M.E. Cruickshank, A. Fitzmaurice, B. Anthony, M. Tunstall, D. Alexander, W. Graham and J. Ross

The Role of an Integrated Digital Image System in Promoting Holistic Clinical Management and Providing an Effective External Quality Assurance Tool
A. Deery, C. Chow, F. Tully and S. Macansh

Determinacion de HPV Para la Selección de Lesiones Escamosas Intraepiteliales en Mujeres con ASCUS
M. Del Río, P. Fdez. Beroiz, M.M. Pérez, J. Ordi, A. Torné, P. Jou, L.M. Puig-Tintoré

Treatment of High Grade Vaginal Intraepithelial Neoplasia (VaIN 2-3) with Imiquimod 5%
E. Diakomanolis, D. Haidopoulos, A. Rodolakis, K. Stefanidis, M. Sotiropoulou, S. Theodoropoulos and G. Vlachos

Endocervical Curettage As a Prognosis Factor for Invasion and Recidive in Low and High Grade SIL
B. Díaz Feijoo, A. Galindo, C. Centeno, A. García, M. Martinez i Palones and J. Xercavins

Human Papillomavirus Testing in Patients with Cytological Diagnoses of Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance and Low-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions
G. Dimitrov, J. Naumov, E. Milanova, N. Basheska, D. Plaseska-Karanfilska, S. Duvlis and G.D. Efremov

Is Conization So Dangerous During Pregnancy
S. Douvier, M. Grond and P. Sagot

A Case Control Study Demonstrating that Colposcoscopy / Conization "See and Treat" Is More Effictive than the Standard Algorithm for High Grade Squamous Intra-Epithelial Lesion (HSIL) PAPS
T. Dunn, M. Burke and J. Shwayder

The Colposcopic Significance of Parakeratotic or Keratinised Cell Appearances in Cervical Cytology
H. Evans, P.G. Walker and A.R.S. Deery

Evaluación de Pruebas Diagnóstica (PAP, Colposcopia y PCR) en 905 Pacientes con Patología Cervical
J.M. Falcón Santana, J.C. Morín Gamarra, O. Falcón Vizcaino, A. Arencibia, J.A. García, M. Sánchez, M. Pavcovich and M. Andujar

A Phase I Trial to Investigate the Safety and Immunogenicity of an HPV-16 L1 Vaccine in Women with Mild Cervical Dyskaryosis
R.L. Faulkner, R. Moore, P. Stern, M. Stanley and H.C. Kitchener

Colposcopia Digital y HPV en Mujeres con Citologia de Lesion Escamosa Intraepitelial de Alto Grado
P. Fdez. Beroiz, M. Del Río, M.M. Pérez, J. Ordi, A. Torné, P. Jou and L.M. Puig-Tintoré

Colposcopic Management of Women After Two Mildly Dyskaryotic Smears
J.C. Ford, A.N.J. Fish and M. Ashton Key

Effect of Oral Contraceptives on Interleukin Response at the Cervix and in Plasma in HIV Positive and HIV-Negative Women with HPV
A.-M. Funke, C. Trunk, T. Schoendorf and U. Wieland

Endocervical Curettage as a Prognosis Factor for Invasion and Recidive In Low and High Grade SIL
A. Galindo, B. Díaz Feijoo, C. Centeno, A. Garcia, M. Martinez i Palones and J. Xercavins

Uso de Interferon Alfa-2b en Persistencia de HPV de Alto Riesgo Oncogenico Posterior al Tratamiento de Lesiones Cervicales de Alto Grado
J. Gayete‘ Martinez, M. Sanchez Del Rio, I. Gonzalez Blanco, P. Gutierrez Melendez and M.T. Cabrera Santiago

Prevalence of Cervical Abnormalities and Chlamydia Infection in Abu-Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates – A Population Based Study
S. Ghazal-Aswad, P. Badrinath, T. Raaschou and S. Abdul-khaliq

Significado Clinico del Diagnostico de Agus
O. Giler, N. Tallada, C. Centeno and J. Xercavins

Tratamiento del Cancer de Cervix Uterino Localmente Avanzado Con Radioterapia y Cisplatino Concomitantes
A. Gil-Moreno, R. Vergés, JM. Del Campo, G. Mancebo, A. Pérez, B. Díaz, R. Domínguez, E. Castellá, JM. Martínez-Palones, J. Giralt and J. Xercavins

Incidencia de Ascus en el Area de Influencia del Hospital de Viladecans. Análisis Retrospectivo de los Casos Controlados en Nuestra Unidad de Patología Cervical
C. González, M. Palau, G. Tena, E. Huguet, T. Catalá and A. Hereu

Linfoma No Hodgkin Difuso de Células Grandes con Inmunofenotipo Tipo B de Cervix Uterino
J. González Cofrades, V. Meruhelin Léger, L.H. Hugo Bustos, V. Carlos Robles and P. Gabriel Rojas

Renal Transplant Leads to High Risk of Abnormal Cervical Cytology
I. Harley, T. Gormley, R. McClelland and S. Dobbs

Management of Low-grade Cervical Lesions in Young Women:The Role of HPV and Other Factors
A. Havránková, J. Šmahelová, T. Kosová and R. Tachezy

Preliminary Results of Thinprep-Paptest Used in the Screening Program in the County of Funen, Denmark
B. Hoelund, D. Ejersbo, A. Hjortebjerg and K. Kock

Colposcopy of Small Bowel Cancer – A Case Report
B. Hollwitz, G. Böhmer, R. von Wasielewski, O. Brummer, C. Sohn and K.U. Petry

Hybrid Capture II. Post-Treatment Control of High Grade Lesions
L. Illescas and A. Fastuca

Carcinosarcoma of the Uterine Cervix with a Squamous Cell Carcinoma Component: A Case Report
Y. Ikeda, T. Jobo and T. Kanai

Post-treatment Observation of Vulval Cancer Precursors
R. Jones, M. Francis, F. Tully and S. Macansh

Adenoma Malignum of the Uterine Cervix: A Report of 5 Cases
Miwa Kawaguvhi, Toshiko Jobo, Tadayuki Kanai, Rinya Sato, Manami Imai and Hiroyuki Kuramoto

Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Thymidine Phosphorylase in Cervical Neoplasia and Its Clinical Implication
Jae Wook Kim, Eun Kyoung Choi, Young Tae Kim and Dong Kyu Kim

Effectiveness of Combination Test with Cytology and New Cervicography of in the Screening of Precancerous and Cancerous Lesion of the Uterine Cervix – Korean Experience
S.J. Kim, C. Lee, S.Y. Lee, I.H. Kim, Y.S. Park, Y.M. Kim, S.H. Cha, H.C. Kim and J.N. Lee

Effect of G1 Cyclins Expression on Clinical Prognostic Parameters in Cervical Carcinoma
Young Tae Kim, Eun Kyung Choi and Jae Wook Kim

Adenocarcinoma In Situ of Cervix And Pregnancy
S.K. Lam and K.S. Chan

Detection and Genotyping of HPV in Cervical Cancer by HPVDNAchipTM
H.P. Lee, Y.T. Jeon, M.H. Kim, J.W. Kim, N.H. Park, Y.S. Song and S.B. Kang

Positron Emission Tomography for Assessment of Early Recurrent Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
J.M. Lee, W.S. Ahn, C.J. Kim, S.M. Cho, S.E Namkoong and S.J. Kim

A Questionnaire Study to Aid th11ntation of a Colposocpy Database in Wales
Simon C. Leeson, Hilary Fielder, Anne Hauke and Ysbyty Gwynedd

Epidemiology of Recurrent Cervical Sil: Influence of the First Treatment
J.L. Leroy, D. Vinatier, A. Ego, V. Houfflin and P. Collinet

Tratamiento Ambulatorio de las Lesiones Intraepiteliales de Alto Grado de Cuello Uterino, NIC II-NICIII con Asa de Radiofrecuencia
F. Llavaneras, A. Sáenz, I. Suárez, H. Calderas and J. Arana

Embarazo Postconización Cervical
M. Lopez-Yarto, F. Astudillo, A. Sas, M. Cararach, J.C. Suris and R. Labastida

Desafio Terapeutico de las Lesiones Multifocales y Multicentricas
E.C. Mansilla, C.M. Pidal, V.E. Ríos and J.A. San Martino

Mode of Diode Laser Treatment of CIN1-HPV
C. Marcello, R. Puddu, I. Lai and S. Mura

Tipificación del HPV en las Lesiones Intraepiteliales Cervicales Sometidas a Conización
A. Mª Martínez Barrabés, C. Martín-Ondarza, C. Centeno and J. Xercavins

Es Posible Diagnosticar Carcinoma de Cuello Uterino Mediante Protocolo Colposcopico?
A. Mazuelo Gonzalez, N. Villota, F. Mercado, H. Escobar, L. Cano and R. Pareja

Is a Nurse Colposcopist Clinically Effective?
G. McPherson and R.W. Jones

Management of High-grade Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia: Is There a Role for Human Papillomavirus Detection in Diagnosing Residual Disease
W.J.G. Melchers, J.M.J.E. Bakkers, A.G.J.M. Hanselaar, W.G.V. Quint, H. Boonstra and L.F.A.G. Massuger

Epidemiologia del Liquen Escleroatrofico
B. Meneses, T. Gavaldà, C. Centeno, J. Abal, M. Pérez an E. Xercavin

Valoración Diagnóstica y Seguimiento en Mujeres con Citología de Atipia Glandular Indeterminada
M.D. Merinero Palomares, F. Ojeda Pérez, Herrera de la Muela, B. Santacruz Martín, P. Dhimes Tejeda y A. López Salvà

Amebiasis de Cuello Uterino con Apariencia Clinica de Carcinoma
Arañó Miclin, D. Betancourt, M. Cunha, I. Mamudo, J. Ferro, C. Carrilho and M. Khan

Human Papillomavirus Infection and High Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions: A Study of Distribution of High – Risk HPV
E. Milanova, J. Naumov, Go. Dimitrov, M. Stojoski, I. Prodanova and D. Plaseska-Karanfilska

Embarazo y Conización Cervical
C. Millán, P. Barri, A. Sas, M. Cararach-Tur, J.C. Suris and R. Labastida

Detección de Vaginosis Bacteriana (VB) en la Flora Vaginal Presente en el Preoperatorio de la Cirugía Ginecológica. Estudio Prospectivo en Pacientes Asintomáticas
J.O. Mormandi, M. Tilli, A.E. Farinati, E. Depetris, M. Ujaque and G. Sabin

Detection of HPV Genotypes by a HPV DNA Chip and Risk of Cervical Pre-cancerous Lesions
S.E. Namkoong, C.J. Kim, J.M. Kim Jeong and J.S. Park

Clinical Significance of HPV Detection in Follow-up Examination After LEEP Cone Biopsy for CIN III
Nagai Nobutaka, Mukai Keiji, Oshita Takafumi, Shiroyama Yuko, Shigemasa Kazushi and Ohama Koso

HPV Detection in Low Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions (LSIL): Is it Really Useful if Strict Cytological Criteria Are Used?
JC. Noël, I. Fayt, A. Ben Zekri and P. Simon

ASCUS, Correlación Anatomopatológica. Valoración de Nuestro Protocolo
Nonell Marrugat Roser, Cardona Aparici, Caparrós Algarra and Álvarez De La Vega

Prevalence of Chlamydia Trachomatis and Neisseriae Gonorreae Among an HPV DNA Tested Population
B. Nonnenmacher, M.C. Bozzetti, I. Mielzynska-Lohnas, C.G. Zettler, F.S. Cancian, V. Breitenbach, T. Reck, E. Becker Junior and G.B. Dores

Immunohistochemical Markers of Differentiaton and Proliferation Improve Prognostication in CIN1 and CIN2
G. Oettling, M. Kauper, M. Menton and D. Grab

Caracterización de Celulas Dendriticas (DC) en el Epitelio Cervico-Vaginal Humano, Infectado por HPV de Alto Riesgo
J. Ojeda-Ortiz, R. Jiménez-Flores, O. Balderas-Carrillo, R. Muñoz-Molina, S. Lebecque, S. Saeland y L. Flores-Romo

Control Citologico y Colposcopico Después de Histerectomía Total por Patología Benigna. ¿Se Justifica?
Bicca G.L. Oliveira, Bicca M.L. Oliveira, Dode L. Bicca and Acosta E.M. Figueredo

Clinical Efficacy of Cervicography in Patients with Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance(ASCUS) on Cervical Cytology
C.H. Park, H.B. Park and Y.H. Suh

Colposcopia Digital y HPV en las Lesiones Escamosas Intraepiteliales de Bajo Grado
M.M. Pérez, P. Fdez. Beroiz, M. Del Río, J. Ordi, A. Torné, P. Jou and L.M. Puig-Tintoré

Erbium YAG Láser. Nuevo Aporte Terapeutico en Tracto Genital Inferior
C.M. Pidal, E.C. Mansilla, V.E. Rios and J. San Martino

Performance of Truscan in the Primary Care Setting
N. Pisal, C. Chow, G. Wallace, G. Dooley, K. Canfell, G. Mackellar, V. Skladnev and A. Singer

Use of the Second Generation Hybrid Capture System Assay To Detect HPV DNA in Barbadian Women
P. Prussia, D. Skeete, A. Bruce and R. Hubbard

Vulvitis Plasmocelular (Vulvitis de Zoon)
A. Querol Badenas, A. Garcia Jiménez and J. Xercavins

Multicentral Spanish Study (Esecrim Study) in 550 External Genital Condylomatoses Treated with Imiquimod Cream
M. Quilez

Cryotherapy in the Management of Symptomatic Cervical Ectopy
R. Ramanah, C. Gay, J.J. Terzibachian, J.C. Lovera, S. Reviron, C. Gabelle, J.P. Schaal and F. Knoepffler

Can We Predict High-Grade Disease?
G. Rebello, N.F. Hallam, G.E. Smart, D.I.M. Farquharson and J.R. McCafferty

Meeting National Colposcopy standards in the Oxford Region.Presenting Four Years Data
J. Redburn, M. Usherwood and S. Sundar

Management of Recurrent Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia
A. Rodolakis, E. Diakomanolis, D. Haidopoulos, G. Vlachos, K. Stefanidis, H. Elsheikh, S. Theodoropoulos and S. Michalas

Efficacy of Teleconsultation In Colposcopy
M. Roy, Y. Ansquer, R. Barrasso, L. Benedet, J.-C. Boulanger, D. Dargent, D. Ferris, M. Marien and I. Bairati

Erbium YAG Láser en Ginecologia, Aspectos Histopatológicos
J.A. San Martino, G.I. Fernández Alonso, C.M. Pidal, E.C. Mansilla and V.E. Ríos

Funciones de Enfermeria en una Consulta de Patología del Tracto Genital Inferior y Colposcopia
S. Serra, C. Butiña, A. Torné, P. Jou and L.M. Puig-Tintoré

Detection of Infectious Adeno-associated Virus Using Microdissection PCR Technique in Cervical Biopsies of Korea Women
Ahn Woong Shick, Jung Jae Eun, Bae Su Mi, Sin Jeong Im, Lee Jun Mo, Namkoong Sung Eun, Kim Chong Kook and Park Yong Serk

Sexual Behaviour After Treatment of Vulvar Carcinoma
A. Śliwińska, K. Adamek and A. Basta

Microinvasive Cervical Cancer: Management of a Good Prognosis Neoplasia
J.M. Solé, A. Gil, A. García, A. Pérez, G. Mancebo, J.M. Martínez I Palones and J. Xercavins

Occult Glandular Intraepithelial or Invasive Endocervical Lesions and Treatment of High Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Cervical Lesions
F. Sopracordevole

Internet. A Medical Site Experience
M.B. Sosa, L.T. Illescas and A. Farinati

HPV Screening Results in Low Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions Attained by Molecular-Biological Methods
B. Stanimiroyic, N. Kuljic-Kapulica, Z. Magic, J. Stojanovic, V. Stanimirovic and J. Popovic-Lazic

Colposcopical Grade To Low Grade Sqamous Intraepithellial Lesions (LSIL)
M. Stjovski, E. Milanova and P. Taneska

Atypical Glandular Cells of Undetermined Significance (AGUS)– Who Need an Early Assessment
K.F. Tam, A.N.Y. Cheung, K.L. Liu, T.Y. Ng, T.C. Pun, L.C. Wong, H.Y.S. Ngan and A.W.Y. Ng

Novel Therapy of Endometrial Hyperplasia with a Danazol-Releasing Intracervical Uterine Device
Y. Tamaoka, H. Orikasa, Y. Sumi, K. Sakakura, K. Kamei, M. Nagatani and S. Ezawa

The Incidence of Humanpapillomavirus (HPV) at Different Grades of Cervical Inthraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN)
P. Taneska, M. Stojovski, E. Milanova, D. Jovanova and G. Petrovska

Reintervenciones por Lesiones Intraepiteliales Escamosas del Cérvix Uterino
Tena Vivó, Palau Gené, Huguet Galofré, González García

Tratamiento del Vin de Alto Grado con Imiquimod
R. Testa, C. Marchitelli, G. Secco, M. Perrotta and L. Lugones

Oncogenes E6 y E7 del Papilomavirus Humano y Su Relación con las Lesiones Intraepiteliales de Cérvix
M. Torrents Muns, P. Vázquez Caamaño, M. Oña Navarro, S. Melón García, A. Tamargo Suárez, I. Arnott and J. Touris Nogueira

Lower Genital Tract Premalignant Lesions, HPV Infection and Immunodepression: Morphological-Molecular Detection, Immunological Aspects and Management in Female and in Male Partner
A. Torrisi, D.M. Paternoster, G.L. Onnis and D. Minucci

Informing Women About Human Papillomavirus and Cervical Cancer
A.J. Tristram and A.F. Fiander

Correlation of Overexpression of p16INK4a and HPV-DNA Detection in Cervical Lesions
M. Trunk-Gehmacher, H. Hofmann, A. Reichert, R. Ridder, M. v. Knebel Doeberitz and D. Schmidt

Colposcopic Assessment of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia in Adolescence
M.E. Tubaki, M. Tacla, M. Schwarzschild, P. de Luca, M.C. Meniconi, Y. Torata Nakano, E.A. Lopes

Detection of Human Papillomavirus in Cervical Carcinoma Biopsy Specimens By Four general PCR Primer Sets and Identification of Genotypes By Direct Sequence Analysis and Reverse Hybridisation
L.J. van Doorn, C.F.W. Vermeulen, B. Kleter, S.M. Uljee, Y. Zomerdijk-Nooyen, G.J. Fleuren, W.G.V. Quint and E. Schuuring

Vulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia in Lichen Sclerosus
M. van Seters, M. van Beurden, G. Fons, Th.J.M. Helmerhorst and M.P.M. Burger

Cirugia de Stand-by con Laser de CO2 en Pacientes con Displasia y Embarazo
A. Velazquez, G. Juarez and A. Alvarez

Radiation-Associated Angiosarcoma: A Case Report
A. Vicente, G. Mancebo, JM. Martínez y Palones, A. Gil, A. García, A. Pérez and J. Xercavins

Estudio de Prevalencia de VPH en Relacion con el Metodo Anticonceptivo y el Numero de Compañeros Sexuales
M. Vilamala, M. Badia, R. Font, F. Martinez, A. Avecilla, A. Ramirez, H. Mausbach, F.J. García Cirera, R. Bosser, M.P. Cañadas, P. Felipe, S. De Sanjose and C. Coll

Colposcopic Aceteowhite Appearances and Cervical Biopsy Findings
L. Vukmirovic, J. Opalic, V. Boskovic, J. Atanackovic and S. Vukajlovic

HPV in Breast Cancer of Patients with Cervical Cancer History
A. Widschwendter, A. Widschwendter, T. Brunnhuber, A. Blassnig, E. Mueller-Holzner and C. Marth

CIN and HIV: Is There a Need For Baseline Colposcopy in Cervical Screening of HIV-Positive Women?
A. Wong, A.L. Moore, E.A. Stephens, C.A. Sabin, P.G. Walker and M.A. Johnson

Correlation Between Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-C Expression and Invasion Phenotype in Cervical Carcinomas
Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Masatsugu Ueda and Daisuke Akise, Minoru Ueki

Vulvitis Circunscrita Plasmocelular o de Zoon
L. Zamora, I. Alonso, A. Llambrich1, A. Torné, S. García, P. Jou, J. Ordi, J. Ferrando1 and L.M. Puig-Tintoré

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