Proceedings of the
4th congress of the World Association for Laser Therapy 

 Tokyo, Japan, June 27-30, 2002



Dear Colleagues and Friends,

This book of papers and abstracts represents the proceedings of lectures spoken at the World Association for Laser Therapy - Fourth World Congress, which was held in Tokyo, Japan, from June 26 through June 30, 2002. We had invited over 100 distinguished physicians from various countries and arranged a broad range of lectures in the field of medicine and extended lectures on dental, veterinary and physical therapy.

This Book intends to respect the traditional academic research but at the same time seeks to liberate from them by using state of the art technologies to achieve ahead of its time. By doing so, we are able to gain the incentive to research and develop more.

I am certain that the debating of issues and exchange of information and opinions in this book by some of the world’s leading experts in the fast expanding and exciting field of laser therapy stimulates international cooperation as well as furthering studies in this area.

This book provides an opportunity for physicians, researchers and technicians from all over the world to make new recognitions of laser therapy.

This book contributes to the interflow and progress of science technology in laser therapy, as well as papers provides wonderful place of laser therapy.

For those of you who could attend the WALT Congress, this book will provide an accurate record of what took place and advances reported in our understanding of laser therapy. For those who could not join the WALT Congress, this book will help you to stay on the cutting edge of patient care and research as presented in Tokyo in June, 2002.

I have no doubt that experimental and clinical research presented by the various authors will arouse substantial interests and serve as a stimulus to further progress of laser therapy.


Kazuo Hanaoka, M.D., Ph.D.
Meeting President of World Association for Laser Therapy Fourth World Congress
President and Chairman of Organizing Committee







Special Lectures

Low Level Laser Therapy as a Medical Treatment Modality in Pediatrics – Educational Lecture
C. Ailioaie and L.M. Ailioaie

Past, Present and Future of Laser Surgery and Medicine
Kazuhiko Atsumi

The Future of Laser Therapy
J. Kubota

Why Does a Living Body React To a Laser Beam?
T. Ohshiro

Bioresonance Information Laser Therapy of Diabetes Mellitus The First Clinical Experience of the Hypoglycemic Effect of Low-level Laser Therapy and Its Perspectives "Treated To Live A Normal Life without Exogenous Insulin Or Hypoglycemic Tablets"
P. Ramdawon



Present Situation of the Dental World Regarding to the Use of Laser Therapy (Brazil)
L. Almeida-Lopes

Application of Low Level Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Congenital Dislocation of the Hip
Y. Asagai and T. Ohshiro

Hard Tissue Generation Activation Effect of Lasers
A. Nagasawa

Current State-of-the-art of the Clinical Laser in Japan
C. Shiroto, S. Nakaji and T. Umeda


Luncheon Seminar

Super LizerTM: Its Properties and Clinical Usage
S. Ogawa

LEPT for Preoperative Care and Early Rehabilitation
P. Pöntinen

LLL-Diagnostic and Therapy in Veterinary Practice
A. Roesti


Panel Discussion

Laser Stimulation on Marginal for the Medicine Cases in Different Areas of Neurology
G. Ivanov



Application of Infrared Irradiation Therapy To Perthes Disease
Y. Asagai and T. Ohshiro

IPL Treatment of Scars and Photodamaged Skin: A LLLT Aspect?
P. Kontoes and S. Vlachos

Science of Acupuncture Technique
K. Nishijo

P.J. Pöntinen

Pain Control in Dentistry by LLLT. Focusing on the Application of Oriental Medicine
I. Yoshida


Free Papers

Healing Induced by Lllt in Pediatric Skin Diseases
C. Ailioaie, L.M. Ailioaie, D.A. Chiran and R. Ailioaie

Enhancement of Antitumor Efficacy in Rat by Chemoimmuno-therapy in Conjunction with Helium-Neon Laser Irradiation and Dihematoporphyrin Esther
V.F. Dima, M.D. Ionescu, C. Balotescu and St.V. Dima

The Effects of Linear Polarized Infrared Ray Therapy on Regional Cerebral Blood Flow
T. Gushiken, Y. Nakabeppu, T. Masuyama, Y. Yagi, K. Tobo, I. Tsuneyoshi, H. Dohgomori, Y. Kakihana and Y. Kanmura

LLLT of Burns with the X-ray Injuries with the Usage of Drug on the Basis of Silver (Ag), Obtained with the Help of a Laser Photolysis
R. Khachatryan

Heart Rate Variability Analysis Predicts the Efficacy of Diode Laser Irradiation Around Stellate Ganglion
S. Kurita, M. Kawamoto, S. Hidaka, N. Saeki, H. Niinai, K. Moriwaki and O. Yuge

One Example of Effective Usage of a Linear Polarized Infrared Ray Therapy To a Pain in the Upper Limb
A. Meno, S. Sawamura, H. Arita and K. Hanaoka

Report on Phototherapy – Focusing on Linear Polarized Infrared Ray Therapy –
A. Meno, H. Arita and K. Hanaoka

Causes of Intratracheal Explosion During YAG Laser Irradiation
M. Ogawa, T. Nakashima, K. Komatu, M. Hayashida, H. Arita and K. Hanaoka

Hepatocyte Permeability in Humans and in Experiment Animals After Laser Biostimulation
I. Onac, L. Pop, I. Onac and R. Ungur

What Is the Role of the Laser Dentist in the Treatment of Tinnitus?
J. Tunér and A. Bjorne

Influence of Linearly-polarized Near-infrared Irradiation Around Unilateral Stellate Ganglion on Cerebral Blood Flow: Analysis Using Transcranial Near-infrared Spectroscopy
K. Yokoyama and K. Sugiyama



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