ICRAN 2002
Bali,INDONESIA, August 1 - 4, 2002



As time progresses, and more knowledge accumulates on Neurotraumatology. This volume of papers represents the Proceedings of International Conference on Recent Advances in Neurotraumatology, which was sponsored by World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, held in Bali Indonesia on August 1st-4th, 2002, with the Theme "Pathofisiology and treatment of neurotrauma based on scientific evidence". Each main topic provides and represents recent advances in neurotraumatology from master and experts of whole over the world neurosurgical centers.

It provides recent advances in basic researches, epidemiological review, clinical application, management and guidelines in neurotraumatology and even conduct special issues on Spinal Cord Injury.

The entire scientific program has been arranged to identify current problems, and opportunity to develop new direction policy. We believe that this event will provide and represent opportunity for sharing experience from many neurosurgical centers on brain and spinal cord injury.

The Local Organizing Committee greatly appreciates a worldwide participation. Without you, the conference will not have the chance to make a difference in the Neurosurgical Society.

Beny Atmadja Wirjomartani, M.D.
President of ICRAN 2002
Chief of Educational Program of Department of Neurosurgery
School of Medicine Padjadjaran University
Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung - Indonesia






Invited Lectures


An Epidemiological Study of Traumatic Brain Injury and the Effect of Prevention Strategies
W.T. Chiu, C.H. Chiu, J.W. Lin, P.Y. Chiang, W.C. Tsai, Y.S. Shih and C.C. Hong

Prevention and Management of Head Injuries in India: An Overview
K. Ganapathy

Post-traumatic Menigitis: Incidence, Treatment and Outcome
S. Jovkovski

Intracranial Sepsis Following Head Injury
K.K.N. Kalangu

Treatment of Chronic Subdural Hematoma: One or Two Burr Hole Surgery?
M. Krammer, T. Reithmeier, S. Wolf, H.A. Trost and Ch.B. Lumenta

Intracranial Pathophysiology and Neuroimaging
Z. Muttaqin

Modern Neurosurgical Aspect of Neurotrauma in the Cranio-Cervical Junction
T.J. Pentelenyi

The Japanese Guidelines for the Management of Severe Head Injury
M. Shigemori, A. Yamaura, S. Nagao, Y. Katayama, K. Sugiura, T. Aruga, T. Onuma, T. Yamaki, J. Ono, T. Ogawa, H. Tomita, T. Shiogai, T. Tokutomi, T. Kawamata, H. Abe, T. Yoshimoto, T. Kirino, T. Hayakawa, T. Omoto, H. Fukui and The Japan Society of Neurotraumatology


Free Papers


Role of Interleukin 6 and Tissue Plasminogen Activator in Recurrent Chronic Subdural Hematoma
Y. Aimi, Y. Suzuki, O. Hososhima, N. Matsubara, N. Hatano, N. Mizutani, K. Osuka and Y. Seki

The Occipital-Cervical Fusion; A New Device
E.B. Bongartz

Endoscopic Findings for Capsules in Chronic Subdural Hematoma
H. Ikeda, K. Tanaka, D. Tanioka, Y. Mochizuki, Y. Okamura and K. Sugimoto

Traumatic Basilar Impression, Report of Two Cases
M. Kimoto, S. Nakaoka and N. Takigawa

Benefits of Early Enteral Feeding and Early Tracheostomy to Severely Brain-Injured Patients Under Brain Hypothermia
H. Kobata, H. Tanaka, I. Nishihara, H. Fukumoto and H. Morita

Prevention and Treatment of Postoperative Complications in Chronic Subdural Hematomas
A. Kravtchouk, A. Potapov and L. Likhterman

Measurement of Internal Jugular Bulb Venous Blood CO2 Tension in Patients with Severe Head Injury
H. Kushi, T. Saito, K. Makino and N. Hayashi

PMMA Vertebroplasty in Correcting Kyphosis After Traumatic Thoracolumbar Compression Fractures
C.N. Lin, Y.C. Wu and N.P. Wang

Maxillary Antral Balloon Technique for Blow Out Fracture
T. Miki, J. Haraoka, I. Inaba and T. Utsumi

Neuroprotective Effects of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) Following Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury
K. Morikawa, T. Aruga, T. Sakamoto, Y. Miyake, K. Kusaka and Y. Ishida

Computed Tomographic Features of High Intracranial Pressure as Prognostic Indicators in Severe Head Injury
Z. Muttaqin, E. Andar and G. Kusnarto

Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome in Severe Head Injury
T. Saito, H. Kushi, K. Makino and N. Hayashi

Using Local Antibiotic on Endotracheal Tube for Prevent Pneumonia in Severe Head Injury Patients
R. Sinurat, M.Z. Arifin and K. Wiriadisastra

Age and Outcome of Severe Head Injury
K. Tanaka, H. Ikeda, K. Sugimoto and T. Aruga

Chronic Subdural Hematoma Clinical Analysis of 82 Cases
H.C. Wu

Acute Extradural Hematoma Clinical Analysis of 123 Cases
H.C. Wu

Reconstruction of Unstable Anterior Cervical Fractures Through VigorTM Disc Spacer Cage Fusion
Y.C. Wu, C.N. Lin and N.P. Wang

The MRC CRASH Trial Pilot Phase in Malaysia
Zamzuri Idris, J. Abdullah, J.P. George, J. Tharakan KJ, A. Prasad, S. Sayuthi, A. Rahman Izaini Ghani, M. Saufi Awang, M. Rusli Abdullah, A. Rahman Mohd. Ariff, G. Ghazali, M. Mohamad Ghazali and I. Roberts





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