Proceedings of 2nd World Congress of the
International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine – ISPRM
Free Papers
Prague, Czech Republic, May 18-22, 2003

Edited by
Haim Ring and Nachum Soroker 



The International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM), formed in 1999 with the merger of the International Rehabilitation Medicine Association (IRMA) and The International Federation of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (IFPMR) held its first meeting in Amsterdam in 2001.

The 2nd ISPRM World Congress held in Prague on May 18-22, 2003, brought together P&RM scientists and practitioners from over 60 countries of all continents, some representing well established rehabilitation systems and others from countries where rehabilitation is a new concept.

The principal aims of the scientific program in the congress were set as follows: a. Presentation of recent advances and future challenges in rehabilitation science; b. Linking clinical practice in P&RM to basic science through presentation of theory-driven procedures of assessment & intervention; c. Emphasis on outcome measurement and evidence-based P&RM.

During the five days of the congress we operated 5-6 halls in parallel to accommodate for 64 oral sessions covering all major aspects of P&RM, along with 13 Special Educational Activities (workshops, mini-courses and symposia). In addition poster sessions were held in each day. The sessions were divided in 4 major parts: a. P&RM in Neurological Disorders (17 oral sessions); b. P&RM in Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Disorders (15 oral sessions); c. P&RM in Other Specific Conditions (6 oral sessions); d. Topics of General Interest in P&RM (26 oral sessions).

The congress represented a unique opportunity to see each other’s work, to exchange ideas, to present new approaches to old problems and to discuss possible solutions to emerging new problems. With some 1100 submissions for either oral or poster presentation encompassing all possible topics of P&RM activity, and the presence of participant members of the international P&RM community of diverse nationalities, all willing to learn from each other and striving to improve clinical practice through dedicated research efforts, the congress was a memorable event of significant importance.

The Proceedings of the congress edited by the prestigious Monduzzi Editore (International Proceedings Division) condense 160 of the most representative examples of the papers presented during the meeting and will last as a testimony of the research efforts rehabilitation physicians and members of allied medical professions are doing at the beginning of the 21st century.

Monduzzi Editore publishes also a second volume made by the keynote lecturers in the 2nd ISPRM Congress, encompassing all major aspects of the specialty in 65 chapters. This book is entitled: Advances in Rehabilitation Medicine.

We are sure P&RM scientists and practitioners will find much valuable information in the congress ‘Proceedings’ as well as in ‘Advances in Rehabilitation Medicine’.



Haim Ring, MD Nachum Soroker, MD
Congress Chairperson, Chairman, Scientific Committee
Chairman, Organizing Committee


2nd ISPRM World Congress, Prague, May 18-22, 2003.





I. Assessment and Rehabilitation in Neurological Disorders
Diseases and Trauma of the Brain

Stroke and Other Diseases of the Brain

Evaluation and Prediction of Functional Recovery in Stroke by Barthel Index
N. Hanzer, K. Marjanovic, S. Soldo-Butkovic, M. Marjanovic and M. Ivanovic

Feature of Unilateral Neglect and Its ADL in the Various Tests of Unilateral Neglect For Stroke Patients
M. Maeda, C. Abe, S. Shimizu, K. Mito, H. Nagasawa, K. Yorizumi, Y. Shiba and S. Obuchi

Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism in Ambulatory Stroke Patient
S.-G. Lee, I.-S. Choi, S.-Y. Lee, J.-Y. Han, S.-R. Ju, J.-H. Kim, J.-H. Kim, J.-K. Kim and K.-Y. Kim

Stroke Knowledge in Different Social Group in Poland
A. Brzozowska, A. Cwirlej, E. Domka – Jopek, A. Misior and K. Walicka – Cuprys

A Prototype Walking Assist Robot and Its Clinical Application for Stroke Patients with Severe Gait Disturbance
K. Hachisuka, S. Saeki, F. Wada, T. Okazaki, T. Watanabe, A. Kimura, Y. Tomita and T. Sakaki

Brain’s Lesion And Muscle Tone Sequel in Stroke
S. Boccaccio and P. Marano

Specialised Rehabilitation After Stroke. A Community-Based Study
J.C. Daviet, I. Rebeyrotte, P.M. Preux, J.Y. Salle, M.J. Borie, M. Munoz and P. Dudognon

Clinical Modifications in Chronic Ischemic Stroke Patients Treated with Subcutaneous Electrical Stimulation
W.T. Hsing and R.S. Azevedo Neto

Experience in Co-operation Between the Stroke Unit and the Rehabilitation Centre
A. Vetra, A. Vetra, A. Vilberga, E. Grinins and L. Gribusta

Rehabilitation Outcome in Stroke Patients Living Alone in Japan
H. Wakabayashi, H. Sashika and N. Ando

Clinical Tests and Stabilographic Assessment in Stroke Patients
E. Vanaskova, V. Tosnerova and Z. Milacek

The Qualitative Differences in Comprehension in Aphasic Individuals: Evaluating Their Working Memory Capacities by the Listening Span Test
T. Yoshimura, M. Osaka and S. Maeshima

Phenol Neurolysis in Rehabilitation of the Spastic Hand in Hemiplegia
T. Shafshak and A. Mohamed-Essa

Balneotherapy with Sulphurous Mineral Water in Rehabilitation of Patients After Stroke
G. Stefanovski and M. Stefanovski

Usefulness of a Cube-copying Test in Outpatients with Amnesia
Yukiko Shimamoto, Shinichiro Maeshima, Aiko Osawa, Munehito Yoshida, Etsuko Maeshima, Koji Kakishita, Fuminori Ozaki and Hiroshi Moriwaki

Functional Outcomes Following Striatocapsular Infarction
Yukiko Shimamoto, Shinichiro Maeshima, Aiko Osawa, Takako Yoshimura, Toshihiro Hayata, Kazuya Ishida and Munehito Yoshida

Rehabilitation with Family Support Is a Useful Treatment for Unilateral Spatial Neglect
A. Osawa, S. Maeshima, Y. Shimamoto, T. Hayata, K. Ishida, T. Matsumoto, M. Yoshida and A. Ueyoshi

Cognitive Impairment and Regional Cerebral Blood Flow for Diagnosis of Dementing Disorders
A. Osawa, S. Maeshima, Y. Shimamoto, M. Yoshida, T. Yoshimura, E. Maeshima, Eri Sekiguchi, K. Kakishita, F. Ozaki and H. Moriwaki

Event-related Potentials (P300) in Outpatient Amnesiacs
S. Maeshima, E. Maeshima, A. Osawa, Y. Shimamoto, M. Yoshida, H. Okada, N. Miyatake, K. Kakishita, F. Ozaki and F. Moriwaki

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at Maximal Effort at a Target Hand Movement in Treating Hemiplegia
S.I. Izumi, Y. Shimazaki, T. Hisamatsu, Y. Muraoka, Y. Tomita and A. Ishida

Physical Therapy in Alzheimer Disease – Improving Memory and Attention
I.D.A. Nemes, M. Dragoi, C. Vutan, A.-M. Munteanu and A. Teghiu

The Correlation between F-wave Motor Unit Number Estimation (F-MUNE) and Functional Recovery in Stroke Patients
S.-G. Lee, S.-Y. Lee, I.-S. Choi, J.-Y. Han, S.-R. Ju, S.-W. Cheon and K.-H. Cho

Long Lasting Effects of 0.1Hz rTMS Paired with Motor Point Stimulation in Hemiparetic Stroke Patients
K. Suzuki, T. Tsuji, T. Ota, A. Kimura and N. Chino

Postural Instability Associated with Visual Signal Blockade in Healthy Subjects and in Patients with Hemiplegia
K. Sakamoto, C. Nakayashiki, M. Hida, F. Sakamoto and N. Ishiko

Pleural Effusion in Adult Patients with Ventriculo- peritoneal Shunt Appeared in Rehabilitation Ward
H. Muramatsu, K. Koike and R.D. Nathan

Neck Muscle Atrophy as a Complication of Carotid Endarterectomy
E. Polukhin-Nissenbaum


Traumatic Brain Injury

Posturographic Analysis of Balance Control in Virtual Moving Surround in Patients with Brain Injury
Yun-Hee Kim, Jong-Duk Choi, Sung-Bum Lee, Peter Kang .Woo. Lee, Jong-Yun Kim, Suk Jun Lee, Chan Hee Park and Nam-Gyun Kim

Behavioural Impairment and Social Recovery in Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
M. Vallasciani, C. Quinquinio, M.L. Rinaldesi, E. Macis, L. Lombardini and P. Serafini

Olanzapine Treatment in Agitated Behavior after Traumatic Brain Injury
F. Posteraro, D. Giorgi, I. Maci, C. Moncini, M. Rosetti, A. Tuzzi and A. Battaglia

Efficiency of the Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Rehabilitation
U. Sukys and A. Juocevicius

Analysis of Cost Effectiveness in a Post-acute Brain Injury Rehabilitation
S. Watanabe, M. Ohashi, K. Hashimoto, M. Abo, S. Miyano and K. Yonemoto


Diseases and Trauma of the Spinal Cord

Quality of Life (QOL) Change Following Intrathecal Baclofen (ITB) Therapy in Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Patients
B.M. Soni, S. Adiga, T. Oo and P. Gholve

Gait Disorders Caused by Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome
G. Nikolic, I. Petronic, D. Nikolic, D. Cirovic, M. Raicevic, N. Sremcevic, N. Jevtic and N. Stojkovic

Idiopathic Motor Dysfunction of Lower Limbs with Neurogenic Bladder: Case Reports and Review of the Literature
A. Trepa and I. Santos

Effect of Orthotic Gait Training on Locomotor-like EMG Activity in Paraplegic Persons
K. Nakazawa, W. Kakihana, N. Kawashima, M. Akai and H. Yano

Psychometric Evaluation of the SF-36 Chinese Version in People with Spinal Cord Injury
C-W. Wang, Y. Jang, Y. Tobimatsu, F. Tozato, T. Iwaya and Y-H. Wang

The Growth Hormone Profiles in Spinal Cord Injuried Patients
S.B. Kim, K. Yoon, K.W. Lee, H. Kwak and K.A. Park

Pyogenic Sacroiliitis with Iliopsoas Abscess: An Unusual Cause of Hyperthermia in a Paraplegic Patient
P. Hanson, B. van der Vleugel, E. Delaunois, B. Delaere, J. Nisolle and T. Deltombe

Classification of Poliomyelitis
B. Bocker and UC. Smolenski

Closed-Loop Control for FES-based Restoration of Standing in Paraplegia
M.S. Poboroniuc, D. Wood, N. Donaldson, T. Fuhr and R. Riener


Neuropathies, Myopathies and Peripheral Nerve Lesions

"Evoked contractions" and Surface-EMG (S-EMG) in the Peripheral Nerve Injuries
M. Iocco, M. Nespoli, T. Scellini and E. Erman

Pre-, Intra-, and Postoperative Electrophysiological Analysis of the Recovery of Penetrating Injuries of the Peripheral Nerves After Microsurgical Treatment
M. Alon, S. Rochkind, G. Filmar and Y. Kluger

Improved Technique for Treatment of Neuropathic Pain
M. Imamura, S.T. Imamura, D.J. Filho, J.M. Briceño, D.A. Cassius and A.A. Fischer

Validity of Clinical Symptoms in Diagnosis of Reflex Sympathetic Distrophy (RSD)
N. Stankovic-Vucetic, M. Vucetic, S. Jovic, Z. Kanjuh and M. Jovic

Rehabilitation of Patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
A. Kobesova and O. Horacek

A Case of Selective Paresis of the Deep Stabilisation System Due to Boreliosis
K. Lewit and O. Horáèek


II. Assessment and Rehabilitation in Orthopedic and musculoskeletal Disorders

Limb Trauma, Surgery and Amputationn

The Efficiency of Electric Stimulations in Complex Posttraumatic Hand Rehabilitation
M. Dragoi, I.D.A. Nemes, A. Bitang, A. Ghita and G. Noditi

Rehabilitation After the Replantation of the Fingers II-IV
S. Kevic, S. Gutman Mikulic and L. Hajdu

A Comparison of the Grip Force Distribution in Natural Hands and in Prosthetic Hands
A. Kargov, C. Pylatiuk, J. Martin and St. Schulz

Rehabilitation of the Persons with Below-knee Amputation in War Conditions
Lj. Ostojiæ, V. Damjanoviæ, Z. Ostojiæ, M. Dragišiæ, D. Zelenika, I. Bušiæ, M. Naletiliæ and Z. Pehar

The Acceptance and Effect of Continuous Biofeedback on Exercise Behavior in TKA Rehabilitation
H. Amir, T.A. Kuiken and R.A. Scheidt

Muscle Force As Predictor of Functional Outcome in Aged People After Femur Fracture
S. Brunelli, A. Rosponi, F. Di Meo, S. Amato and M. Traballesi

3D Kinematic and Baropodographic Analysis of Posture and Spine Morphology in Total Hip Joint Replacement Patients
M. D’Amico, P. Roncoletta, G. Liscio, A. Savoretti, L. Montagnoli, P. Serafini and M. Vallasciani

Influence of Body Mass Index and Bone Mineral Density To Muscle Strength After Hip Surgery
S. Maniwa, Y. Sakai, T. Tadenuma and Y. Uchio

Suprascapularis Nerve Block During Early Rehabilitation of Supraspinatus Tendinitis
L. DiLorenzo, M. Traballesi, S. Brunelli, D. Morelli, A. Pompa, M.C. Melita, V. DeFranco and R. Formisano

A Hip Function After Implantation of Austin-Moore’s Endoprosthesis
Z. Wrzosek and G. Konieczny

Effect of Endoprosthesis on Isokinetic Strength of Knee Extensor Muscles
H. Gapeyeva, M. Pääsuke, J. Ereline, V. Djuško, N. Buht, T. Mäeots, T. Haviko,
K. Maasalu and I. Kolts

Contractile Properties and Tone of Knee Extensors After Partial Meniscectomy
H. Gapeyeva, A. Pintsaar, M. Pääsuke, J. Ereline and A. Eller

Popliteal Pterygium Syndrome: Nine Years Follow-up
K. Stathi, D. Ergeletzis, X. Michail and D. Paggou

Comparative Study of the Effect of Different Rehabilitation Programmes after Total Knee Arthroplasty
E. Ilieva, M. Marinkev, A. Guechev, R. Minchev and I. Koleva



Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Occupational Therapy for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis – Promoting Functional Performance and Quality of Life in the Process of Rehabilitation
M. De Carlo, S. Silva and A. Radu

Effectiveness of Intensive Rehabilitation Treatment inJuvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA)
E. Trevisi, D. Facchin, M. Battaglia, F. Zulian and A. Martinuzzi

Effect of Lateral Wedged Insole for Knee Osteoarthritis;A Motion Analytic Study
M. Akai, W. Kakihana, K. Nakazawa and N. Yamasaki

Laser Therapy and the Soluble ReceptorsProinflammatory Cytokines in Rheumatoid Arthritis
O. Ilich-Stoyanovich, E.L. Nassonov and R.M. Balabanova

Change of Serum IGF-I Level in Knee Osteoarthritis
S.B. Kim, K. Yoon, K.W. Lee, K. Hyun and S.W. Sun

Effectiveness of Complex Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis
M. Banciu, G. Sanmarghitan, M. Vrabie and A. Bitang



Diagnosis of Osteoporosis and Estimation of Shape Characterization of Cancellous Bone by Ultrasonic
K. Kagechika, F. Nogata, T. Tachino and K. Tomita


Neck and Back Pain

Nucleoplasty Procedure for Cervical Radicular Pain – Initial Case Series
C. Slipman, S. Bhagia, M. Frey, O. el Abd, J. Richards, L. Chou and D. Lenrow

Oxygen-Ozone Therapy and Mckenzie Mechanical Therapy in Cervicobrachialgia. Controlled, Randomised Trial
M. Monticone, A. Barbarino, R. Garri, G. Di Natali and A. Moschi

Manual-Therapeutic and Kinesitherapeutic Techniques in Patients with Cervically Related Headache
I. Koleva, N. Lishev, R. Iochinov, M. Marinkev and E. Ilieva

Electrostimulation as the Physiotherapy of Idiopathic Scoliosis
I.M. Kowalski

Comparison of the EMG & MRI in Diagnosis of Patients Suspecting Lumbar Discopathy
B. Forogh

Preliminary Outcomes of Percutaneous Decompression Utilizing Coblation® for the Treatment of Axial Low Back Pain
C. Slipman, Z. Isaac, S. Bhaggia, O. el Abd, L. Sharps, E. Siegalman, J. Richards, A. Lee, D. Lenrow and L. Chou

Early-Term Side Effects and Complications of Lumbar Nucleoplasty: Preliminary Series
C. Slipman, M. Frey, A. Lee, J. Richards, Z. Isaac, M. Nirschl,
S. Bhagia, L. Sharps, D. Lenrow, L. Chou and C. Garvin

Acute Low Back Pain In Health Care Workers with Tasks Involving Manual Lifting of Patients
D.B. Piazzini, F. Berloco, L. Maggi, S. Piantelli, G. De Cassan and C. Bertolini

Strength/Duration Curve and Lumbosacral Radiculopathy
C. Foti, C. Ljoka, S. Gentili, A. Rocco, E. Siri and I. Caruso

Comparison of Manipulation with Physical Therapy in Mechanical Low Back Pain
S.M. Rayegani, M.H. Bahrami, M. Farjad, M.N. Ahrari and N. Valaei

Influence of Psychosocial Factors on the Long-term Outcome of Patients After Lumbar Discectomy (1-5 Years Follow-up)
E. Nikolik-Dimitrova

The Effects of Whole-body Cryotherapy on Ankylotic Spondylitis Patients
B. Skrzep-Poloczek, B. Wiœniowska, E. Romuk, E. Birkner, L. Jagodziñski, A. Stanek and A. Sieroñ

Development of a Guideline for Rehabilitation of Patients with Low Back Pain – Analysis of Therapeutic Data
M. Gülich, S. Rose, H. Klosterhuis, E.-M. Engel and W.H. Jäckel

Low Level Laser Therapy in Treatment of Acute Low Back Pain with Sciatica in Relation with Applied Frequency
Lj. Konstantinoviæ, I. Batsialou, G. Popovic, G. Devecerski and Z. Raspopovic

Dynamic Orthesis and Spinal Segmental Stabilization Exercises in Ruptured Lumbar Disc. Controlled Randomized Trial
M. Monticone, A. Barbarino, R. Garri, L. Testi and A. Moschi

Multisite Ultrasound Velocity Measurements in Patients After Discectomy During the Period of Rehabilitation
A. Vetra, A. Vetra, M. Sefere and V. Logins

Local Application of Cold Therapy in Low Back Pain (LBP)
S. Jovic, M. Vucetic, N. Stankovic-Vucetic and M. Jovic

III. Assessment and Rehabilitation in
Other Specific Conditions

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Burden of Care in Elderly People One Year After Acute StrokeThe Göteborg 70+ Stroke Study
G. Gosman-Hedström

Assistive Devices in Elderly People After Acute Stroke – A Longitudinal Randomized StudyThe Göteborg 70+ Stroke Study
G. Gosman-Hedström, L. Claesson and C. Blomstrand

The Success of Rehabilitation of Over 84-Year-Old Stroke Patients in the Hospital Rehabilitation Ward
T. Talvinko, P. Paunio and H. Valvanne-Tommila


Pediatric Rehabilitation

Evaluation of the Kinematic Features of Engine Induced Passive Cycling in Children with Normal Motor Behavior and with Cerebral Palsy
S. Bar-Haim, N. Harries, L. Copeliovitch, I. Dobrov, A. Frank, M. Belokopytov and J. Kaplanski

The Impact of the Perception of the Reasoning Words on the Children Performance in Mathematical Word Problem Solving
Y.N. Kazemi and Habibollah Ghassemzadeh

Parents’ Training Implications on the Treatment Effectiveness for the Children with Cerebral Palsy
D. Ulziibayar, T. Batdulam and Ts. Batjargal

Is The Prevalence of Idiopathic Mild Mental Retardation Associated with Autism Increasing? Study from Japan
M. Aoyama, K. Hirasawa and M. Miyao

Teaching Babies Swimming – Fashion or Necessity
G. Konieczny and K. Antoniak-Lewandowska

Altered Ventilatory Patterns and Efficiency in Patients with Severe Cerebral Palsy with Spinal Rotation, Scoliosis and Mental Retardation
N. Mori, H. Kurosawa, A. Ito, T. Ito, K. Matsumoto, K. Fujiwara, T. Kameya, M. Nagasaka, N. Mori, T. Harada, Y. Goto, N. Minami, M. Kanazawa and M. Kohzuki

Physical Rehabilitation of Children with Haemophilia
S. Sterzi, A. Bozzone, A. Romanelli, P. Di Fazio, A. Casandra, A. Cafaro and C. Bertolini

Kinesiological Assessment of Motor Development Dynamics in Premature Children until the Expected Term of Delivery
T. Klánová

The Effect of Single Event Multi-level Chemoneurolysis in Children with Cerebral Palsy
H. Kim, S. Kim, B. Wechsler and C.T. Kim


Coma, Persistent Unawareness, Vegetative State

The Predictive Value of BAEP and SEP on Coma
H. Liu, Z. Wu and H. Yu


Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Gender and Age Differences in Cardiovascular Responses to 5 Minutes Walking Exercise
Y. Sasaki, S. Mue, Y. Kasai, S. Komatsu, Y. Goto, S. Jin, N. Mori, T. Kawamura, M. Nagasaka, T. Harada, O. Ito, N. Minami, H. Kurosawa, M. Kanazawa and M. Kohzuki

Reduced Lung Volume After Chest Physiotherapy
K. Matsumoto, H. Kurosawa, Y. Goto, N. Mori, M. Nagasaka, T. Harada, N. Minami, M. Kanazawa and M. Kohzuki

Acquired Tracheoesophageal Fistula Following Tracheostomy Tube: A Case Report
D. Tulli, M.L. Rinaldesi, F. Senigagliesi, P. Serafini and M. Vallasciani

Long-term Effects of Lung Volume Reduction in Exercise Capacity, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Quality of Life
Y. Goto, H. Kurosawa, N. Mori, K. Matsumoto and M. Kohzuki


Rehabilitation in the Cancer Patient

Oncologic Rehabilitation According to Mösseberg Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Model and Its Impact on the Individual’s Quality of Life
A. Sahlström Johnsson and A. Tenenbaum

Exercise Prevents Fatigue and Improves Quality of Life in Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy
U. Monga, S.L. Garber, J. Thornby, C. Vallbona and T.N. Monga

Trismus Rehabilitation in Treated Head and Neck Cancer Patients
A. Dall’Anese, K. Schultz, I. Nishimoto and L. Kowalski

Efficacy of Compressive Bandaging in the Treatment of Patients with Arm Lymphedema After Breast Carcinoma: A Randomized Clinical Trial
A. Romanelli, A. Bozzone, A. Di Polito, B.L. Pascarella, A. Cafaro and S. Sterzi

Short-term Shoulder-Arm Morbidity Following Axillary Dissection in Breast Cancer Patient
T. Tsuji, H. Tajiri, M. Hayashi, Y. Uchida and N. Chino


Rehabilitation in Other Specific Conditions
(Renal Failure, Organ Transplantation, Major Burns, Other)

Disability Prevention of Chronic Renal Failure (CRF): Effects of Moderate to Intense Exercise in Rats with CRF
M. Kanazawa, L. Li, K. Matsumoto, Y. Sasaki, H. Li, T. Kawamura, N. Minami, H. Kurosawa, T. Harada, N. Mori, M. Nagasaka and M. Kohzuki

Disability Prevention of Renal Failure: Effects of Exercise and Enalapril in Thy–1 Nephritis Rats
M. Kohzuki, X-M. Wu, T. Sato, T. Kawamura, K. Yoshida, N. Mori, M. Nagasaka, T. Harada, O. Ito, N. Minami, H. Kurosawa and M. Kanazawa

Disability Prevention of Renal Failure: Effects of Exercise and Enalapril in Nephrotic Rats
L. Ji, M. Kohzuki, K. Yoshida, T. Sato, T. Kawamura, H-L. Xu, N. Mori, M. Nagasaka, T. Harada, O. Ito, N. Minami, H. Kurosawa and M. Kanazawa

Peripheral Adaptation To 12-Week Exercise Training in Rats with Renal Failure
T. Kawamura, M. Kanazawa, L. Li, M. Tateyama, Y. Onodera, N. Mori, M. Nagasaka, N. Minami, H. Kurosawa and M. Kohzuki

Induced Life-threatening Electrolyte Imbalance in Subclinical Hyperthyroidism
J.M. Kim, J.M. Lee, S.J. Kim, K.S. Kim and J.S. Chung

Effects of An In-patient Rehabilitation Program Against Stressrelated Exhaustion – A Pilot Study
A. Tenenbaum, I. Escanellas and G. Grossi

The Use of Selective Photo Thermolysis in Patients Early Rehabilitation After Burns
V. Gilis, A. Vetra and A. Petersons

Life-style Activities in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
E. Maeshima, S. Maeshima, M. Yamashita, M. Sakagashira, H. Otani, M. Mune and S. Yukawa

IV. Topics of general interest for
most p&rm fields of Activity

Organization and Management of Rehabilitation Services in Different Countries

Tele-rehabilitation in Baja California Sur, Mexico
F.A. Aguirre-Chavez, H.P. Padilla-Taylor and C. Perez-Lopez

Challenges of Establishing Rehabilitation Centers in the World – An Update
D. Peer and M. Peer

The Research and Practice of Rehabilitation Medicine in China
Z. Wu, Q. Wang and J. Wu

The State of Disablement in Lithuania
J. Sameniene and A. Krišèiunas

Ensuring Continuum of Integrated Medical Rehabilitation
A. Bobinac – Georgievski

Statistic Analysis of the Patients in Our Rehabilitation Ward in Order to Evaluate the Effect of Rehabilitation and to Expect Earlier Release from the Ward
T. Oikawa, S. Fujiwara, S. Sekiguchi, E. Onodera, Y. Fujii, Y. Tamakawa and M. Satoh


Scope of the Specialty and Educational Needs

Teaching of Occupational Therapy in Czech Republic and in Central and Eastern Europe
J. Votava and M. Faktorova

Potential Value of an Educational Intervention and Standardized Standing Orders to Enhance the Treatment of Hyperlipidemia in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
E. Polukhin, J. Naughton, G. Samson and J.-C. Shieh


Evidence-Based Rehabilitation

Evaluating Rehabilitation Technology with the Analytic Hierarchy Process
M. Hummel, G. Snoek, J. van Til, W. van Rossum and M. Ijzerman


Management of Other Commonly Encountered
Disabling Conditions

Segmental Neuromyotherapy (SNMT) a More Effective New Approach in Diagnosis and Treatment of Pain
A.A. Fischer, M. Imamura, S.T. Imamura, L.M.V. Saadi, H. Dubo and D.A.Cassius

Pain Treatment with Acupuncture in Patients with Fibromyalgia. A Prospective Randomized Controlled Study of 48 Patients with One Year Follow-up
R.A. Targino, M. Imamura, H.H.S. Kaziyama, L.P.M. Souza, Wu T. Hsing and S.T. Imamura

Therapeutic Aspects in Primary Fibromyalgia
I.D.A. Nemes, M. Dragoi, and A. Gogulescu

Effectiveness of Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (RESWT) in Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
M. Imamura, S.T. Imamura, R.M.O. Dominguez and J.M. D’A. Greve

Controlled Study on the Acute Effects of Brine Baths on Pain, Muscle Tension and EMG Activity in Chronic LBP Patients
O. Karagulle



Effectiveness of Low-dose Botulinum Toxin in the Treatment of Spasticity in Adult Patients
A. Suputtitada

Local Botulinum Toxin Type A Injections in the Treatment of Spastic Toes
A. Suputtitada

Botulinum Toxin in the Rehabilitation of Patients with Chronic Upper Limb Spasticity After Stroke
A. Kwolek, E. Myjkowska, D. Korab, K. Lewicka, M. Majka and E. Domka

Botulin Toxin Type B for Limb Spasticiy: Case Report
F. Posteraro, D. Giorgi, I. Maci, C. Moncini, A. Gemignani and A. Battaglia

Functional Evaluation of Hemiplegic Gait in Treatment with BTX-A and Kinesitherapy: Pilot Study
H. Cruz-Neto, L.L. Takano, K.C.F. Folhadella, M.R.P. Mendes, R.B. Mello and L.M.V. Saadi


Disability Related Depression, Anxiety and Psychiatric Disturbances

Generic & Disease-specific Quality of Life, Anxiety and Depression in Japanese Colostomates
H. Kataoka, E. Kumagai, M. Takahashi, Y. Funayama, H. Tsuchiya, I. Sasaki and M. Kohzuki


Other Topics of General Interest


"Evoked contractions" and Surface-EMG (S-EMG) Utilization in the Study of Irradiation Patterns
M. Iocco, M. Nespoli, T. Scellini and E. Erman

Nerve Conduction Studies of the Patients with the Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome
A. Kimura, S. Ogawa, T. Tsuji and T. Ohta


Motor Control; Kinesiology; Gait & Motion Analysis;

Motor Learning in Adults: A Consolidation Phase in Learning in the Functional Dexterity Test (FDT)
O. Elion, Z. Dvir and A. Karni

Lower Limb Joint Moment During Walking in Water
T. Miyoshi, T. Shirota, S-I. Yamamoto, K. Nakazawa and M. Akai

The Relationship between Knee Flexion/Extension Torque in Open Kinetic Chain and Maximum Pressing Force in Closed Kinetic Chain
K. Kawamura, I. Okada and T. Matsuo

Shape of Foot of Sports Schools Students in Pedobarographic Examination
W. Orzechowski, Z. Wrzosek, P. Romaszkiewicz, G. Konieczny, Sz. Dragan and A. Krawczyk

The Contribution of the Biceps Brachii Muscle to Shoulder Laxity In Vivo
M. Šenk and M. Jelínek

Standardization of Tests on Force Platform in Rehabiliration Department in Hradec Kralove
V. Tošnerová, V. Masin and I. Krekule

Three Dimensional Gait Analysis of Normal Adults with Electrogoniometer Domotion®
S.J. Kim, J.S. Yoon, J.W. Choi and K.S. Seo

Developing a Haptic Device System for Upper-Limb and Cognitive Rehabilitation: An Electromyographic Analysis
K. Inoue, Y. Takahashi, T. Terada, Y. Ito, K. Suzuki, S. Sasada, Y. Ikeda H. Lee and T. Komeda

A Round Peg in a Square Hole? The Specificity of the Nine Hole Peg Test
K. McIlwaine, J. Lane and F. van Wijck


Electrical Stimulation Techniques

The Effects of High and Low Frequency Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Upon Nociceptive Responses Induced by CO2 Laser Stimulation in Humans
M. de Tommaso, P. Fiore, A. Camporeale, M. Guido, G. Libro, L. Losito, M. Megna, F. Puca and G. Megna

Can Electrical Stimulation, Activated by the Same Muscle’s EMG Signal, Enhance Voluntary Force without Loss of Motor Control in Normal Subjects and Individuals with Upper Motor Neuron Lesions?
J. Burridge, R. Thorsen, J. Norton and N. Donaldson

Modulation of Human Somatosensory Cortical Excitability by Repetitive Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
H.Y. Jung, S.Y. Kim and Y.O. Park

Influence of Muscle Electrostimulation on Mechanical Behaviour of Pelvic and Coccyx Complex Muscles
S. Horackova, M. Tichy and M. Jelinek


Advanced Technologies

Surfing the Web with Electrical Brain Signals: The Brain Web Surfer (BWS) for the Completely Paralysed
J. Mellinger, T. Hinterberger, M. Bensch, M. Schröder and N. Birbaumer


Other Issues of General Interest

Infrared Energy Synchronized with the Heartbeat
H.E. Roman and M. Santucci

Pharynx and Esophagus Evaluation During the Swallow Using Helical Computerized Tomography
I. Takehara

Effects of Jet Bath on Surface Skin Temperature and Subcutaneous Blood Flow
T. Matsuzawa, H. Kawai, M. Suda, T. Maejima, T. Sakai and E. Noguchi

The Influence of Different Physical Agents on Activity of Hepatic CYP-450-Dependent Monooxygenase System
T.A. Zolotarova

Fixed Nutation of the Pelvis Results from Evoked Pelvic Floor Muscles Hypertonus, a Pilote Study
M. Tichý, I. Špringerová, Š. Horáèková, P. Bendová, M. Jelínek and M. Šenk

Changes of Pelvic Shape and Its Influence on the Postural Fastening of the Organism
P. Bendova, I. Springrova, M. Tichy, S. Horackova and B. Anderlova

Low-Voltage Electrical Stimulation Induced Angiogenic Growth Factors in Hindlimb Ischemia Model of Rats
M. Nagasaka, M. Kohzuki, T. Fujii, T. Kawamura, N. Mori, T. Harada, O. Ito, N. Minami, H. Kurosawa, M. Kanazawa, M. Ichie and Y. Sato

Intractable Muscle Contractures Following Drug-induced Rhabdomyolysis
M. Brandstater and L. Won



The Effects of Different Light Wave Lengths on Muscle Strength in Healthy Subjects
F.M. Dehghan, M.Z. Khalkhali, S. Mohammadi, F. Roohi, J. Abdolhamidi and A. Rahimi

Reliability of Concentric Muscle Strength Measurements in Lumbar Extansion/Flexion Pattern
A.O. Ekmekci, A. Baskent, E. Ozcan1 and H. Issever

Strengthening in the Pool Vs Gym: A Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing Two Treatments for Lower Limb Osteoarthritis with a Wait List Control Group
A. Foley, J. Halbert, T. Hewitt and M. Crotty

Prediction of Needle Electromyography in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Jung Keun Hyun, Bum Sun Kwon, Seong Jae Lee, Dong Jin Jun, Hyung Wook Joo and Byung Hee Kim

Concerns and Self-perception of Siblings of Children with Special Needs and their Wishes to Attend Sibling Support Projects. – Community Based Survey
Y. Kitamura and R. Ueda

Swallowing Appliance: Intraoral Reshaping Prosthesis for Dysphagia Secondary to Impaired Tongue Movement
Y. Koyama, A. Ishida, K. Sakaizumi, A. Kaneko and Y. Ota

The Disability Level of Patients Suffering from Stroke
E. Mess, Z. Wrzosek, I. Uchmanowicz and G.Konieczny

The Shift Tendencies of the Body Gravity Centre in Standing Position in People After Cerebral Stroke
M. Mraz, A. Skrzek and M. Mraz

Hydroxyproline, Breast Cancer, Metastases
J. Petrovic, S. Djurovic and D. Kastratovic

Change of Fibrinolytic Activity in Chronic Low Back Pain Syndrome
Hidayet Sari, Hüseyin Ertunga, Ülkü Akarirmak and Izzet Hosgör

The Necessity for Osteoporosis Prophylaxis in the Elderly People
A. Skrzek and M. Mraz

Assessment of Cognitive Sequels after Traumatic Brain Injury
T. Suyama, S. Kusano, M. Yamamoto, Y. Takakura, K. Akasaka, C. Matsuo, N. Oi, H. Kawaguchi, E. Ichiba, A. Kato, M. Deguchi and Y. Kunisawa

Outcomes of Discectomy and Post-operative Rehabilitation: a Follow-up Study of 1-2 Years
A. Vetra, D. Stirane, A. Vetra, M. Ozola, V. Keris and A. Dudins

Osteoporosis-Possibility of Prevention or/and Treating by Application of Low-Frequency Pulsating Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)
B. Vukovic-Jankovic and S. Jankovic


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