Proceedings of the
II Congress of the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery

 Heidelberg - Germany, June 11-14 2003




This publication contains the extended version of the works of the 2nd congress of the World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery.

The response to the meeting was immense. We had to select from more works than ever in the history of microsurgical meetings. The selection was very difficult for the scientific committee.

You will find representative papers from all important spectrums of microsurgery. The newest trends in research and clinical developments are highlighted, also medical legal and socio-economic issues.

I hope that this beautiful collection of papers will leave a long lasting impression, and you will have found memories of the interesting meeting in Heidelberg.

Günter Germann, MD, PhD






Invited Lectures

Rationale and Technique of the Superficial Inferior Epigastric Artery Flap for Breast Reconstruction
R. Allen

Avoiding and Solving Intra-Operative Problems with Perforator Flaps
P. Blondeel

Robotic Harvest of Internal Mammary Vessels in Breast Reconstruction
J.B. Boyd, K. Stahl, W.D. Boyd and M. Samson

One Stage Double Free Fibular Mandibular Reconstruction Following Distraction ‘Mesenchymogenesis.’ A Long Term Review of Four Cases
J.B. Boyd, E. Stelnicki, Y. Barnavon and C. Ueker

Neurotisation of Muscles by Upper Motoneuron
G.A. Brunelli

Cavernous Nerve Reconstruction to preserve erectile function following Radical prostatectomy
D.W. Chang

Is Scientific Progress Influenced by the Reimbursement System? The British View
S.P. Frostick

Microvascular Architecture of the Face for Facial Transplantation
R. Garofalo

Microsurgery in a Country with Slow Economic Growth and an Evolving Medical System
AL. Georgescu

How Many Major Flaps Are Safe in One Person?
A.K. Gupta

Global Brachial Plexus Root Avulsion Injury Contra - Lateral C-7 Root Transfer and Functioning Muscle Transfer
A.K. Gupta

The Hand Surgeon and Clinical Genetics
S.E.R. Hovius and A. Luijsterburg

Technique of Computer Designed Neo-Clavicula Out of Osteotomized Free Fibula
D.F. Kalbermatten, E. Wolfinger, P. Bucher, P. Messmer, P. Regazzoni and G. Pierer

Durability of Free Flaps in the Sole of the Foot
H. Kuokkanen

Outcome of Nerve Decompression in Diabetics Upon Incidence of Ulceration and Amputation
A. Lee Dellon, O. Aszmann and P.L. Tassler

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and the Biological Basis of Reconstructive Surgery
W. Lineaweaver and F. Zhang

Progress in Nerve Surgery by Intraoperative Application of Electrodiagnostic Methods
V.E. Meyer, M. Kilgus, Th. Stallmach, G. Beer and D. Burg

Planning Your Complications - How to Avoid Complications by Planning Them
P.C. Neligan

Microsurgical Distal Sympathectomy in Chronic Vasospastic Syndromes of the Hands
A. Ortensi, S. Trinchi, V. D’Orazi, F. Toni and F. Fabi

10 Years Experience with Microsurgical Refertilization in Cologne
K.F. Schierbaum, S. Wolter and U. Engelmann

Results of Penile Revascularization and Selection Criteria of Patients
K.F. Schierbaum, J. Zumbé and U. Engelmann

The Prepuce Free Flap
P.M.N. Werker

History and Long-Term Results of Vascularized Bone Transfer
M.B. Wood

High Tension Electrical Injury and Microsurgery
B. Yaffe, D. Hutt and H. Kaplan

Severely Damaged Foot Reconstructýon
S. Yildirim and T. Aköz



Free Papers

Anchoring Free Flap to the Bone in Facial Contour Restoration
A. Aydin, M. Topalan, I. Ermis and M. Erer

TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction for Patients with Advanced Breast Disease
A.B. Behnam, M.-D. Nguyen, S.L. Moran and J.M. Serletti

L-Arginine Improves Skeletal Muscle Function After Ischemia
H. Benditte-Klepetko, R. Koller, A. Fügl, M. Mittlböck, I. Huk and M. Frey

Microsurgery in War Wounds
L.E. Bermúdez R. and L.E. Nieto

Aesthetic and Functional Outcomes of Upper Alveolar Bone Reconctruction Using Fibular Osteocutaneous Free Flaps
N. Bin

The Futility of the Post Microsurgical Classification Systems in Managing Ring Avulsion Injuries
D. Brooks, R. Buntic, G. Kind, K. Schott, G. Buncke and H. Buncke1

Lymphatic Reconstructive Microsurgery: Over 25 Year Clinical Outcome
C. Campisi, A. Zilli, A. Macciò, F. Schenone, E. Da Rin and F. Boccardo

A Rare Precancerous Condition of Oral Mucosa: Submucous Fibrosis and its Management
N. Celik, F.C. Wei and O.O. Erol

Thumb Reconstruction with a Great Toe Wrap-Around Technique. The Athenian Experience
N. Daoutis, N. Gerostathopoulos, D. Efstatthopoulos, S. Spiridonos and S. Seitaridis

Incidence and Significance of Microscopic Pathological Lesions Found in Pedicle and Recipient Vessels Used in Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction
H. El-Mrakby, N.R. McLean, P.D. Hodgkinson and J.V. Soames

Long Term Results of Free Flaps in Facial Contour Restoration
I. Ermis, M. Topalan and U. Emekli

Long Term Outcome of Microsurgical Shunts for Idiopathic Varicocele
G. Flati, I. Nofroni, B. Porowska, D. Flati, D. Tuscano, F. Gaj, L. Montemurro and M. Carboni

Neurotization of Musculocutaneous Nerve with Part of Ulnar Nerve as a Donor in Preganglionic Upper Brachial Plexus Ijuries
G. Georgiades, P. Aretaiou, S. Spyridonos, J. Ignadiadis, C.E. Karavolias and N. Gerostathopoulos

Surgical Treatment of Severe Digital Ischemia in Raynaud’s Syndrome with Peripheral Periarterial Sympathectomy
N. Gerostathopoulos, G. Georgiades, C. Karavolias, A. Kitsiou and S. Hatzipantelis

Skin Perforators and Nourishing Vessels of Trapezius Muscle: Macroscopic Study of Cadavers
I. Hashimoto and H. Nakanishi

The Use of Perforator Flaps in Huge Postoncotic and Posttraumatic Defects - Considerable New Indications for the DIEP -Flap?
A. Heitland, E.-M. Noah, R. Allen and N. Pallua

Anatomical Basis of the Medial Adiposofascial Flap of the Leg
O. Heymans and N. Verhelle

The Combined Reconstruction of the Vascular Compromised Foot
O. Heymans, N. Verhelle and H. VanDamme

Outcome of Salvage Operation in Head and Neck Microsurgery
Ikuo Hyodo, Bin Nakayama, Hisakazu Kato, Yasushi Hasegawa and Shuhei Torii

Efficacy of Preoperative Color Doppler Ultrasonography for Planning Flaps
K. Inoue, S. Ichioka, M. Nakagawa, K. Nanri, H. Furukawa and T. Nakatsuka

Free Jejunal Transfer for Functional Reconstruction of Pharyngoesophageal Defects after Tumour and Stenosis Resection
N. Kruegel, W. Kuenzi and V.E. Meyer

A New Model to Induce Angiogenesis by Ex Vivo Transfected Isogenic Fibroblasts Based on Gene Transfer
H.G. Machens, I. Jasmund, T. Spanholtz, A. Maichle, C. Niedworok, W. Lindenmaier, S. Herbort-Brand, S. Görg, K. Kropf, B. Stöckelhuber, T. Hellwig-Bürgel, S. Krüger, B. Reichert, F. Siemers, B.-D. Krapohl and P. Mailänder

Functional Limb Preservation After R0 – Resection of a Prepatellar Myxofibrosarcoma
H.-G. Machens, F. Siemers, M. Kaun, B. Reichert, M. Russlies, S. Krüger, B.M. Stoeckelhuber and P. Mailaender

Restoration of Elbow Flexion by Tsu-Min Tsai’s Method to the Brachial Plexus Palsy
H. Miura, S. Toh, S. Nishikawa, S. Kudoh, G.I. Vallejo and K. Tsubo

Vascularized Bone Grafts- Free or Pedicled Flaps?
M. Molski

Reconstruction of Complex Intrathoracic Tissue Defect by Free Musculocutaneous LD flap – A Case Report
M. Molski and L. Lembas

Congenital Pseudarthrosis of Forearm: Two Stage Reconstruction with Vascularized Fibula Osteoseptocutaneous Flap
Musa Mateev, Arstan Imanaliev and Kerym Beermanov

A Combined Operation of Transtrochanteric Osteotomy and Vascularized Iliac Bone Graft for Advanced Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head
Y. Nakamura, Y. Kumazawa, H. Mitsui, S. Toh and H. Katano

Neck Scar Contracture Reconstruction with Bipedicled Free "Super-thin Flap"
R. Ogawa, H. Hyakusoku, R. Aoki, S. Ishimaru, S. Kawahara and S. Koike

Distribution of NGF and Receptors p-75 in Experimental End-To-Side Neurorraphy
G. Risitano, I. Papalia, A. Pagnotta, G. Cavallaro and F. Stagno D’Alcontres

Bridging of Long Nerve Defects By Using Microscopic Technique, Microscope and Nerve Grafting (A Series of 130 Cases)
H. Sakellarides

Importance of Additional Microvascular Anastomosis in Esophageal Reconstruction After Salvage Esophagectomy
M. Sakuraba, Y. Kimata, S. Hishinuma, M. Nishimura, N. Gotohda and S. Ebihara

Autologous Free Tissue Breast Reconstruction Using the Internal Mammary Perforators as Recipient Vessels
E. Sassoon, A. Logan, R.M. Haywood, A. Raurell and A.G.B. Perks

The Prefabricated Iliac Crest Transplant
G. Schultes and H. Kärcher

Peripheral Nerve Injuries in Developmental Age
F.M. Senes, R. Campus and F. Becchetti

Free Rectus Abdominis Muscle Transfer in Upper and Lower Extremity Reconstruction
A. Sultan, H. Bannasch, C. Andree and G.B. Stark

Salvage of Failing Flap with Continuous Intra-Arterial Infusion of Pharmacological Agents
A. Takamatsu, T. Harashina, Y. Inoue, Y. Tsuchida, K. Wakamatsu and S. Kaneko

Intercostal Nerves Neurotization for Elbow Flexion in BPI Reconstruction – Comparison Between 2 ICN and 3 ICN Methods
Y.K. Tu, Y.C. Chou and S.W.N. Ueng

Double Free Functioning Muscle Transfer (FFMT) for the Reconstruction of Brachial Plexus Injury
Y.K. Tu, Y.C. Chou and S.W.N. Ueng

Microsurgical Reconstruction for Osteomyelitis – 12 Years Experience
Y.K. Tu and S.W.N. Ueng

The Combining Method of a Hypoglossal-Facial Nerve Jump Graft by End-To-Side Neurorrhaphy and a Cross-Face Nerve Graft for the Treatment of Facial Paralysis
K. Ueda, A. Kajikawa and Y. Suzuki

Musculocutaneous Neurotization to Restore Elbow Flexion in Brachial Plexus Paralysis: Preliminary Results
M.D. Vekris, A.E. Beris, G. Afendras, A.V. Korobilias and P.N. Soucacos

Free Fasciocutaneous Temporalis Flaps for Heel Reconstruction
N. Verhelle and O. Heymans

Free Flaps in the Elderly Population
N. Verhelle, P. Vico, B. VandenHof and O. Heymans

Management of Extensive Defects of Scalp
B. Yaffe, E. Winkler and H. Kaplan

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