2nd Congress of the World Society for Breast Health

Budapest, Hungary, 24-28 June 2003






Invited Lectures

Ductoscopical Classification of Breast Microlesions
M. Makita, F. Akiyama, N. Gomi, F. Kasumi and G. Sakamoto

Endoscopy-assisted Partial Mastectomy for Breast Cancer
Y. Tamaki, S. Kim, Y. Miyoshi, Y. Tanji, T. Taguchi and S. Noguchi


Free Papers

Analysis of Cytoplasmic and Cell Membrane Proteins by Two-dimensional Electrophoresis of Human Breast Cancer Tissues
G. Baltatzis, K. Moraitou, E. Gaitanarou, N.J. Agnantis and I.E. Voloudakis-Baltatzis

p53 Mutations in Yugoslav Breast Cancer Patients
M. Brankovic-Magic, R. Jankovic, Z. Magic and S. Radulovic

Use of Reverse Abdominal Fascio-cutaneous Flap in Reconstruction of Large Chest Wall Defect after Mastectomy Owing to Malign Tumor
O. Çizmeci, A. Aslan, U. Emekli, S.N. Kesim and Ş. Dilege

Surgery of 371 Mammary Carcinoma and Local Recurrence
S. Leinung, A. Dietrich, M. Schwittay, P. Würl and M. Schönfelder

Her2/neu Status in Bone Metastases of Breast Cancers
T. Lőrincz, J. Tóth, M. Szendrői and J. Tímár

Correlation of Mammographic Appearance and Molecular Prognostic Factors in High Grade Breast Carcinomas
E. Lykaki-Karatza, P. Ravazoula, A.C. Tsamandas, C. Skopa, G. Sotiropoulou, A. Batistatou, G. Kourounis, E. Tzorakolefterakis, T. Kourelis and H. Kalofonos

Surgical Treatment of Bone Metastases in Breast Cancer
J. Gorjanc

Prognostic Outcome of Local Recurrence After Mastectomy
R. Soumarová, H. Horová, Z. Šeneklová, J. Růzičková, H. Perková, I. Horová and M. Budíková

Conformal Peroperative Interstitial Sole Brachytherapy of Early Stage Breast Carcinoma Using the HDR Afterloading
R. Soumarova, H. Perkova, V. Chrenko, J. Zaloudik, P. Slampa, V. Fait, R. Bartlova and H. Ticha

Chemoprevention with Tamoxifen and Avemar® by Inducing Apoptosis on MCF-7 (ER+) Breast Cancer Cells
A. Tompa, Zs. Kocsis, Z. Marcsek, M. Jakab, B. Szende and M. Hidvégi

Changing Tendencies in Breast Surgery at Our Department – A Retrospective Analysis (Poster Presentation)
L. Varga, Á. Botos, P. Liptay-Wagner, L. Papp and S. Bende

New Concept for Postoperative Analgesie After Tram Flap Surgery
M. Warm, S. Kampe and P. Mallmann

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