Third International Congress on Vascular Dementia

Prague, Czech Republic, 23–26 October, 2003




Invited Lectures

A Murine Model to Study the Role of Herpesvirus Infection in Atherosclerosis
D.G. Alber, K.L. Powell and P. Vallance

Atherosclerotic Lesions and Mitochondria DNA Deletions in Brain Microvessels as a Central Target for the Development of Human AD and AD-like Pathology in Aged Transgenic Mice
G. Aliev, M.A. Smith J. De La Torre and G. Perry

The Acoustic Cortex in Vascular Dementia: A Golgi and Electron Microscope Study
S. Baloyannis

Defining Mixed Dementia
R. Bullock

Familial and Sporadic Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathies
B. Frangione, F. Prelli, J. Ghiso and T. Révész

High Level Gait Disorder: Is it Primary Neurodegenerative or Vascular in Origin?
N. Giladi, T. Herman, I. Rieder, T. Gurevich and J.M. Hausdorff

Drug Research and Vascular Dementia
G. Gromo, C. Videbaek and J.D. Fitzgerald

Healthcare Costs of Vascular Dementia in a Community-Dwelling Population
J. Hill, H. Fillit, K. Sadik and R. Futterman

Molecular Mechanism of MELAS Caused by Taurine-modification Defect in Mitochondrial tRNA
Y. Kirino, T. Yasukawa, T. Suzuki, T. Suzuki and K. Watanabe

Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 in CAA-related Hemorrhage
J. Lee, K. Yin, I. Hsin, S. Chen, J. Fryer, D. Holtzman, C. Hsu and J. Xu

Aging and Mitochondrial Decay: Tuning up with Mitochondrial Metabolites
J. Liu and B.N. Ames

Defining Vascular MCI, Versus Primary Degenerative MCI, as Prodromes for VAD, MIX and DAT
J. Meyer, M. Chowdhury, A. El-Gengaihy, J. Thornby and M. Quach

MRI Identification of Vascular (VMCI) and Neurodegenerative (NMCI) subtypes of Mild Cognitive Impairment
J. Meyer, M. Chowdhury, A. El-Gengaihy, J. Thornby and M. Quach

Role of Cholesterol in the Amyloid Cascade
M. Michikawa

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Patients with MELAS
H.E. Möller, G. Kurlemann and M. Pützler

Statin Effects on Cholesterol Micro-Domains – in Brain Plasma Membranes May Explain Their Therapeutic Effects in Dementia
W.E. Müller, C. Kirsch and G.P. Eckert

Vascular Parkinsonism
I. Rektor, D. Kubová and I. Rektorová

Molecular Pathogenesis of Vascular Chlamydia pneumoniae Infection
J. Rupp and M. Maass

Kynurenine System and Neurodegeneration in Dementia
K. Sas and L. Vécsei

Sequestration of ß-secretase in Cholesterol-rich Membranes Increases Output of Neurotoxic Forms of ß-amyloid
C. Sidera, R. Parsons and B. Austen

Differential Cognitive Outcomes in the Hypertensive Old People in Edinburgh (HOPE) Study
J. Starr

Infectious Burden and Cognition in Elderly Vascular Patients
T. Strandberg, K. Pitkala, K. Linnavuori and R. Tilvis

Abnormal Gait As a Predictor of Vascular Dementia
J. Verghese

Gait Slowing as a Predictor of Dementia
L.M. Waite


Free Papers

Characterization of the CNS Effects of Naftidrofuryl (Praxilene®): A Quantitative EEG and Functional MRI, Placebo Controlled Study in Healthy Elderly Subjects
P.H. Boeijinga, J-F. Nedelec, A. Demazičres, M-L. Souan, S. Gamand, P. Parot, R. Luthringer and J.-P. Macher

Anti-heparan Sulfate Antibodies: Possible Marker for Vascular Dementia?
C. Briani, L. Gallo, A. Campagnaro, GL. Ricchieri, E. Toffanin, M. Zaninotto, A. Cagnin, L. Battistin and G. Pizzolato

Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Galantamine: Preliminary Results from the NATURE Study
H. Brodaty, M. Woodward and K.L. Boundy

Mechanisms and Regulation of Brain Iron Transport
J. Connor and J. Burdo

Post-stroke Focal Cognitive Disorders: Frequency and Characteristics in the Post-acute Stage and One Year After
W. Czepiel, M. Leśniak, J. Seniów and A. Członkowska

Deleterious Effects of Non-toxic Concentrations of Amyloid ß1-42 in Cholinergic NG108-15 Cell Line
V. Dolezal, J. Nováková, V. Lisá, E. Machová and L. Mikasová

White Matter Hyperintensities Results in Cortical Atrophy Independent of Alzheimer’s Disease
A.T. Du, N. Schuff, L.L. Chao, F. Ezekiel, W.J. Jagust, B.L. Miller, B.R. Reed, J.H. Kramer, H.C. Chui and M.W. Weiner

Noninfarct Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer Syndrome Spectrum
V.O. Emery, E. Gillie and J. Smith

Survival Following Dementia Onset: Vascular Dementia versus Alzheimer’s Disease
A.L. Fitzpatrick, L.H. Kuller, O.L. Lopez, C.H. Kawas and W. Jagust

Peptides as Drug Targets for Alzheimer’s Vascular Dementia
I. Gozes and R.A. Steingart

Evaluation of Cognitive Function After Carotid Endarterectomy in Symptomatic Patients
K. Karakoulas, A.C. Papadopoulos, A. Konsta, A. Trikoupi, M. Xanthopoulou, M. Filippidou, Th. Mavridis and D. Vassilakos

Non-human Primate SPECT Model for Determining Cerebral Perfusion Effects of Cerebrovasoactive Drugs Acting Via Multiple Modes of Pharmacological Action
D.W. Oliver I.C. Dormehl and W.K.A. Louw

Age Dependence of MR Findings in Neuropsychiatric Lupus Patients
V. Peterová, L. Linková, J. Zvárová, M. Olejárová, Z. Seidl, J. Daneš and C. Dostál

Uridine Prodrug PN401 Is Beneficial in APP2576 Mice and Models of Chemical Hypoxia and Oxidative Stress
J. Saydoff, L. Liu, Z. Hu and R. von Borstel

Differential and Quantitative Proteomics in Neurobiology. Complexity Reduction by Radioactive and Stable Isotope Labeling Using Embryonic Stem Cell Models
A. Schrattenholz, W. Wozny, M. Klemm, W. Stegmann and M.A. Cahill

Cerebral Perfusion in AD and Subcortical Ischemic Vascular Dementia using Arterial Spin Labeled MRI
N. Schuff, S. Matsumoto, J. Kmiecik, C. Studholme, A.T. Du, B.L. Miller,J.H. Kramer, W.J. Jagust, H.C. Chui, F. Ezekiel and M.W. Weiner

Physical Rehabilitation and the Dementias: Are There Differences We Need To Recognize?
M.S. Sefton and P.A. Liguori

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