3rd Asian-Pacific Congress of Hypertension
Singapore, 3rd April - 7th April 2004



Hypertension is a world wide problem and a leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease.
The criteria for normal BP and hypertension have changed considerably over the last three decades and the guidelines for antihypertensive therapy continue to evolve as new clinical trial evidence emerge
The prevalence of hypertension varies in different parts of the Asia Pacific region but in all countries effective control of hypertension is a major problem.The theme of the 3rd Asian Pacific Congress of Hypertension “Achieving Targets in Hypertension Control” focuses on and the scientific proceedings examine different aspects of this problem and the challenge to develop effective strategies to deal with it.
They also reflect the multidisciplinary nature of hypertension as the participants come from different specialties from cardiologists to nephrologists to endocrinologist to neurologists and other medical practitioners
The Organising Committee of the 3rd Asian Pacific Congress of Hypertension welcomes all participants to this meeting in Singapore and wishes all a productive and an enjoyable experience

Dr. Low Lip Ping


Invited Lectures

Which Guidelines is Best - JNC VII, ESH–ESC, or WHO-ISH?
R.F. Abarquez, Jr.

How to Protect Against Death at Dawn
E. Cabral

The New Genetics in Hypertension: Asia Pacific Perspective
D. Gu and D. Ge

Should Clinic or 24hr Ambulatory BP Monitoring Guide Physicians?
A. Stanton and E. O’Brien

Hypertension Treatment Targets: Hypertension in People with Diabetes
C.F. Sum

Hypertensive Treatment in Pregnant Women
J. Whitworth

Anti-hypertensive Drug Treatment in Diabetes and Renal Disease
J. Whitworth

Hypertension In Children and Adolescents
H.K. Yap


Free Papers

Homocysteine Levels in Malaysian Hypertensive Subjects: Essential Analysis
A. Azizi, O.H. Kasule and A.R. Tariq

Knowledge of Paramedical Students on Hypertension
T. Guru Vythiaganapathy, R. Kashyap, K. Priya, M. Chokkalingam and P. Thirumalai Kolundusubramanian

Differentiate Two Different Cardiac Hypertrophy by Pulse Tissue Doppler Imaging: Hypertensive and Athletic
E. Kasikcioglu, H. Akhan, H. Oflaz and A. Kayserilioglu

Repolarization Heterogeneity During Strenous Exercise in Hypertensive Patients and Strenght-trained Athletes
E. Kasikcioglu, H. Oflaz, H. Akhan and A. Kayserilioglu

Hypertension in Rural Area of Nepal
R. Koju, S. Dangol, A. Sharma and B. Karmacharya

Changes in Renal Medullary Blood Flow in Obese Zucker Rats
K. Nakanishi

Renoprotective Effect of Olmesartan (OLM), a Novel AT1 Receptor Blocker and Captopril (CAP) on Dysfunction of the Glomerular Basement Membrane (GBM) of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats (SHR) with STZ-induced Diabetes
S. Onuma, K. Nakanishi, R. Iwasa and G. Yoshino

Post Marketing Surveillance of Losartan and Ramipril Combination (Loram) in Hypertensive Patients
D. Pawar and M. Yeolekar

The Relationship between Serum Aldosterone and Left Ventricular Geometry or Diastolic Function in Essential Hypertension
J. Shin, J. Lee, K.S. Kim, S.G. Kim, J.H. Kim,
H.K. Lim and B.H. Lee

Association Between Primary Hypertension in Ethnic Chinese Singaporeans and Haplotypes of Beta2 Adrenergic Receptor Gene
L.K. Sng, Y.W. Lee, E.A. Taylor, H.M. Wu,
E.P.H. Yap and V.M.S. Oh

Advertisements on Antihypertensive Agents in Indian Medical Journals
P. Thirumalaikolundusubramanian, S. Hiteshvara,
M.P. Narmadha, A. Thomas and M. Nagarajan

Digitized QT Dispersion by the Valsalva Maneuver in Hypertensive Patients
H.-J. Yoon

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