7th Congress of the European Society for Clinical Neuropharmacology
Trieste, Italy, May 5-9 2004



This volume represents the proceedings of the 7th Congress of the ESCNP, held in Trieste, Italy, May 5-9, 2004 and contains both invited lectures and free communications presented there.
Clinical neuropharmacology is the part of the neurosciences that brings together clinicians and basic scientists with the purpose of discovering and describing new knowledge in the diagnostic and therapeutical approach to the diseases of the nervous system.
Clinical neuropharmacology has had an impressive development during the past decades in parallel with the increasing of our knowledge on the basic mechanisms of function and metabolism of the CNS in normal and pathological conditions; particularly, the great development of molecular biology as well as of the new technologies of functional imaging in man, such as PET, SPECT, and MR spectroscopy, has allowed great advances in the understanding of some main mechanisms of diseases in man and therefore in the searching for new drugs for their treatment.
The 7th Congress of the ESCNP has focused the attention on some very important issues of clinical and basic neurosciences, in which there have been quite relevant advancements in the recent years; these are post-stroke management, Alzheimer’s dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy; furthermore, the repair mechanisms in the nervous system and the relationship between neurorehabilitation and neuropharmacology, as well as psychiatric disorders in CNS diseases.
Clinical neuropharmacology has certainly a great future in the field of basic and clinical sciences devoted to the diseases of the nervous system but also in the one of designing better ways to transfer our knowledge into the clinical practice, that is modern and efficacious guidelines to get new therapies available for the best of the patients. The interdisciplinary approach to such arguments is really the only way to provide a true advancement of our knowledge in these fields; it is our hope that the efforts made in this direction will be really useful to the purpose of getting better therapeutical approaches to the diseases of the nervous system.

Leontino Battistin





Adjuvant Therapy in Rehabilitation of Post-stroke Aphasia
W.-D. Heiss, A. Thiel, L. Winhuisen, B. Mühlberger, J. Kessler and K. Herholz

Cerebral Stroke (CI) and Management of Arterial Hypertension Where We Are and Where We Want To Be?
D. Bartko, A. Dukat, M. Zigrai and V. Vestenicka

Could New Antihypertensive and Lipid Lowering Drugs Prevent Second Stroke?
V. Demarin

Plasticity and Recovery After Stroke
N. Ward



Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis of Dementia
M. Emre

Improvement of Verbal Fluency in Alzheimer’s Disease After NADH Treatment
V. Demarin, D. Storga-Tomić, M. Bosnar-Puretić,
I. Martinić-Popović and J. Birkmayer

A Neuropsychological Comparison Between Subcortical Vascular Dementia and Frontal Lobe Dementia
R. Moretti, P. Torre, R.M. Antonello, G. Cazzato and A. Bava

A Placebo-controlled Study of Memantine in Dementia of Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Vascular Dementia
A. Rustembegović, E. Sofic, Z. Kundurovic, I. Tahirović and A. Sapcanin


Parkinson’s Disease

A Cellular Model of Dopamine-Dependent Cell Toxicity in Parkinson’s Disease
M. Colapinto, M. Molteni, S. Giraudo, M. Basso, C. Rossetti, D. Marabella, B. Bergamasco, L. Lopiano and M. Fasano

Cortical Activation of Motor Areas in Parkinson’s Disease Patients
R. Moretti, P. Torre, R.M. Antonello, M. Ukmar, L. Capus, G. Cazzato and A. Bava

Effects of Helicobacter Pylori Eradication on L-Dopa Absorption in Parkinson’s Disease Patients
L. Brusa, A. Pietroiusti, M. Pierantozzi, S. Galati, V. Moschella, G. Sancesario, G. Lunardi, E. Fedele, M.J. Gomez Miguel, I. Luzzi, A. Bergamaschi, A. Magrini, P. Stanzione and A. Galante

Dystonia and Other Diskinesia in Parkinson’s Disease and Parkinsonism
V.S. Kostić

A 12 Month Follow-up in Fifteen Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: Neuropsychological Changes After Subthalamic Nucleus Stimulation
R. Moretti, P. Torre, R.M. Antonello, L. Capus, T. Cattaruzza, G. Cazzato and A. Bava

Long-term follow-up Study with Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) in Parkinson’s Disease
J. Málly, R. Farkas, L. Tóthfalusi and T.W. Stone

Therapeutic Efficacy and Tolerability of Olanzapine in Essential Tremor
K. Bayülkem, H. Efendi and G. Karabaş


Psychiatric Disorders in CNS Diseases

Pharmacotherapeutical Strategies in PD-related Psychosis
E.Ch. Wolters

The Treatment of Depression in Parkinson’s Disease
K. Bayülkem

Recurrent Major Depression and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A Volumetric Study
G. Perini, F. Nifosě, T. Toffanin, S. Zanone, G. Ghelli, C. Gatto and P. Amistŕ

Venlafaxine Versus Sertraline in Patients with Depression in Parkinson’s Disease
K. Bayülkem and F. Torun


Epilepsy and Headache

Monotherapy versus Polypharmacy in Epilepsy
B. Meldrum

Ih Channels and Epilepsy
R. Surges and T.J. Feuerstein

Utilization of Antiepleptic Drugs at University Department of Neurology in Defined Daily Doses per Thousand Bed-Days During the Year 2000
M. Lisak, Z. Trkanjec, M. Nevečeral and V. Demarin

Cervicogenic Headache: Diagnostic Criteria and Clinical Picture
F. Antonaci, G. Bono, P. Chimento, A. Fanti and G. Nappi

Tension-Type Headache – Nature and Characteristics. A Personal View
J.N. Blau


Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic Pain. An Overview
L. Vécsei, E.T. Varga and S. Beniczky

Human Experimental Pain Research: Assessment of Neuropathic Pain and Underlying Mechanisms
O.K. Andersen and L. Arendt-Nielsen

Neurovirology and CNS Disorders
J.K. Fazakerley

Botulinum Toxin Type A in Pain Management
L. Bach-Rojecky, M. Relja and Z. Lacković


Multiple Sclerosis

Long-Term Efficacy of Interferon-Beta and the Role of Neutralizing Antibodies
P.S. Sorensen

Functional Status of Multiple Sclerosis Patients During Interferon Therapy
M. Bošnjak Pašić, Z. Trkanjec, M. Lisak and V. Demarin



Bone Marrow Transplantation in Adults: Impact on Cognition
P. Sostak, A. Gerbitz, H-J. Kolb, CS. Padovan and A. Straube

Is Tourette’s Syndrome an Autoimmune Disease?
P. Hoekstra, P. Limburg, C. Kallenberg and R. Minderaa

Metoclopramide Induced Parkinsonism and Mixed Polyneuropathy in a Patient with Acute Renal Failure: A Case Report
K. Bayulkem, G. Karabaş, B. Erkal and A. Yilmaz

Kynurenic Acid Metabolism in Rat, Piglet and Human Tissues
H. Baran, B. Kepplinger, M. Draxler and H. Ferraz-Leite

KCN Influences Kynurenine Aminotransferase I and II Activities in an In Vitro Study
B. Kepplinger, M. Draxler, H. Ferraz-Leite, J. Wallner, H. Schmid and H. Baran

Effectiveness of the Paroxetine in the Treatment of the Selective Muteness in Developmental Age
L. Cenci, A. Cester, F. Costanzi, O. Papa and C. Cardinali

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