XXXIX CONGRESS OF THE European Society of Surgical Research

MAY 12-15, 2004 - ATHENS, GREECE








Cardiothoracic Surgery


Comparison of Belzer Vs. Celsior Solution in 24 Hour Preservation of Transplanted Lungs
P. Dedeilias, E. Koletsis, E. Apostolakis, M. Chorti, B. Sfyra, A. Papalois, I. Bellenis and K. Bolos

Systemic Distribution of Talc Slurry After Pleurodesis Procedure. An Experimental Model of Study in Rabbits
A. Stamatelopoulos, E. Thanopoulou, M. Arnaouti, D. Hatzianastassiou, A. Androulaki, D. Perrea, I. Donda, P. Karagiannakos and Th. Dossios

Effect of Parasympathetic Denervation on the Mechanical Properties of the Aorta
N. Zarbis, Th. Dosios, D.P. Sokolis, L. Papadimitriou,
C.A. Dimitriou, H. Boudoulas and P.E. Karayannacos

Intravenous Magnesium Sulfate Prophylaxis for Atrial Arrhythmias After Pulmonary Resection
M. Takahama, K. Kushibe, M. Kimura, T. Kawaguchi, Y. Tamura and S. Taniguchi 23
Urge-8, an Anti-Neutrophil Antibody, Attenuates Acute Lung Injury Induced by Cardiopulmonary Bypass
M. Hamamoto, M. Suga, T. Nakatani, Y. Takahashi, Y. Abe, S. Inamori, T. Yagihara and S. Kitamura

Development of Novel Anti-adhesive Agent for Contaminated Abdominal Operations
M. Fujino, K. Hanasawa, Y. Tsutamoto, M. Wakabayashi, K. Mukaisho, S. Kamitani, K. Matsuda, S. Uchiyama, N. Shirahama, A. Sueoka and T. Tani

In Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis, Does Phagocytic Removal of Apoptotic Cells in Pancreas Indicate a Positive Reactive Sign?
Y. Haraguchi, N. Shindo, Y. Tomoyasu, Y. Ito, T. Ueda, J. Inoue, S. Hasegawa, T. Ishihara, M. Hoshino, M. Sakai and H. Usui



Economics and Ethics in Surgery


The Medical Ethics in the Code of Hammurabi in Comparison with the Hippocratic Oath
I. Katsarou, E. Ikonomopoulou,
K. Papadopoulos and K. Lountzi

Serum D-Dimer Is of No Value as a Screening Tool for Deep Venous Thrombosis in the Immediate Post-operative Period
P. Bhuta, W. Wallace, R. Wright, W.J. Campbell and S.J. Kirk



GI Surgery

The Characteristics of Obturator Hernia in the Rural Area in Japan
Y. Nakaima, K. Hirayama, K. Saitoh, T. Shimada, S. Nishiyama and S. Tukamoto

Our Experience of Supercharged Organs for Reconstruction After Esophagectomy for Esophageal Cancer
H. Ikuta, H. Fukuyama, I. Kobayashi, T. Imanishi, K. Kawasaki, M. Ohno, T. Kamigaki, T. Ichihara, Y. Kuroda and S. Tahara

Nutritional Support Protect Against Development of Postoperative Complications In Pancreatic Cancer
R. S³otwiñski, W.L. Olszewski, I.W. Krasnodêbski, M. S³odkowski, G. Lech and M. Zaleska

A Comparison of Three Single Layer Anastomotic Techniques in the Colon of Rats
A. Krasniqi, L. Gashi-Luci, N. Hyseni, F. Hoxha, Z. Krasniqi, M. Jakupi, D. Limani and I.A. Dreshaj

On-table Diagnostic Accuracy and the Clinical Significance of Routine Exploration in Appendicectomies
C.F. Shum, F.Y. Lim and K.C. Soo



Hepato-pacreatobiliary Surgery


Output of Cholecystectomy in Diabetic Patients
S.A. Fanai, R. Khatib, S.M. Khatami, S.A. Ziayee and E. Fattahi Andebili

Aggressive Surgical Treatment for Colorectal Metastases Involving Major Vasculatures and Multiple Bilobar Colorectal Metastases
H. Yoshidome, H. Ito, F. Kimura, H. Shimizu, S. Ambiru, A. Togawa, M. Ohtsuka, A. Kato, H. Yoshitomi, H. Kurosawa and M. Miyazaki

Growing Velocity of Portal Vein Tumor Thrombus in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma from the View Point of Direction to Portal Vein Blood Flow
N. Kusunoki, Y. Ku, M. Tominaga, T. Iwasaki, T. Fukumoto, M. Takahashi, A. Takebe, M. Tanaka and Y. Kuroda

Dual Treatment of Reductive Surgery Plus Percutaneous Isolated Hepatic Perfusion for Multiple Advanced Hepatoma
M. Tominaga, Y. Ku, T. Iwasaki, T. Fukumoto, N. Kusunoki, M. Takahashi, M. Tanaka, A. Takebe, M. Takenaga and Y. Kuroda

Excessive Portal Flow After Extended Hepatectomy Leads to Hepatic Failure in Pigs
H.S. Wang, N. Ohkohchi, M. Usuda, Y. Enomoto, S. Miyagi, H. Masuoka, K. Fukusima, T. Narita, S. Tsukamoto and S. Satomi

Platelets Promote G1-S Progression of Liver Regeneration After Hepatectomy
S. Murata, N. Ohkohchi, T. Abe, Y. Enomoto, H. Doi and S. Satomi

Enhancement of Radiofrequency Ablation Systems by Means of Bipolar Saline Perfused Electrode. In Vivo Porcine Liver Experimental Study
A.C. Navarro, F. Burdío, A. Güemes, J.M. Burdío,
R. Sousa, E. Tejero, T. Castiella, I. Cruz and R. Lozano

Five Year Evolution of a Bipolar Saline Enhanced Radiofrequency System. Technical Details and Experimental Essays
A.C. Navarro, A. Güemes, F. Burdío, R. Lozano, JM. Burdío, R. Sousa, T. Castiella, E. Tejero, I. Cruz and O. Burzaco



Molecular and Genetic Techniques
TGF-beta actions on Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma Cells: Inhibition of Proliferation but no Apoptosis
P. Barreiro, S.B. Bravo, J. Cameselle-Teijeiro, V. Dosil, M. Rodríguez and C.V. Alvarez

Detection of APC and HPP1 Gene Methylation Using Rectal Brush Biopsy as an Alternate Approach for Bowel Research
R. Reddy, S.B. Kelly, M. Welfare, L. Janssens, E.A. Williams and J.C. Mathers



Organ and Tissue Transplantation


Recent Development in Liver Transplantation – Past and Presence
P. Neuhaus and R. Pfitzmann

Role of Fas Ligand in Normothermic Liver Ischemia-Reperfusion in Rats
R. Cursio, N. Filippa, C. Miele, E. Van Obberghen and J. Gugenheim


Correlation Between Lipid Abnormalities and Immunosuppressive Therapy in Renal Transplant Recipients with Stable Renal Function
D. Perrea, K. Moulakakis, I. Tzogios, Th. Papatheodorou, M. Poulakou, N. Nikiteas and A. Kostakis

Correlation Between Oxidative Stress and Immunosuppressive Therapy in Renal Transplant Recipients with an Uneventful Postoperative Course Stable Renal Function
D. Perrea, K. Moulakakis, Th. Papatheodorou, I. Tzogios, M. Poulakou, A. Papachristodoulou and A. Kostakis

The Experimental Study of Liver Transplantation from Non-heart-beating Donors
A. Okada, S. Miyagi, N. Ohkohchi, M. Satoh, S. Tsukamoto and S. Satomi

Living Donor Liver Tansplantation for Fulminant Hepatitis Super Acute Type: A Report of Two Cases
S. Miyagi, N. Kawagishi, S. Sekiguchi, T. Fukumori, Y. Akamatsu, M. Usuda, K. Sato,
K. Fujimori and S. Satomi

The First Disposable Perfusion Preservation System for Kidney and Liver Grafts
B.M. Doorschodt, M. Bessems,
A.K. van Vliet and T.M. van Gulik



Shock & Microcirculation


Pharmacological Modulation of NF-Kappa B and HSP70 in a Rat Hemorrhagic Shock Model. An Immunohistochemical Study
R. Cursio, R. Bini, G. Olivero, P. Cotogni, E. Castagna and J. Gugenheim

Role of Interleukin-18 in Remote Organ Injury After Hepatic Ischemia and Reperfusion
H. Kurosawa, H. Yoshidome, D. Takeuchi, A. Kato, H. Ito, F. Kimura, H. Shimizu, S. Ambiru, A. Togawa, M. Ohtsuka and M. Miyazaki



Surgical Oncology


Significance of Micrometastases in SLN in Early Breast Cancer: Is it Necessary to Provide Axillary Dissection?
C. Curtet, D. Loussouarn, F. Dravet, R. Pioud-Martigny, C. Sagan, C. Rousseau, I. Resche and JM. Classe

Does the Use of Synthetic Surgical Sealant Reduce Fluid Drainage After Axillary Dissection for Breast Cancer? Results of a Randomized Prospective Study
P. Taflampas, M. Christodoulakis, E. Sanidas, N. Sbyrakis, J. Askoxylakis and D.D. Tsiftsis

Bcl-xL Is a New Prognostic Factor in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma
J. Watanabe



Surgical Pathophysiology


Magnesium, an Early Marker of Intestinal Ischaemia?
M. Grigoriou, I. Koutelidakis, Ch. Lazaridis, A. Souparis, G. Koliakos and K. Atmatzidis

The Effects of N-Acetyl Cysteine on Bacterial Translocation in Intestinal Ischemia-Reperfusion Damage in Rats
M. Bayar and Ys. Ilhan

The Effects of Pentoglobin on Intestinal Ischemia-Reperfusion Damage in Rats
Y. Ilhan, M. Bayar, N. Bulbuller and A. Seyrek

The Effects of N-Acetyl Cysteine on Bacterial Translocation After Pneumoperitoneum
YS. Ilhan and Onder Altas



Tissue Repair and Wound Healing


Epineurium Advancement Flap for Bridging Short Nerve Defect in the Rabbit Nerve
I. Ignatiadis, A. Avram, A. Diakomanoli, A. Barbitsioti, H. Patralexis, A. Papalois and P.N. Soucacos

Plastibell and Conventional Circumcision in Infants: a Randomized Clinical Trial
S.A. Fanaie, S.M. Mousavi and Sh. Mehrvarz
Prevention of Postoperative Abdominal Adhesions in Rat by Alginate Solution Y. Tsutamoto, M. Fujino, K. Hanasawa, S. Kamitani, T. Tani, M. Nagao, T. Nakajima



Vascular Surgery


Micro-architectural Changes of the Aortic Wall Under Mechanical Stress
Emm. Kefaloyannis, D.P. Sokolis, M. Kouloukoussa,
E. Marinos, H. Boudoulas and P.E. Karayannacos

Systematical Reaction to the Application of Synthetic Implants, Titanium Clips and Biological Glue
K. Katsenis, A. Portinos and P. Dimakakos

Effects of Biological Glue & Titanium Clips on Endothelium of Vessels
K. Katsenis, A. Portinos and P. Dimakakos

Acute Changes in the Elastic Properties of the Aorta by Alcohol Consumption
G. Ilias, D.P. Sokolis, C.A. Dimitriou, S. Athanaselis,
L. Papadimitriou, C. Liapis and P.E. Karayannacos

Effectiveness of Acid-Electrolyzed Water Irrigation and Total Omental Wrapping of a Synthetic Graft for Complicated Abdominal Aortic Surgery
A. Imamura, H. Tanaka, T. Ozaki, T. Saito, H. Yamada and Y. Kamiyama





Three Cases of “Kite Flap” for Thumb Reconstruction, Based on Both Metacarpal Arteries of the First Web Space
I. Ignatiadis, A. Avram, A. Diacomanoli, A. Barbitsioti, G. Goudelis and N. Gerostathopoulos

Difficulties in Diagnosis and Therapy of the Ruptured Bowel After Blunt Abdominal Trauma
G. Koukoulidis, P. Kanellopoulou, N. Kambas and K. Derlopas

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