5th Symposium of the International Cartilage Repair Society - ICRS

Ghent, Belgium, May 26-29, 2004




Dear reader,
this book contains a number of papers which were presented in talks or on posters during the 5th Symposium of the International Cartilage Repair Society (Gent, Belgium, May 26-29, 2004). The authors did and still do significantly contribute to a young discipline’s development, and it is a central mission of the ICRS to foster the exchange of knowledge in the field of cartilage repair. I am sure this book will serve as an additional platform to serve this purpose.
On behalf of the ICRS I wish you interesting and enlightening moments – and, last but not least, pleasure – while reading this book.

Alexander Konstantinidis, MD
ICRS Executive Director





Keynote Lecture

Biomaterials in Cartilage Tissue Engineering: Needed or Not?
G.J.V.M. van Osch and H. Weinans


State of the Art

Meniscus Repair: Clinical Studies
K. DeHaven

Systemic Chondroprotection
P. Ghosh

Biology of Articular Cartilage
G. Verbruggen, J. Wang, D. Elewaut and EM. Veys


Basic Science

Self-Assembling Peptide Nanomaterials as Injectable Lubricants for Osteoarthritis
C.J. Bell, L.M. Carrick, E. Ingham, A. Aggeli, N. Boden, T.A. Waigh and J. Fisher

Visco-elastic Model Extraction of a Cartilage Under Periodic Loading
P. Saraswat and J.K. Dutt

Tracing of Transplanted Chondrocytes by Fluorescent Labeling with PKH67
M. Gorensek, M. Froelich, N. Mohorko, B. Gorensek, N. Kregar-Velikonja, A. Cör and M. Bresjanac

Long Term Evaluation of the Synthetic Thrombin Peptide, TP-508 in a model of Articular Cartilage Repair Using a New Delivery System
D. Grande, J. Lessmann, P. Razzano, D. Carney, R. Crowther and J. Ryaby

Photocrosslinkable Biodendrimer-based Hydrogel Scaffolds for Cartilage Tissue Repair
S.H.M. Söntjens, D.L. Nettles, M.A. Carnahan, L.A. Setton and M.W. Grinstaff

Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation Using a Microsurgical Technique for Suturing the Periosteal Flap. Results at 18 Months
J.H.P. Hui, J.K. Lim, A.Y.T. Lim, K.P. Looi and E.H. Lee

Spontaneous Healing of Partial Thickness Cartilage Defects in the Stifle Joint of the Sheep
A. Jubel, A. Gossmann, H. Bergmann, J.H. Fischer, M. Bosse, J. Andermahr, J. Koebke, E. Hedbom, K.E. Rehm and H.J. Häuselmann

Functional Improvement of Full Thickness Cartilage Injuries In Goats Treated With a Resorbable Chondroconductive Implant
T. Kapur, D. Grande, J. Orban, R. Steckel , P. Plouhar, J. Hammer, M. O’Connell and H. Schwartz

Assessment of Cartilage Formation and Immunogenicity of Progenitor Cells in an Allogeneic Rabbit Focal Defect Study
D. Kidd, R. Turner, S. Boyer, J. Dodd and C. Booth

AG-041R, a Novel Indoline-2-one Derivative, Stimulates Chondrogenesis In Vitro and In Vivo
H. Kitamura, M. Okazaki, Y. Higuchi, M. Tanaka, A. Kato, T. Esaki, S. Nagao, Y. Hayashi and F. Makishima

Changes After Meniscectomy? Yes, They Start Early!
E. Lindhorst, N. Kimmig, J. Warzecha, F. Hentschel, R. Raiss, T. Aigner and L. Wachsmuth

Modulation of Pro-inflammatory Mediator and Metalloproteinase Expression in Human Synoviocytes
L. Lindmark, A. Sohrabi, P.V. Phan, A.S. Polotsky, M.O. Overstreet, D.S. Hungerford and C.G. Frondoza

Integration of Engineered Cartilage Matrix to Live and Devitalized Cartilage: A Morphological Study by Confocal and Light Microscope
G.M. Peretti, V. Campo-Ruiz, J.W. Xu, M.A. Randolph, K.R. Morse, R.E. Roses, S. Gonzalez, G. Fraschini and M.J. Yaremchuk

Comparison Between the Prophylactic Chondroprotective Power of Diacerhein, Glucosamine and Glucosamine-Chondroitin
M.U. Rezende, A.S.S. Lopes, C.R.G.C.M. Oliveira, R. Bolliger Nt., M.M. Amatuzzi and A.J. Hernandez



Accuracy and Reliability of Arthroscopic Assessments of Chondral Defects in Cadaveric Knee Specimens
M. Wilson, S. Nash-Scholl, J.P. Albright, K. Spratt, M. Wolcott and A. Amendola

Tissue Engineering Cartilage in the Treatment of Traumatic Chondral Defects of Patella Femoral Joint
S. Odella, E. Paresce, M. Berruto, A. Murgo, E. Uderzo and F. Fantini

Implantation of Autologous Chondrocytes in a 3-D Resorbable Polymer Fleece for the Treatment of Cartilage Defects in the Knee Joint
C. Erggelet, A. Dauch, A. Lahm, P. Kreuz, C. Ossendorf, E. Mrosek and M. Sittinger

Treatment of Cartilaginous Defects of the Knee with an Osteochondral Autogenous Graft from the Upper Tibio-Peroneal Joint - GUT
J. Espregueira-Mendes, A. Monteiro, P. Amado, M. Mendonça and M. Vieira da Silva

Cartilage Reconstruction by Tissue Engineering After Nasal Septum Abscess in Children
M. Fussenegger, G. Oberascher, S. Wieser, T. Muhr, L. Dinkhauser and J. Meinhart

Arthroscopic Treatment of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus: A Prospective Study of Three Different Techniques
A. Gobbi, F. Allegra, G. Canata, R. Francisco and M. Vitali

Clinical Results in Patellofemoral Full Thickness Chondral Defects Treated with Hyalograft®-C: A Prospective Study at 2-years Follow-up
A. Gobbi, M. Berruto, R. Francisco and M. Vitali

Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation for Treatment of Focal Chondral Defects of the Knee
I. Henderson, R. Francisco, B. Oakes and J. Cameron

The Efficacy of Intra-articular Injection of Chondroitin Sulfate in Prevention of Osteoarthritis in Rabbits
L. Li, J.H.P. Hui, J. Li, X. Wang and E.H. Lee

Cartilage Engineering with Hyalograft® C: 20-Month Clinical Results
E. Kon, M. Marcacci and the
Hyalograft® C Clinical Study Group

Arthroscopic Autologous Chondrocyte Transplantation. Prospective Study: Results at 1 and 2 Years Follow-up
M. Marcacci, E. Kon, S. Zaffagnini, L. Marchesini Reggiani, F. Iacono and M.P. Neri

Tissue Engineering in the Treatment of Osteochondritis Dissecans
M. Marcacci, M. Berruto, E. Kon, S. Zaffagnini, L. Marchesini Reggiani, M.P. Neri and S. Odella

Delayed Gadolinium Enhanced MRI of Cartilage (dGEMRIC) Evaluation Compared with Clinical and Functional Outcomes in Three Different A.C.I. Procedures: A Three Year Follow-up Study
E. Marinoni, M. Berruto, E. Colombo, E. Uderzo, S. Odella, G.P. Carrafiello, D. Capitani and A. Vanzulli

Hyaluronic Acid for the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis: Long Term Outcomes from a Naturalistic Practice Experience
R. Petrella

Clinical Results and MRI Findings After Collagen Meniscus Implant (CMI)
M. Ronga, F. Grassi, P. Bulgheroni, E. Genovese and P. Cherubino

Arthroscopic Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation: Mid-term Results
A. Scorrano and F. Biggi

The Relationship Between the In Vivo Measured Stiffness and the Histological Stage of Degeneration of Human Knee Articular Cartilage
I. Szerb
Tissue Engineered Cartilage Approach with Hyalograft® C in Complex and Salvage Procedures Associated with Unloading Osteotomy
S. Zanasi


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