23rd European Conference on Microcirculation

(September 8-10, 2004, Lisbon, Portugal)





The meaning of a name
The title of our 23rd European Conference on Microcirculation is “Microcirculation and Vascular Biology: A basis for research and a reason for life” is a happy one for different sorts of reasons.
First of all it remembers us the existence of a huge and thin network spreading over the human body, that allows functionality to all cells.
Second it may induce the curiosity about the programme content, the clinical practice targets regarding for micro-vascular medicine and all the deviation of the light but complicate combination of events that maintain the homeostasis. Look and see for yourself.
Another perspective given, bring us to looking for methodological approaches, experimental models, proteomics techniques, and as we could see, also new studies were done with “high-technology”.
This 23rd European Conference on Microcirculation like, its predecessors, will be a moment to meet together different themes which exemplifies the multidisciplinary characteristic of life sciences.
Life itself is a wonderful thing that all physicians, and scientists, working together, must take an action part to preserve it with dignity and quality.
The Organising Committee is grateful to Medimond s.r.l. – Monduzzi Editore International Proceedings for the present publication prepared, by the European Society for Microcirculation- Integrating vascular Biology & Medicine as a way of information transfer to all the attending participants and also allowing opportunities to further readers share expertises and learning facilities .
The present edition is one shape of life.

The Editors



Invited lectures


Clinical Utility of Cardiac MRI for Assessment of Microcirculation and Myocardial Viability
B.L. Gerber

Stem Cells and Progenitor Cells in Postnatal Neovascularization: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Relevance
Christopher Heeschen

Conducted vasodilation
B. Hoepfl, S. Woelfle, M. Boettcher and C. de Wit

Nitric Oxide, a Modulator of Gap Junctions
P. Kameritsch, A. Hoffmann and U. Pohl

Membrane Components in the Interaction of Red Blood Cells with Endothelial Cells
A. Koshkaryev, G. Barshtein and S. Yedgar

Inflammatory Mediators Promote Sickle Red Blood Cell Adhesion to Endothelium under Venular Flow
A. Owings, M. Wagner and T. Wick

“In vivo” Identification of the “Vulnerable” Atherosclerotic Lesion
L.M. Pedro and J. Fernandes e Fernandes

Analysis of Hemodynamic Implications of RBC Interactions with Microvascular Endothelium
A.S. Popel and W.E. Schreiber

Blood Banking-Induced Elevation of Red Blood Cells Adherence to Endothelium
Hanna Relevy, Alexander Koshkaryev, Noga Manny,
Saul Yedgar and Gregory Barshtein

A New Hypothesis for the Origin of Microvascular Inflammation During Shock and Multi-organ Failure:Selfdigestion by Pancreatic Enzymes
G.W. Schmid-Schönbein and T.E. Hugli

Inflammation and Atherosclerosis: the Role of C-reactive Protein
J. Silva

No-reflow phenomenon: from bench to bedside
I. Tritto

Fetal Endothelial Development and Fetal Vascular Control
E. Villamor, K. Ruijtenbeek, C.G.A. Kessels, J.G.R. De Mey and C.E. Blanco



Free Papers


Vasopressin Treatment in Hemorrhagic Shock
A. Cheung, B. Driessen, S. Ramanujam, M. Barbosa, D. Chan, V. Asfour, L. Zarucco, P. Burns, P. Chen, J. Jahr and R.A. Gunther

The Angiogenic Sprouting Response to Collagen Requires src Family Kinase Activity
J.F. Dye, M. Barnett, C. Linge and R. Sanders

Remodeling of Capillary Network and TUNEL Positive Endothelium in Hindlimb Unweighted Atrophied Soleus Muscle
H. Fujino, H. Kohzuki, H. Tasaki, H. Kondo, I. Takeda and F. Kajiya

Arterial Collateral Formation Influenced by Cycloidal Vibration (Pilot Study on Animals in vivo)
P. Lievens and P. Van den Brande

Microvascular Changes of Gingival Tissue after Ultrasonic Tooth Preparation
M. Matsuo and K. Tamaki

Application of a Digital Deconvolution Technique to in vivo Brain Temperature Measurement as an Index of Metabolic Regulation
C. Merino, Mª.L. Luís-García, F.A. Martín, M.A. Castellano and J.L. González-Mora.

Transcription Factors and Their Contribution to DOCA/salt Hypertension
AO. Oyekan, MA. Newaz, Ahmad Blanton and Paul Fidelis

Patients with Unrespectable Pancreatic Cancer Response to IM862
L. Perbeck, J. Permert, B. Isaksson, C. Kylander, N. Albiin, S. Linder and T. Sonnenfeldt

Fibrin as a Potent Stimulus of Endothelial Migration
M. Potter, C. Linge, R. Sanders and J. Dye

Increased Oxidative Stress in Mesenteric Artery from Hypertensive Rats with Activation of the Renin-Angiotensin System
T. Sousa, M. Morato, D. Pinho, E. Fernandes, F. Carvalho and A. Albino-Teixeira

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