7th International Neurotrauma Symposium

 Adelaide - Australia -12-16 September, 2004






Invited Lectures


Finite Element Modelling of Impact-induced Axonal Injury in Sheep
R. Anderson

Is There a Role for Hormonal Therapy After Traumatic Brain Injury?
Helen M. Bramlett

Inflicted Head Trauma in Infants and Young Children – Medicolegal Aspects
R.W. Byard

Blast (Explosion)-Induced Neurotrauma: A Myth Becomes Reality
I. Cernak

Therapeutic Hypothermia Following Brain and Spinal Cord Injury
W. Dalton Dietrich, III

New Approaches to Promote the Regeneration of Injured Adult Retinal Ganglion Cell Axons
A.R. Harvey, K. Park, Y. Hu, S.G. Leaver, G.W. Plant, J. Verhaagen and Q. Cui

Effects of Age and Gender on Long-term Outcome Following TBI in Humans
J. Ponsford

Intracranial Sound Pressure Levels During Impulse Noise Exposure
A. Säljö and A. Hamberger

New Developments in the Pharmacologic Management of Posttraumatic Oedema
R. Vink



Free Papers


Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling of Epilepsy Sufferers After Head Injury
T. Ahmad, J. Abdullah, F. Zakaria, F. Mustapha, J. Tharakan and A.M.H. Zabidi-Hussin

Effect of Tisseel® on Axonal Regeneration in the Dorsal Spinal Column Crush in the Adult Long Evans Shaker Rats
R. Avram, C. Hui, J. Tang, C. Hansebout, K. Jewell, A. Ray, K. Neil, W. Tawil and J.M. Kwiecien

Relationship of Decreased Brain Tissue Viscoelasticity to Traumatic Axonal Injury Following Traumatic Brain Injury
K. Darvish and J. Stone

Mild Concussive Head Injury Results in Increased Brain Substance P Immunoreactivity
J.J. Donkin, I. Cernak, K.M. Rodgers and R. Vink

Topography of c-fos Immunoreactivity in an Ovine Head Impact Model
J. Finnie, J. Manavis, N. Jones and P. Blumbergs

Calpain Inhibition Strategies For Traumatic CNS Injury
J. Geddes, T. Sengoku, M. Garcia and V. Bondada

Blood-brain Barrier Ultrastructural Changes in Impact Acceleration Head Trauma
M. Ghabriel, C. Zhu, A. Imran, P. Blumbergs and P. Reilly

eNOS Polymorphisms in Human Traumatic Brain Injury
J.C. Goodman, M. Van, S.P. Gopinath, A.B. Valadka and C.S. Robertson

Anti-elastase Effect of Perftoran in Treatment of Patients with Acute Spinal Cord Injury
P. Katunyan, T. Klushnik, I. Shcherbakova, D. Merenkov and N. Kulyakina

Alteration of Membrane Phospholipids in Thalamus Following Rat Focal Ischemia
M. Kubota, M. Nakane, Y. Tsuchiya, J-H. Son, T. Nakagomi, A. Tamura and H. Hisaki

Traumatic brain injury evokes axonal injury in the spinal cord
J. Pál1, A. Büki, A. Zsombok, J. Lückl, D. Szellár, T. Dóczi and J.T. Povlishock

Inhibition of Neurogenic Inflammation Attenuates the Inflammatory Response Following Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats
K. Reardon, D. Heath, A. Nimmo, R. Vink and K. Whitfield

Leakage of S-100 Protein After High Velocity Penetration Injury to the Brain
M. Risling, M. Sköld, I. Larsson, M. Angeria and J. Davidsson

VEGF / VEGFR2 Upregulation in TBI - an Endogenous Protective Mechanism Favourable for Injury Outcome?
M.K. Sköld, M. Risling and S. Holmin

The Significance of the Relation Between Brain Temperature and Core Temperature in Brain Hypothermia Treatment for Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
E. Suehiro, H. Fujisawa, T. Akimura and M. Suzuki

Change of Prognostic Clinical Indicators of Severe Brain Injury Treated by Brain Hypothermia
Y. Takasato, H. Masaoka, Y. Ohta, T. Hayakawa, S. Imae, T. Sugawara, T. Kino and T. Yamamoto

Effects of Hypothermia on Systemic and Intracranial Hemodynamics and Metabolism
T. Tokutomi, T. Miyagi, Y. Takeuchi, T. Karukaya and M. Shigemori

Neuroprotective Effects of sAPPa Administration Following Diffuse Traumatic Brain Injury
C. Van Den Heuvel, E. Thornton, P.C. Blumbergs, K.R. Rodgers and R. Vink

Extravascular Blood is Toxic to the Brain: a PET Study of Peri-contusional Edematous Brain Early After Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
H.M. Wu, S.C. Huang, N. Hattori, T.C. Glenn, P.M. Vespa, C.L. Yu, D.A. Hovda, M.E. Phelps and M. Bergsneider

Venoarterial CO2 Tension and Arteriovenous O2 Content Differences During Progression to Brain Death
E.R. Zanier, R. Nicolini, K. Canavesi, V. Conte, A. Protti, L. Gattinoni and N. Stocchetti

Local hypothermia affects multipathological events after spinal cord injury
Y. Zhang, N-K. Liu, Z. Zhang, L. Xu, X-M. Xu, L. Shields,
Y. Han, R. Hoskins and C. Shields


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