XXXIV World Congress of the International College of Surgeons

(October 6-10, 2004 - Quito, Equador)





The XXXIV World Congress of the International College of Surgeons was successfully held in Quito-Ecuador, October 6-10, 2004.
This great event was the Second World Congress of the I.C.S., 21st century.
First time to be held in the Middle of the Earth, the five times centennial city of Quito, unique venue for this Congress. Quito has excellent facilities plus the historic monumental features of a Humanity Patrimony.
The XXXIV Congress Organizing Committee brought together the world leaders on the most prominent aspects of surgery for this new era, providing a great forum to the most modern knowledge exchange

Prof. José Miguel Alvear, F.I.C.S.
XXXIV World Congress President






State of the Art: Reconstruction of the Esophagus in Less Than One Year Old Infants
J.M. Alvear

Laparoscopic Heller Myotomy and Nissen-Rossetti Fundoplication Is Effective at a Long Term Follow-up in the Treatment of Esophageal Achalasia: Our Experience
A. Del Genio, G. Rossetti, V. Maffettone, A. Allaria, L. Brusciano, F. Russo, I. Fiume and C. Di Stazio

Laparoscopic Transhiatal Esophagectomy in the Treatment of Advanced Esophageal Cancer: Results at a Two Years Follow-up
A. Del Genio, V. Maffettone, G. Rossetti, V. Napolitano, G. Del Genio, G. Russo, D. Izzo and F. Pizza


Medical and Surgical Education

Setting Up of an Inter-university Network of Distance Learning in Medico-Surgical Gastroenterology, with the Backing of UNESCO: OESO and the OESO Foundation
R. Giuli

Life Memory As A Surgeon
K. Nabeya

La Medicina Aborigen y Eugenio Espejo
P. Naranjo



Fluid Resuscitation – 10 Years Later
K.L. Mattox

Primary Prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis in Emergency Surgical Patients
M. Kerkez and Z. Maksimovic

War and Peacetime Vascular Injures – Immediate and Long Term Follow-up
Z. Maksimovic, M. Kerkez and L. Davidovic



Organs: Allo Artificial Hybrid and Xeno for Replacement Therapy
Chun-Jean Lee

Pancreas and Islet Transplantation
N.S. Hakim



Surgical Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
W.Y. Lau

Long-term Survival in a Case of Colonic Small Cell Carcinoma with Multiple Liver Metastases
T. Kaiho, S. Tsuchiya, O. Takeuchi, D. Satomi, R. Okamoto and O. Matsuzaki



History of the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
F.W. Blaisdell

Has the Exploration of the Internal Mammary Resurrected the Sentinel Node Technique?
San Román Terán, Turrión, Díaz Faes, Díaz Miguel, Ramos,
Ruibal, Sánchez del Río, Suárez, Tejerina, Vazquez



Surgical Indication for Cardia-preserving Gastrectomy for Early Proximal Gastric Cancer
S. Hiraizumi

Mini-Open Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Is a Safe and Cost-Effective Alternative to the Open and Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery
D. Halmi, O. Anez and E. Kolesnikov

Mini Open Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass: Surgical Complications and Difficulties
D. Halmi, O. Anez and E. Kolesnikov

Expression of Osteopontin In Human Gastric Cancer Cell Lines Has a High Correlation with Liver Metastasis
H. Nishimori, K. Ohno, F. Hata, T. Yasoshima, R. Fukui, Y. Yanai, K. Kamiguchi, R. Denno, N. Sato and K. Hirata

Functional Results of Jejunal Pouch Interposition and Jejunal Interposition After Proximal Gastrectomy
K. Okinaga, T. Inaba, R. Fukushima, Y. Ikeda and K. Iwasaki

Resection of Choice for Proximal Gastric Cancer for Non-invasive T1 Tumors in the Elderly
T. Ranðeloviæ, D. Stamenkoviæ, D. Bilanoviæ, N. Miliniæ, Z. Vuèkoviæ, B. Crnokrak, M. Opriæ and A. Laban


Head and Neck

Tumores de Glándulas Salivares
F. Correa Mendoza

Trauma Nasal y Tercio Medio Facial
F. Correa Mendoza



A Study of Colorectal Cancers, Including Multiple Primary Cancers of Other Organs
H. Nishimori, F. Hata, T. Furuhata, T. Tsuruma, T. Ohmura, K. Okita, G. Ishiyama, T. Honma, K. Sogahata, G. Kutomi,
R. Fukui, Y. Yanai, K. Ohno, T. Yasoshima and K. Hirata

Surgical Treatment of Rectal Cancers in the Teaching County Hospital, Szekszard, Hungary
I. Zöllei, A. Gyori, G. Wener, J. Csapo and G. Hajdu


Surgical Infection

The Forecast of Outcomes and Surgical Tactics in Treatment of Widespread Peritonitis
K.V. Kostyuchenko, V.V. Rybachkov and A.B. Gramenitsky


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