The 5th Congress of the Asian Pacific Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand - APFSSH

November 12-15, 2004, Osaka, Japan




First of all, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the national delegates of the APFSSH, the organizing committee of the JSSH, all participants in this meeting and all members of the Japanese Society for Surgery of the Hand for their enthusiastic support.
As you may well remember, the SARS epidemic during last year forced us to postpone this meeting for one year. I was anxious as to how this delay was going to affect the meeting. Fortunately, there were more applications than we expected and we were able to hold a successful 5th Congress.
There were 603 registrants from 24 countries including Australia, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, the UK, the USA, and Vietnam. The 5th Congress accepted 413 papers from 18 countries. Among them were 225 oral presentations and 118 poster presentations from free paper submissions. There were eight invited lectures, seven symposia, six panel discussions, six instructional lectures, two morning seminars, seven luncheon seminars, and three workshops.
Furthermore, the “Tajima Memorial Lecture” as proposed by Dr. Michael Tonkin, in commemoration of Professor Tajima, who greatly contributed to the organization of the 1st Congress and who passed away two years ago, was presented by Professor S. P. Chow.
In addition, six young hand surgeons from Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippine, and Korea were elected as traveling fellows to this Congress. This Congress partially sponsored these traveling fellows, and they all made presentations during the meeting.
Finally, I would like to say thank you once again for all of your cooperation. I am sure that this meeting was a place to exchange ideas, knowledge and techniques and also an opportunity to deepen our friendship through various activities.

President Yoshikazu Ikuta, MD





Successful Storage of Peripheral Nerves Using Green Tea Polyphenol; An Experimental Study in Rats
Ryosuke Ikeguchi, Ryosuke Kakinoki, Taiichi Matsumoto, Tomoyuki Yamakawa, Suong-Hyu Hyon and Takashi Nakamura

The Optimal Density and Immersion Period for Storage of Peripheral Nerves in Green Tea Polyphenols: An Experimental Study in Animals
T. Matsumoto, R. Kakinoki, R. Ikeguchi, T. Yamakawa and T. Nakamura

Hydroxyapatite-coated Tendon Chitosan Tubes with Adsorbed Laminin Peptides Facilitate Nerve Regeneration In Vivo
S. Itoh, I. Yamaguchi, K. Takakuda, H. Kobayashi, K. Shinomiya and J. Tanaka

Gradual Lengthening of the Repaired Nerve
M. Tokeshi, F. Kanaya, H. Asato and W. Oshiro

Electrical Acupuncture on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration in Rat
M. Inoue, Y. Katsumi, T. Hojo, M. Itoi and A. Kojima

Open Carpal Tunnel Release with Double Small Skin Incision, “Skip Incision”
S. Takigawa

Technical Difficulties and Techniques for a Safe and Effective Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR)
S.H. Tan, L.C. Teoh and F.C. Yong

Incidence and Prevalence of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the Fishing Net Factory
S. Jianmongkol, W. Kosuwon, E. Thumroj and S. Sumanont

Permanent Posterior Interosseous Nerve (PIN) Neuropathy after Electrocution
W.M. Ng and W.Y.C. Loh

Ulnar Nerve Palsy at Struthers’ Arcade in a Manual Laborer – A Case Report –
Yoshinori Kyoh, Hiroshi Kono, Hidetomi Terai, Hiroaki Nakamura, Naofumi Tanaka and Takeshi Fu


Athroscope Related

Arthroscopic Resection of Dorsal Ganglia of the Wrist – Our Experience –
W.Y.C. Loh, K.L. Soong and C.N. Tan

Subcutaneous and Endoscopic Ligamentous Sheath Release for a Snapping Finger
T. Motomura, I. Okutsu, I. Kitajima, R. Seo, A. Yoshida and I. Hamanaka

Arthroscopically-assisted Reduction of the Intra-articular Fractures of the Distal Radius
J.S. Park, Y.K. Chung, J.H. Yoo and K.S. Nah

Arthroscopic Treatment of Stiff Elbow
J.S. Park, Y.K. Chung, J.H. Yoo and J.S. Wang


Distal Radius Fracture

Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures using Developed Non-bridging External Fixator (SIF System)
H. Tanaka, Y. Kagawa, Y. Kaji and T. Mori

Treatment for Distal Radius Fractures Using Non-Bridge Type of External Fixators
A. Nambu, T. Sawaizumi, M. Nanno and H. Ito

The Effects of Volar Locking Plating on Maintaining the Reduction of Comminuted Intraarticular Fractures of the Distal Radius
M. Tamai



Chronic Dorsal Fracture-Dislacation of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint
Takaaki Hasuo

Dorsal Capsule Injury of the Metacarpophalngeal Joint
M. Sakai

Inter-osseous Ligament Reconstruction by Using Double Bundle Palmaris Longus Tendon Graft for Stage III Scapho-lunate Dissociation: A Case Report
H. Aiki

Radiofrequency Treatment of An Attenuated Scapho-Lunate Ligament
W.Y.C. Loh, H.C. Soon and C.N. Tan

Ceramic Implants for Old Lunate Displacement
K. Suzuki, T. Tanaka, K. Shibata and M. Yamada

Subcutaneous Emphysema of the Hand Caused by Hydrogen Peroxide
M. Nemoto, K. Nakano,K. Baba, S. Kashiwagi, E. Uchinuma and K. Soma



Problems in Surgical Management and Rehabilitation in Roller Injury to the Upper Extremity
K. Furumachi, K. Tajima, J. Nishida and T. Shimamura

Nail Deformity in Case of Replanted Digit of Finger-tip Amputation at the Germinal Matrix Level
Atsunori Sumita, Genzaburo Nishi, Kyoji Tago, Daiji Tsuchiya and Yuka Mukofujiwara

Free Fibular Grafting for Giant Tumour of Lower Radius
Umesh Batra, Pankaj Chaturvedi and B. Sanyal

Temporary Shunt Tube for Limb Replantation
Yoshihiko Tsuchida, Ryoichi Kawakami and Yasufumi Asai



Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis of the Elbow: A Case Report
M. Hirata, S. Okajima, H. Fujiwara, H. Kobashi, K. Tamai and T. Kubo



Tendon Suspension Sling Arthroplasty for Degenerative Arthritis of the Thumb Trapeziometacarpal Joint: Long Term Follow-up
S. Sai, K. Fujii, H. Chino, J. Inoue and S. Hiraide

Treatment of Advanced Kienboeck’s Disease by Using a Lunate Plasty Combined with Capitate Shortening
R. Kakinoki, T. Matsumoto, R. Ikeguchi, T. Yamakawa and T. Nakamura

Clinical Results of Surgical Treatment for Dupuytren’s Contracture
N. Sugita, Y. Ikuta, M. Sasaki, T. Murao, S. Sera and A. Okuhara
Our modified Buck-Gramcko method for the Separation of Bony

Syndactylies of Apert Syndrome
M. Tsukuno, K. Mori, Y. Kishi, T. Miyawaki and K. Kurihara

The First Time Study of the Actual Incidence of ‘Acquired’ Trigger Thumb
N. Kikuchi and T. Ogino



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