VII European Meeting on Glial Cell Function in Health and Disease
(May 17-21, 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)





Invited Lectures

Lysophospholipid Influences on Myelinating Glia
B. Anliker and J. Chun

Regional Differences in Excitotoxic White Matter Injury
S. Baltan Tekkök and B.R. Ransom

Dynamic Astrocyte-To-Neuron Communication Mediated by Astrocytic ATP in Hippocampal Cultures
S. Koizumi, K. Fujishita and K. Inoue

SCO-spondin, the Ependymal Secretion of the Subcommissural Organ/Reissner’s Fiber Complex
A. Meiniel, R. Meiniel, I. Creveaux, R. Didier, M. Bamdad, O. Meiniel and N. Mitais

Cyclooxygenases and Prostaglandin E2 in Animal and Human Prion Diseases, L. Minghetti, M. Sbriccoli, M.C. Geloso, L. Ingrosso,
M.A. Di Bari, A. Greco, F. Cardone and M. Pocchiari

EGFR Signaling in Neurofibromatosis Type 1
K. Monk, J. Wu, L. Langford and N. Ratner

Regulation of the Myelinating Phenotype of Schwann cells by Krox-20
D.B. Parkinson, A. Bhaskaran, R. Mirsky and K.R. Jessen

Rho-family GTPases Involved in the Morphologic Plasticity of
Neurohypophysial Astrocytes
L. Rosso, C. Golfier, B. Peteri-Brunbäck, E. Van Obberghen-Schilling and J.-M. Mienville

Glial-Axonal Integrity As a Basis for Axonal Function In Mature CNS: Current Concepts
A.A. Velumian and M.G. Fehlings



Free Papers

Subcellular Distribution of Inhibitory Kappa B-alpha in Rat Microglia in Culture
J. Ciesielski-Treska, G. Ulrich, S. Chasserot-Golaz and M.F. Bader

Selenoproteins in Microglial Cells
L. Dalla Puppa, N.E. Savaskan, A.U. Bräuer, D. Behne and A. Kyriakopoulos

New Modulators for the Migration of Oligodendrocyte Precursors
F. de Castro, A. Bribián, P. Merchán, P. Bovolenta and C. Sánchez-Camacho

Identification of Functional P2x7 Receptor in Rat Cerebellar Astrocytes
E.G. Delicado, L.M.G. Carrasquero, R. Pérez-Sen and M.T. Miras-Portugal

Does Connexin 43 Expression Reveal Radial Glia Heterogeneity?
M. Errede, D. Virgintino, F. Girolamo, C. Capobianco, M. Bertossi and L. Roncali

Nitric Oxide Modulates Ceramide Traffic in Human Glioma Cells: A Fluorescence Microscopy Study
P. Giussani, L. Brioschi, T. Colleoni, R. Bassi, V. Anelli, G. Tettamanti, L. Riboni and P. Viani

Transdifferentiated Schwann Cell-like Rat Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Regenerate Peripheral Nerves
A. Goihl, H. Fansa, K. Langnäse, G. Wolf and G. Keilhoff

Activation of Ca2+-dependent K+ Channels Is Essential for Bradykinin-induced Microglial Migration
M. Ifuku, B. Wang and M. Noda

Statins and Microglia Cell Function
H.F. Kuipers, A.A.C. Rappert, E.S. van Haastert, P. van der Valk, H.W.G.M. Boddeke, K.P.H. Biber and P.J. van den Elsen

BDNF Synthesis in Cultured Astrocytes Is Regulated by Monoamines Through the Receptor Mechanism
D. Loncar, S. Miklic, D.M. Juric and M. Carman-Krzan

Involvment of The neuromuscular junction Schwann cells in the Motor Endplate Disease
M. Musarella, G. Caillol, G. Alcaraz and A. Autillo-Touati

Possible Stimulation of Microglia by Neurons
K. Nakajima, Y. Tohyama, T. Kurihara and S. Kohsaka

Expression of AMPA and Kainate Receptor Subunits in Oligendrocytes of the Adult Human Optic Nerve
F. Pérez-Cerdá, I. Torre, E. Alberdi and C. Matute

Neuroglial Signaling Interactions in Isolated Crayfish Stretch Receptor Under Photodynamic Injury
A. Uzdensky, M. Kolosov and D. Bragin

P2Y Receptors in Microglia: An Intracellular Ca2+ Study
S. Visentin, G.C. Bellenchi and C. De Nuccio

Factors Affecting the Early Life of a Schwann Cell
A. Woodhoo, MB. Duran Alonso, DB. Parkinson, R. Mirsky and KR. Jessen

Author Index

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