13th World Congress on In Vitro Fertilization, Assisted Reproduction & Genetics

(May 26-29, 2005, Istanbul, Turkey)



Dear Friends and Colleagues,
This volume contains the proceedings of 13th World Congress on In Vitro Fertilization, Assisted Reproduction and Genetics was held in Istanbul, Turkey, May 26-29, 2005. Once every 3 years this Congress is the occasion for an overview of all that is going on this fast-growing field.
The fields of IVF, Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Reproductive Genetics are witnessing a significant expansion both clinically and in basic research. More and more researchers choose to devote their professional lives to the understanding and mastering of human fertility. Obviously the field will continue to undergo innovative and revolutionary changes in the new millennium especially in molecular reproduction and genetics.
The goal of the Congress was to identify topics of particular interest for the clinicians and scientists working in the field of reproductive medicine, and provide in a four-day span up-to-date information delivered by world-class scientists. The choice of the topics was difficult. We felt that the treatment of infertility and particularly new technologies that allow us to manage the male and female infertility, advances on cryotechnologies, PGD, stem cell research and the recent data gained on the human genome would be great scientific interest and clinical relevance.
Thank to the leading scientists, clinicians and also the friends, we managed to cover the most relevant aspects of this field by as many top level scientists as we would recruit from around the world. During the 13th Congress on IVF, Assisted Reproduction and Genetics the distinguished international faculty of clinicians and basic scientists in the related disciplines addressed and discussed the recent information, controversies and future directions on infertility, assisted reproduction, and human reproductive genetics. I am confidant that this was the very good opportunity for the participants to update the relevant research data and
their clinical applications. The Congress confirmed that we were successful in this endeavor, as over 1500 scientists and clinicians from 30 different countries registered and attended the Congress. The superb program being organized by the Scientific Committee, the colorful and exciting social activities coupled with the breath taking panorama and exotic surroundings of Istanbul made the 13th World Congress on IVF, Assisted Reproduction & Genetics a rewarding educational and social and travel experience.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the other members of the International and National Scientific Committee especially B. Edwards, V. Gomel, H. Tournaye, J. van Blerkom, C. de Jonge, M. Nijs, M. Abou-Abdallah, D. Adamson, B. Fauser, C. Racowsky, B. Urman, S. Kahraman, R. Papuçcu and Executive Board Members of the Turkish Society for Reproductive Medicine, the Rector and Dean of the Hacettepe University, Ankara and the Academical Staff of the Ob/Gyn Department of Hacettepe University for their invaluable cooperation in conceiving a very successful the scientific and social program; Iris Benzeev, Linda Friedman and Merle Wienzen, Sevgi Cora and Agnese Ferrari for boundless energy in planning and running this Congress; and Elcin Ergun,Edward Lyseen and everyone who supported and helped us and made this Congress possible. We would also like to acknowledge the efforts of every author in providing their eminent contribution, each of which will be benefit to us all.

Timur Gürgan

Aygul Demirol







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