1st International Symposium in Hot Topics & Controversies in Perinatal Medicine - 2nd Congress of the Mediterranean Association for Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology

(June 16-20, 2005, Rhodes Island, Greece)






Invited Lectures

Fetal Behavior Assessed by Four Dimensional (4D) Sonography
A. Kurjak, D. Milenković, W. Andonotopo and G. Azumendi

3d Ultrasound in the Evaluation of the Uterine Cavity
M. Momtaz, O. Shawki, A. Ebrashi, A. Younis and M. Hasan

Fetal Hemodynamic Profile in Uncommon Vessels
J.M. Troyano, M.T. Clavijo, I. Reyes, I. Martínez-Wallin and O.Y. Marco

Antepartum Fetal Surveillance in Pregnancies Complicated by Diabetes Mellitus
A.M. Vintzileos

Can We Predict or Prevent Preterm Births?
A.M. Vintzileos



Free Papers

Management and Outcome in Intrahepatic Cholestasis in Pregnancy – Retrospective, Tertiary Hospital-Based Study
P. Anastassopoulos, C. Karidas, K. Elsapagh, P. Agustsson and G. Mires

Middle Cerebral Artery Doppler Evaluation vs. Antibody Concentration in Isoimmunized Pregnancies
M. Onofriescu, D. Nemescu and D. Dragomir


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