25th European Section Meeting of the  International Society for Heart Research – ISHR

 June 21-25, 2005 - Tromsř, Norway






Invited Lectures


PI3Kgamma in the Heart: Kinase-dependent and -Independent Functions in Contractility and Hypertrophy

L. Barberis, A. Notte, E. Patrucco, G. Selvetella, A. Maffei, M. Brancaccio, S. Marengo, C. Costa, F. Damilano, A. Perino, G. Russo, O. Azzolino, S.D. Rybalkin, G. Lembo and E. Hirsch

Connexin 43 and Ventricular Arrhythmias
A.G. Kléber

Rationale for Treatment of Heart Failure by Blockade of Ventricular Serotonin Receptors Appearing in Heart Failure
E. Qvigstad, T. Brattelid, I. Sjaastad, P. Molenaar, J.A. Birkeland, K.W. Andressen, K.A. Krobert, O.M. Sejersted, T. Skomedal, J.-B. Osnes, A.J. Kaumann and F.O. Levy

Trace Amine Receptors
R. Zucchi and G. Chiellini



Free Papers


Cardiac Troponins as Markers of Myocardial Damage in Experimental Studies
M. Adamcová, M. Stěrba, T. Simůnek, A. Potáčová, O. Popelová, Y. Mazurová and V. Gersl

Modulation of Cardiac Inotropic State by Non-nuclear Rapid-acting Thyroid Hormone Metabolites
G. Chiellini, S. Frascarelli, S. Ronca-Testoni, R. Zucchi, M.E. Hart and T.S. Scanlan

Ranolazine Reduces ATX-II-induced Contracture in Rat Left Atria
H. Fraser, P.E. Ivey, J. Kato, D.O. Koltun, J. Xia and L. Belardinelli

The Effects of L-carnitine on Ischemic and Reperfusion Arrhythmias in Isolated Rat Hearts
A. Garjani, M. Najafi and N. Maleki

Preconditioning by Adenosine Is Associated with Increased Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Phospholamban Expression
S. Ghelardoni, S. Frascarelli, V. Carnicelli, I. Masala, S. Ronca-Testoni and R. Zucchi

Age-related Alterations in Mito-Chondrial Enzymes and Protein Oxidation in Rat Myocardium
P. Kaplan, Z. Tatarkova, E. Babusikova, P. Racay, J. Lehotsky and D. Dobrota

Adenosine A3 receptor-mediated Protection Against Doxorubicin-induced Mitochondrial Damage in Cardiac Cells
A. Korkus, V. Shneyvays, E. Hochhauser, Y. Chepurko, A. Sagie, M. Mansur, B.A Vidne and A. Shainberg

Long-term Effects of Guanethidine and Capsaicin on the Sympathetic Innervation of the Rat Heart and Aorta
J. Kuncová, S Faitová, J. Capouch, M. Grundmanová, J. Mudra, J. Svíglerová and J. Slavíková

The Effects of Diltiazem on QT-interval Duration and Dispersion in Patients with Unstable Angina
N. Maleki, A. Garjani, R. Salehi and J. Lotfipoor

Cardioprotective Effects of L-carnitine on Myocardial Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury in Isolated Rat Hearts
M. Najafi, A. Garjani and Y. Doustar

Utilisation of Diabetic VLDL by Isolated Working Rat Heart
Y. Niu, D. Hauton and R. Evans

Characterization of a Unique RNA that Regulates Cardiac Myofibrillogenesis
C. Zhang, G.F. Sferrazza, P. Jia, S.L. Lemanski and L.F. Lemanski


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