Second Joint Meeting European Council of Coloproctology – ECCP and European Association of Coloproctology – EACP  and First National Congress Italian Society of Colorectal Surgery - SICCR


(September 15-17, 2005, Bologna, Italy)






Invited Lectures

Laparoscopic Rectopexy in the Management of Rectal Prolapse
G. Giraudo, M.E. Allaix, D. Parini, R. Rimonda and M. Morino

Mucosal and Stromal Changes in Radiation Bowel Disease
N.Y. Haboubi, W. Edilbe, K. Sawalem and E. Salmo

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Liver Metastases
B. Nordlinger

How To Avoid Irradiated Bowel Disease?
C. Ortholan and J.P. Gerard

The STARR Procedure for Rectal Intussusception
G. Romano and F. Bianco

Advanced Rectal Cancer: Pelvic Recurrence and Liver Metastases. The Role of PET, CT Scan, MRI and Immunoscintigraphy
D. Segre, M.C. Giuffrida and H.M. Dal Corso

Early Colorectal Cancer – When Is Endoscopic Treatment Enough?
N. Suzuki, N. Patterson and B.P. Saunders



Free Papers

Rectal Cancer Surgery; Does a Specialist Colorectal Surgeon Make a Difference?
N.A. Ameer, R. Madan, K.V.V.S. Rao, M.M.A. Jajja, N. Ahmad, P.J. Moore and S.M. Ahmad

A New Approach in Conservative Treatment of Acute Thrombosed Hemorrhoids with Topical Nifedipine and Lidocaine Ointment
C. Antropoli and P. Perrotti

Delorme’s Operation Has a Low Morbidity and Acceptable Result in Rectal Prolapse
R. Azizi and B. Mahjobi

Manometric Evaluation and the Visco-Elastic Capacity of the Rectum Pre vs. Post S.T.A.R.R.
S. Bracchitta, F. Plachino and G. Boscherini

Treatment with Rifaximin, Mesalazin and Lactobacillus GG in Symptomatic Diverticular Disease
C. Brini, S. Pontone, L. Garau and P. Pontone

Porcine Xenograft ‘Permacol’ Mesh Used to Repair Massive Complex Abdominal Wall Hernia
J. Brown and B.V. Joypaul

Sutureless Haemorrhoidectomy with Ligasure Precise®
X. Delgadillo and M. Merlini

Retrorectal Chordoma Treated by Trans-Sacral Approach
F. Galeotti, L. Losacco, M. Longo, E. Facci, E. Colarusso, V. Mingione, E. Brognaro and P. Buffatti

Total Colectomy with Ileorectal Anastomosis (IRA) Versus Subtotal Colectomy with Cecorectal Anastomosis (CRA) in the Treatment of Patients Suffering from Colonic Inertia (CI)
P. Giamundo, R. Addeo, L. Esercizio, G. Fantino, M. Geraci, R. Lombezzi, M. Pittaluga, L. Tibaldi, S. Tomassetti, G. Torre and M. Valente

Dopplert-guided Transanal Haemorrhoidal Dearterialisation is a Valid Treatment Option for II-III Degrees Haemorrhoidal Disease
A. Infantino, L. Amadio, R. Bellomo, C.A. Tonizzo, G. Romano, F. Bianco, C. Salafia, D. Altomare, P.P. Dal Monte, M. Saragň and C. Tagariello

Treatment of Rectal Tumours with Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery: Two Year’s Experience in Lithuania
V. Jotautas, K. Strupas, E. Poskus and D. Seinin

Surgical Treatment for Recurrent Rectal Prolapse
T. Kościński and H. Stadnik

Topical Nitrate Is an Effective Treatment for Chronic Anal Fissure – A Meta Re-Analysis
J.N. Lund, S. Royal and S.H. Leveson

Mesorectal Excision – How Much Is Performed by Iranian Surgeons?
B. Mahjoobi, R. Azizi, R. Mirzae, H. Mohammad Sadeghi, A. Jahangiri, S. Hakimi and F. Moradiha

Psychiatric Illness in Stoma Patients
B. Mahjoubi, R. Azizi, R. Mirzae, M. Mohammadi, H. Mohammad Sadeghi, R. Moini and N. Gorji

Sentinel Node Staging Technique in Patients Affected by Anal Cancer
M. Mistrangelo, A. Mobiglia, M. Bellň, P. Cassoni, G. Beltramo, E. Milanesi, S. Sandrucci and A. Mussa

Buschke-Lowenstein Tumor of Anal and Perianal Region: Report of 3 Cases
M. Mistrangelo, A. Mobiglia, M. Bellň, I. Castellano, P. Cassoni, J. Maass, M.C. Martina and A. Mussa

Anal Bag: A Modern Approach To Faecal Incontinence and Prevention of Hospital Contamination and Bedsores
B. Palmieri, G. Benuzzi and N. Bellini

Myenteric Nerve Plexus in Diverticular Disease
D.H. Pauza, Z. Saladzinskas, O. Deduchovas, A. Tamelis and D. Pavalkis

Posterior Perineal Block for Minor Anorectal Surgery
T. Poškus, N.E. Samalavičius and G. Drasutiene

The Outcome of Bascom’s Cleft Lift ProcedureAs a Day-Case
M. Rahman, A.S. Abdelrazeq and D.J. Alexander

Local Anaesthesia for Doppler Guided Haemorrhoidal Arterial Ligation (H.A.L.)
R. Sabag, P. Setti, M. Molfetta and E. Laterza

Pain Relief from 0.2% and 0.4% Glyceryl Trinitrate Ointment in Patients with Chronic Anal Fissure
L. Sands and the Glyceryl Trinitrate Anal Fissure Study Group

Use of Infliximab for Rectum Sparing in Crohn’s Disease: Preliminary Results
F. Selvaggi

Role of Levatorplasty in Total Rectal Prolapse Treatment Using Perineal Approach
A. Serventi and G.A. Binda

Experimental Study of the Effects of Topical Fibrin Glue and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) on the Colon Anastomosis Healing Process
G. Stanojevic, M. Jovanovic, M. Stojanovic, Z. Rancic, B. Brankovic and M. Nestorovic

Correction of Parastomal Skin Contour Defects with Intra-dermal Collagen Injection
S.G. Stojkovic, J.N. Lund and S.H. Leveson

Permacolä “Top Hat” – A New Technique for Repair of Parastomal Hernia
P. Surtees

Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization (T.H.D.) for the Treatment of Haemorrhoidal Desease
C. Tagariello, M. Sarago’ and P.P. Dal Monte

Do Attempt to Identify Internal Opening in Acute Anorectal Sepsis Is Dangerous?
A. Tamelis, Z. Saladzinskas, I. Toker, L. Venclauskas and D. Pavalkis

Treatment of Diverticular Bleeding, the Effect of the Endoscopic Approach Using Hemostatic Clips
O. Tsutsumi



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