7th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine
(September 21-24, 2005, Zagreb, Croatia)





The seventh world congress of perinatal medicine which was held in Zagreb, Croatia from September 21-24, 2005 was a true celebration of the state of the art of the care of the fetal and neonatal patients. Over 100 countries were represented demonstrating that perinatal medicine is truly global in nature. The myriad presentations covered all aspects of this multifaceted discipline. This volume highlights some of the most important works that were presented by the world’s leaders. The topical and geographic distribution of these works is great so we have decided to present them in alphabetical order by author. We are greatful to all of the participants in the congress for making it a truly beautiful event that we will all treasure. We are especially grateful to the contributors to this volume for documenting the best our specialty has to offer.

Asim Kurjak
Congress President
Frank A. Chervenak
Chairman International Scientific Committee






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