III Congress of the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery – WSRM

(October 23-25, 2005, Buenos Aires, Argentina)




As it occurred with the preceding Congresses of the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery –Taiwan 2001, and Heidelberg 2003- a new Congress, Argentina 2005, is meant to be an invaluable scientific contribution to the field, allowing the exchange of knowledge in Reconstructive Microsurgery at a worldwide level.
South America is both proud to greet the presence of so many and so distinguished personalities from the other parts of the world, and eager to share the riches of such an exchange inasmuch as this is the first time a most important scientific meeting takes place in our continent.
This is why I am so thankful to the WSRM to have entrusted me the capacity of chairman of this III World Congress.
May I express my thanks to the members of our Scientific Committee: Dr. B. Battiston (Italy), Dr. J. Bertelli (Brazil), Dr. E. Gandolfo (Argentina), Dr. A. Georgescu (Romania), Dr. G. Loda, Jr. (Argentina), Dr. A. Muset (Spain), Dr. R. Nigro (Argentina), Dr. C. Rijavek (Argentina), Dr. J.M. Viñas (Argentina), and Dr. R.Yohena (Argentina).
I understand this book constitutes a most valuable source of knowledge that should be included on the medical bookshelves of all surgeons devoted to Reconstructive Microsurgery.

Prof. Dr. Guillermo Loda
Argentina 2005





Invited Lectures

Options in Breast Reconstruction: TRAM, DIEP or SIEA Flap?
P.N. Blondeel

Emergency Free Flaps in Upper Limb Traumas
Al. Georgescu

Microsurgical Non-microvascular Flaps in Upper Limb Reconstruction
Al. Georgescu

Osteomuscular Serratus Anterior – Rib (SARIB) Flaps in Limb Reconstruction
Al. Georgescu

The Shape-modified Method of Radial Forearm Perforator Flap for Reconstruction of Soft Tissue Defects
M. Mateev and K. Beermanov

The fTRAM Flap Versus the DIEP Flap Versus the SIEA Flap: Choosing the Right Flap for the Right Patient
J.M. Serletti


Free Papers

Partial Latissimus Dorsi and Rectus Abdominis Muscle Flap Harvest: Preservation of Form and Function at the Donor Site
D. Brooks and R.F. Buntic

Reconstruction and Revascularization of the Upper Extremity with Venous Flaps After Traumatic Injury
D. Brooks and R.F. Buntic

Simultaneous Free Flap Transfer in Total Knee Arthroplasty in Case of Insufficient Soft Tissue Prior to Prosthetic Implantation: Indications and Results
R. Hierner, W. Peeters and P. Reynders

Epineural Flaps Used as Conduits for Bridging Short Nerve Defects. An Experimental Study in the Rabbit
I. Ignatiadis, Ch. Kyriakopoulos, V. Tsiamba, K. Sarantos, G. Tagaris, A. Papalois and P.N. Soucacos

Fascial Flaps Based on Distal Ulnar and Radial Artery Perforators for Covering Hand Defects
I. Ignatiadis, V. Tsiamba, Ch. Kyriakopoulos, K. Sarantos, A. Barbitsioti and N. Gerostathopoulos

Imagining What 3-D Computer Modelling of Muscle Offers Reconstructive Surgeons
N. McKee, A. Agur, W. Tsang and K. Singh

Sensation Recovery of Scapular Free Flap; A 14-22 Year Follow-up of Scapular Free Flaps
S. Molavi and A. Maghari

Distal Forearm Perforator Flaps in Thumb Reconstruction
M. Molski

Soft Tissue Reconstruction of the Lower Leg Stumps Using Free Flaps
M. Molski

Pitfalls in Reconstruction of Heel Defects Due To Ground Landmine Explosions
S. Ozturk, M. Turegun, M. Eski and M. Sengezer

Microsurgical Release of Pseudosyndactyly in Patients Affected by the Epidermolisis Bullosa (E.B.)
A. Portincasa, D. Parisi, M. De Simone and L. Annacontini

Microsurgical Repair of Digital Nerves, Finger, Thumb and Hand by Microsurgical Technique (A Series of 100 Cases)
H. Sakellarides and G. Papadopoulos

Long-term Follow-up of Total Penile Reconstruction with Sensate Osteocutaneous Free Fibula Flap in 18 Biological Male Patients
M. Sengezer, S. Ozturk, M. Deveci and M. Nisanci

Dorsal Ulnar Artery Flap
A.L. Severo, C.R.J. Grün, O.C. Lech, M.C. Costa and P. Piluski

Lateral-Ending Neurorrhaphy: Evaluation of Axonal Growth with and Without Epineurectomy
F.I. Souza, A.V. Zumiotti, C.F. Silva, R. Mattar Jr, L.R. Torres and G.B. Santos

The Use of Fetal Progenitor Cells of Neural Lineage for the Regeneration of the Peripheral Nerves Inside Tubular Prostheses: An Experimental Study In Rats
F.I. Souza, A.V. Zumiotti, C.F. Silva, L.R. Torres, A. Sartorelli and G.B. Santos

The Superolateral Leg Flap (SLL): A New Flap with a New Pedicle. Anatomical Study and Clinical Applications
H.W. Teng, L. Ruiz Torres, C. Garcia Gomes Tiago de Sousa, M. de Araújo Poderoso, G. Pelosini Gaiarsa and A. Valdir Zumiotti

Functional Results After Upper Limb Reimplantation with Flap Transfer
L.R. Torres, A.V. Zumiotti, H.W. Teng, F.I. Souza, J.C. Nakamoto and E.P.K. Juliboni

Arteriovenous Fistula Application in Finger Reimplantation Surgery
L.R. Torres, A.V. Zumiotti, H.W. Teng, F.I. Souza, E.O. Setani and C.M.T. Machado

Microvascular Reconstruction of Mandible Defects Due to Gunshot Injuries
M. Turegun, S. Isik, M. Deveci, S. Ozturk and M. Sengezer

Neurotizations for Shouder Reanimation in Posttraumatic Brachial Plexus Paralysis: Our Preliminary Results
M.D. Vekris, P.N. Soucacos, D. Pafilas, A.D. Vekris, A. Korobilias and A.E. Beris

Major Upper Extremity Replantations
B. Yaffe, D. Hutt, Y. Yaniv and J. Engel

Combined Method of Treatment of Severe Recurrent Post Burns Flexion Contracture of Knee Joint: Free Flap and Ilizarov Apparatus
B. Yaffe, E. Winkler, E. Bar – Meir, N. Scher, M. Berenstein and A. Schindler

Selection of Donor Side in Mandibular Reconstruction Using Osteocutaneous Fibular Flap
Shunjiro Yagi, Yuzuru Kamei and Shuhei Torii

Free Sensate Deltoid Flap Is a Good Choice for Phalloplasty?
Satoru Yamaguchi, Ako Takamatsu and Takao Harashina

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