16th European Chapter Congress of the  International Union of Angiology

 October 25-27, 2005, Glasgow, UK




The 16th European chapter congress of the International Union of Angiology (EUROCHAP 2005) was held between the 25th and 27th of October 2005 in Glasgow UK. The EUROCHAP meeting offered a major opportunity to update clinical practices across the spectrum of Vascular Medicine/Angiology. In preparing for the Glasgow congress, we sought to link with other specialist societies to bring the attendees the most recent advances in these particular areas of interests. This interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary approach is reflected in this volume.
The meeting was of the highest academic quality and was enjoyed by all attendees. It is hoped this Volume will be similarly appreciated. It is crucial that there are adequate opportunities for our young clinicians, students and trainees to learn about the field of Vascular Medicine and it is hoped that this Volume provides the knowledge which will allow us to this.

Jill J.F. Belch







Invited Lectures

New Signalling Molecules Implicated in Insulin Resistance and Therapy
J. Coleman, A.J. Ruiz-Alcaraz and C. Sutherland

Severe Outcome After Surgery for Acute Limb Ischemia: Can Iloprost Improve It?
G. de Donato, G. Gussoni, G. de Donato, C. Setacci, C. Pratesi, M. Ferrari, H. Hebner, F. Veglia, G.M. Andreozzi and D. Palombo

The Management of Lymphoedema Should be a Hospital-Based Service
V. Keeley

Intima-Media Thickness and Cardiovascular Disease
P. Poredos

Multifocal Atherosclerotic Disease and the Risk for Cardiovascular Events
P. Poredos, U. Bregar, P. Poredos Jr. and A. Visnovic-Poredos

Does Effect of Preventive Measures Depend on Location of the Atherosclerotic Process?
P. Poredos and M.K. Jezovnik



Free Papers

Acute Popliteal and Infrapopliteal Arterial Occlusions: Endovascular Therapy
M. Bulvas, Z. Sommerova and R. Urbanova

Vascular Reconstruction for Popliteal Artery Aneurysms
M. Hamish, A. Lockwood, C. Cosgrove, A. Walker, D. Wilkins and S. Ashley

The Effect of Linezolid on MRSA Positive Patients Undergoing Vascular Reconstruction
D.J. Malde, A.S. McKeown, A.H.A. Quddus and M. Welch

Does Chemical Lumbar Sympathectomy Have an Effective Role in Limb Salvage?
K. Shalli, P. Bachoo, E. Macauly, G. Cooper, J. Hussy and P. Thorpe

Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Vascular Surgery- Survey of Vascular Surgeons in the Uk & Ireland
S.G. Taribagil and C. Kyriakides

Ischemia Induction on Gastrocnemius Muscle of Rat and Biochemical Changes
P. Yaghmaei, A. Haeri- Rouhani and K. Parivar

Ischemia Induction Gastrocnemius Muscle of Rats and Histological Changes
P. Yaghmaei, K. Parivar and A. Haeri- Rouhani

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