6th International Multidisciplinary Congress on Human Papillomavirus Infection and Global Prevention of Cervical Cancer EUROGIN

(April 23-26, 2006, Paris, France)






Haptoglobin Genetic Polymorphism Interaction with Risk Factors for Cervix Cancer and Its Precursor Lesions

M.C. Bicho, A. Pereira Silva, R. Medeiros, A. Matos,
G. Fontes and M. Bicho


Cervicography as an Adjunctive Test to Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid in Cervical Cancer Detection Screening: Highlighting Positive Criteria Findings

S. Bomfim-Hypplito, E. Santana Franco,
R. Meneses Gomes de Freitas Franco,
C. Matos de Albuquerque and G. Chaves Nunes


Incidence of HPV Infection in Romania by SPF(10)LiPA Method

N. Coman, R. Mociulschi, M. Damian, C. Usein, G. Dinca,
O. Vizitiu, M. Palade and G. Sarbu


Successful Involvement of Community Health Workers in the Promotion of Cervical Cancer Screening

C. Gonzalez, R.E. Bello, P. Claeys, M. Gonzalez,
W. Delva and M. Temmerman


Overexpression of Protein p16 INK4a as a Marker for Cervical Dysplasia Induced by HPV Infection

I. Krivak Bolanca, V. Radi and S. Ciglar


The Expression of DNA Methyltransfearses in Cervical Neoplasms and Implications in Cancer Invasion

H.C. Lai, K.Y. Liu, Y.W. Lin, S. Nieh and T.Y. Chu


Diagnosis of Condyloma Acuminatum and Vulvar and Vaginal Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions Correlated with HPV 6/11 Detection: Comparison Between a Commercial Central Laboratory and an Expert Pathology Panel

K.L. Liaw, R.J. Kurman, B. Ronnett, A. Ferenczy, M. Stoler,
B. Cai, D. Sadow, F. Alvarez, J.D. Pearson and E. Barr


Correlation Between Cytological Abnormalities and HPV Genotypes Detection in the Cervical Lesions

R. Mociulschi, N. Coman, G. Dinca, V. Tarlea, G. Sarbu and M. Ionescu


Nuclear Grooves Are Significantly Increased in Benign Intermediate Squamous Cells of HSIL Cases in ThinPrep Specimens

C. Pang, I. El-Shinnawy, P. Coogan and T. Giorgadze


Is Colposcopic Grading a Predictive Factor for Hystological Grade of Cervical Intraepithelial Lesion of Leep Specimens?

G. Perrini, C.L. Orlando,
C. Cordero di Montezemolo and P. Sismondi


Is LEEP (Loop Electrical Excision Procedure) Margin Status a Predictive Factor for Persistent Disease in SIL?

G. Perrini, C.L. Orlando,
C. Cordero di Montezemolo and P. Sismondi


HPV Knowledge Among Physicians and Their Low-Income Patients: Survey Findings and Approaches for Change

S. Sheinfeld Gorin, R. Franco and C. Westhoff


Evaluation of HPV Testing by PreTectHPV-Proofer vs. Hybrid Capture-2-Test Used in Cervical Cancer Screening

W. Steinberg, S. Tiews, C. Hanrath, I. Silva,
P. Gronn and F. Karlsen


Strategies of Cervical Cancer Prevention in Cluj County, Romania

O. uteu, F.A. Nicula, A. Irimie, L. Lazr, R. Pi, L. Neamiu,
M. Duma, D. Coza and M. F


Clinical Audit of Patients with Cervical Cancer

M. Uri Vraj, S. Rakar, A. Mozina, I. Taka and . Smrkolj 75

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