19th International Congress on Thrombosis


 May 14-18, 2006, Tel Aviv, Israel




The Role of Increased Resistance to Activated Protein C (APC-R) to Access Thrombosis in Hemodialysis Patients

N. Androulakis, N. Tzenakis, I. Neonakis, X. Kallinou, K. Perakis,
K. Stylianou, E. Manidaki and E. Dafnis



Plasma D-dimer Level Evaluation in Hospitalized Patients

D. Haritos, N. Triarides, N. Christophorides, K. Kontsas,
AA. Papadopoulos, G. Giannopoulos and Th. Economopoulos



Once-daily Nadroparin Versus Twice-daily Nadroparin in the Treatment of Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes: The SAFRAX Study

V. Hricak, A. Leizorovicz



Effect of PAGA-bound Ions on Blood Platelet Count

M. Pecka, J. Briestensky, J. Maly, J.E.Dyr and I. Santar



HemosILTM ThromboPath: a Global Assay Sensitive to Procoagulant Shift in Hemostasis with Pregnancy Progression

M. Smirnov, Z. Cao, D. Diaz and M. Triscott

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