12th International PAIN CLINIC
World Society of Pain Clinicians

 (July 4-7, 2006, Turin, Italy)





This book contains selected lectures from the "12th International Pain Clinic of the World Society of Pain Clinicians" held in Turin on 4-7 July 2006. For over twenty years, the WSPC has upheld its commitment to disseminate the pain related knowledge and medical information to the pain clinicians of the world. Therefore we are happy for the large participation of members from different countries and with different background and cultures who came to Turin. Over the years, this important appointment in the life of our society, which occurs every two years, has become a reference event for those researchers and clinicians interested in the development of pain medicine as a specific discipline.

At the meeting we had the participation of more than one hundred invited clinical experts of unquestionable international fame to give a broad range of lectures, workshops and seminars and discuss clinical issues, technical details and the various "secrets of the trade" of various pain conditions and managements.

Current academic studies in pain medicine are showing that the solution to the problems of the pain patients, especially chronic pain, requires a common language among the clinicians, the utilization of shared pain assessments, RCT studies and validated pain managements but also a scientific arena like the International Pain Clinic where to debate controversial issues, discuss clinical and technical progress, exchange opinions and experiences.

Today new concepts are facing in the international scene. These are the recognition of chronic pain as a disease "per se" and the consideration that an adequate pain management is not only an humanitarian need and a religious must but primarily a human right.

Since pain is a multidimensional and extremely complex phenomenon this book offers a broad range of updated lectures capable to satisfy the needs of all those who are interested in an international perspective in pain medicine.

I join the publisher in thanking all members of the WSPC board, members of the various committees, and mostly invited speakers for their contribution to the success of the meeting and dedication to the finalization of this editorial project.

Diego Beltrutti, M.D., FIPP
12th International Pain Clinic World Society of Pain Clinicians






The International Guido Moricca Prize in Pain Medicine

The International Guido Moricca Prize for Pain Medicine
D. Beltrutti, G. Varrassi and A. Lamberto


Special Lecture

A New Definition of "Pain"An Imperative of Our Times
E. Ibarra


Acute and Postoperative Pain

Assessment and Pharmacological Management of Postoperative Pain
I. Smilov and N. Faitondjieva

Balanced (Multimode) Relief of Pain Following Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (Spinal Surgery)Changing Trends with Advance in Technology
P.S. Ramani, K.S. Jagger and S. Kulkarni

Does Postoperative Analgesia Affect Outcome?
N. Rawal

Continuos Peripheral Nerve Blocks in Pediatrics
G. Ivani, V. Mossetti and S. Italiano

Distribution of Thoracic Epidural Analgesia with Three Different Volumes of 1.5% Lidocaine
S.H. Kim

Use of Oxycodone CR in Post-operative Pain Control After Gynecologic Surgery
M.C. Pace, A. Palagiano, M.B. Passavanti, M. Iannotti, M. Maisto, L. Mazzariello, P. Sansone and C. Aurilio

Medical Students’ Knowledge Level of Acute Pain Management
M.-L. Shen, C.-J. Hung, Y.-Y. Chiang, T.-S. Li and R.S.-C. Wu

TENS as Pre-Hospital Emergency Interventional Care: Treating Acute Pelvic Pain in Young Women
R. Barker, T. Lang, B. Steinlechner, B. Mora, P. Heigel, N. Gauss, M. Zimpfer and A. Kober


Chronic Pain

Pain Measurement in Clinical Settings
G. Varrassi, F. Marinangeli, M.L. Ursini and D. Paradiso

Chronic Pain Syndrome: Evaluation for Impairment, Disability, Handicap, and Functional Impairment
M. Grabois

Myofascial Pain Syndromes
M. Zoppi and E. Beneforti

Peripheral Sensitisation in Patients with OA and RA
H. Sprott

The Phantom Limb Pain: Incidence, Aethiology and Treatment
C. Reverberi and L. Borghesi

Multidisciplinary Pain Management
A. Singh

R.E. Atkinson

Role of Nurses in Pain Management at Chronic Pain Centres
L. Vagn-Hansen

Treatment for Vertebral Pain Syndrome Associated with Osteochondrosis of Cervical and Thoracic Spine in Women with Menopausal Disorders
V.V. Povoroznyuk, T.V. Orlyk, O.T. Dudko and N.V. Grygoryeva


Cancer Pain

NSAIDs in Cancer Pain
R. Fantozzi and M. Collino

Nausea & Vomiting in Palliative Care
M.R. Iskander

Pregabalin in Post-Mastectomy Patients: Neurometer CPT Evaluation
M.B. Passavanti, M.C. Pace, P. Sansone, E. Barbato, M. Maisto, T. Russo, N. Zagaria and C. Aurilio

Oral Opioid Titration Using Single Dose 5 mg Oxycontin Tablets
J. Ikegaki and Y. Ito

Spinal Paralysis Due to Spinal Metastasis or Cancerous Invasion
T. Fukushige, T. Sano, S. Yamada, S. Kaneko, Y. Ooish and T. Kano


Particular Pain Conditions

Low Back Pain and Headache During Pregnancy
E. Alon, P. Biro and D. Niv

Pain in Burnt Patients
D. Risso, M. Stella, E. Gangemi and E. Zingarelli

The Overuse Pain Syndrome and Its Treatment
R. Rossi and F. Castoldi

The Treatment of Facial Pain: Neurosurgical Techniques
S. Zeme

Central Post Stroke Pain
A. Dario and G. Tomei

Drug Therapy of Headache
M. Collino and R. Fantozzi

Muscle Tenderness and Psychiatric Comorbidity in Headache and Craniofacial Pain
F. Mongini

New Trends in Management of Neuropathic Pain
Hanaoka Kazuo, Hayashida Masakazu, Arita Hideko, Yamamoto Kahori and Nagase Masaki


Complementary Medicine

Complementary Medicine in Patients with Intractable Pain
A. Spacek

Homeopathy: Does It Help in Chronic Pain?
A. Magnetti

Pain Remedies from the Plant Kingdom: A Review
M. Valussi

Music Therapy and Pain
A. Prino and I. Aina

The Comparison of the Effectiveness in Auricular Acupuncture between
Acupuncture Points and Tender Points for Frozen Shoulder
E.J. Han


Interventional Pain Techniques

From Discography to Disc Stimulation
D. Beltrutti

Intradiscal Procedures
A. Veihelmann

Epiduroscopy for Diagnosis and Treatment of Spinal Pain Syndromes
G. Schütze

Towards a Consensus Document on Percutaneous Epiduroscopy
D. Beltrutti

Spinal Canal Endoscopy
L. Saberski

Cervical & Thoracic Radiofrequency Facet Joint Denervation / The ‘Dose Pulse’ Concept
C.A. Gauci

From Pulsed Radiofrequency (PRF) to Pulsed Dose Radiofrequency (PDRF): New Concepts in Radiofrequency Techniques
R. Bellini and D. Beltrutti

Lysis of Adhesions Epidural Neuroplasty
J.E. Heavner and G.B. Racz

Hypogastric Nerve Lesioning
R. Plancarte-Sanchez and J. Guajardo-Rosas

S.C. Lee

Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty: The Procedures
P. De Negri, T. Tirri, P. Modano, L. Ioffredo and G.L. Paternoster

Sharp Versus Blunt Needle: A Comparative Study of Penetration of Internal Structures and Bleeding in Dogs
J.E. Heavner, G.B. Racz, B. Jenigiri, T. Lehman and M.R. Day

Role of Interventional Pain Therapy in Italy
F. Marino

The Effectiveness of Endoscopic Epidurolysis in Treatment of Degenerative Chronic Low Back Pain: A Prospective Analysis
A. Di Donato and C. Fontana



New Concepts in Electro-stimulation
L. Saberski

The Continuous Measurement of Regional Cerebral Blood Flow During the Formalin Test
F. Shimizu and T. Kasai

Sensory and Sympathetic Nerve Function in Herpes Zoster Patients
K. Doi, T. Mihara, H. Kushizaki, T. Hashimoto and Y. Saito

Pharmacokinetics of FentanylDuragesic®/Durotep®. Comparison between Three Patching Methods
Y. Sekiya

Present Status in Pain Management
H. Arita, M. Hayashida, J. Mizuno and K. Hanaoka

A Provocative Suggestion: Inhalant Equimolar O2/N2O Solution
S. Gned and R. Vittorangeli

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