15th Annual Congress of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy
- free papers -

(October 5-7, 2006, Strasbourg, France)






The Role of Hysteroscopy After Failed Typical Diagnostic Curettage

G. Alexandris, S. Dritsas, K. Liargovas, C. Andwera, D. Georgiou and P. Skolarikos


The Role of Hysteroscopy in Treating Patients with Uterine Myomas - Difficulties in Hysteroscopic Myomectomy

V. Bagiokos, S. Tsoukalos, G. Alexandris, T. Augoustidis, G. Patrikios and P. Skolarikos


Bipolar Resection in Submucous Leiomyoma: Efficacy and Long-Term Results

M. Brandão, P. Ramôa, A.R. Pinto, F. Osório, F. Faustino and A. Setúbal


Uterus Septus: Review and Reproductive Outcome One Year After Endoscopic Resection of Uterus Septus

S. Carvalho, A. Lebre, P. Ramôa, M.J. Carinhas and M. Leal


Laparoscopic Pelvic Lymphadenectomy in Patients with Endometrial Cancer and Morbid Obesity

J. Gilabert, J. Gilabert-Estelles, V. Payá, J.J. Rodenas, F. Coloma, S. Costa, A. Santana and R. Aliaga


Anatomic Description of the Pelvic Ureter. Modifications in Pathological Conditions

J. Gilabert Estellés, J. Gilabert Aguilar, L. Picurelli, V. Payá and J.J. Ródenas


Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy for Early Uterine Cervix Carcinoma: 2-Years Experience

G. Gorchev and S. Tomov


Hysteroscopy as an Advantage in the Treatment of Uterine Bleeding

D. Hodziæ and V. Èaèinoviæ-Matiæ


Alternative Administrations of Hexamino-Levulinate (HeALA) for Laparoscopic Fluorescence Diagnosis of Metastatic Ovarian Cancer in a Rat Model

E. Jouve, P. Collinet, M. Delemer and S. Mordon


Diagnostic Hysteroscopy in Women receiving Tamoxifen

A. Lagadas, K. Giannakopoulos, D. Tsarpalis, N. Balakitsas, Is. Burk and E. Toufexi


Placental Polyp: An Unusual Hysteroscopic Finding

A. Lebre, S. Carvalho, G. Madureira, P. Ramôa and M. Leal


Laparoscopic Management of Uterine Prolapse By Using "Gynemesh PS"

H.J. Lee and Y.S Lee


Follow-up of Procedures Carried Out Using Various Types of Graft to Correct Pelvic Floor Disorders in Our Hospital

María Josefa Martínez Payá, María Rita Espejo Catena, José Emilio Serrano López, Consuelo Aguilar Florit, Agustín Calvo Juan, Fernando Guzmán Naranjo De la Puerta


The Efficiency of Hysteroscopy in Diagnostics of Endometrial and Miometrial Pathology

G. Mecejus and E. Bauzyte


The Third Hand of the Laparoscopic Surgeon

L. Mettler and Y.A. Nikam


Inflammatory Pseudotumor of Urachus

F. Osório, P. Ramoa, F. Faustino and A. Setúbal


Triple Adnexal Teratoma

F. Osório, P. Ramoa, F. Faustino and A. Setúbal


Gartner Duct Giant Cyst: Abdominal Approach of a Rare Case with no Vaginal Expression

F. Osório, P. Ramoa, F. Faustino, Z. Sidiropoulou and A. Setúbal


Ovarian Drilling: Is It an Optimal Approach?

P. Ramôa, M. Brandão, A.R. Pinto, M. Teixeira, S. Sousa, F. Faustino and A. Setubal


Results of IVF/ET Before and After Hysteroscopic Resection of
a Small Uterine Septum

T. Tomazevic, H. Ban, I. Virant Klun, L. Kermavner-Bacer, B. Valentincic, M. Ribic Pucelj, A. Vogler, B. Pinter, S. Drobnic, B. Zorn, E. Bokal, J. Mivsek and H. Meden-Vrtovec


Choriocarcinoma of the Uterus with Metastasis to the Cervix and Urinary Bladder: A Case Report

M. Vahdat, A. Haghgoo and B. ZamanNejad


How to Reduce Postoperative Bleeding During Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy

J.M. Wenger and J.B. Dubuisson

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