New Trends in Alzheimer and Parkinson Related Disorders: ADPD 2007

March 14-18, 2007, Salzburg, Austria





This book contains 46 papers, written by self selected authors, who had presented their research at the 8th International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases (AD/PD), that took place on March 14-18, 2007, in captivating Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The official proceedings of the Conference will be published early in 2008, as a special edition of the journal Neurodegenerative Diseases (Karger).

The Salzburg Meeting included over 2,200 scientific participants, the largest attendance ever in this series of AD/PD Conferences. It served as a venue for a rich scientific experience involving invited talks, general talks, posters, and symposia. It was impractical to include all of the scientific information presented at this meeting under one cover, while at the same time, meeting time deadlines and publisher’s costs. We, the co-organizers, therefore chose to restrict contributions to the official proceedings of the Conference, to chapters written by invited speakers at the Conference.

This is the third time that Medimond has partnered with us (earlier publications in this series were released in 2003 and 2005), to provide an outlet for many additional reports on excellent research presented in Salzburg, that we were not able to include in the official Proceedings, for the reasons mentioned above.

Medimond’s policy is to provide rapid publication of conference proceedings. Therefore, we agreed with the publishers’ request that we would limit our editorial corrections specifically to major errors in language, and/or scientific logic. We did not concern ourselves with stylistic differences in expression by authors whose first language is other than English, nor with editorial format, or subject matter. Moreover, each author is solely responsible for the information provided in his/her chapter, and the subject matter included does not necessarily represent concurrence of the editors.

A more thorough and rigid editorial process will be employed with the official proceedings document.

We would like to thank the authors of the chapters in this book for their understanding and cooperation with our topic-selection decision, and for going along with Medimond’s conditions for publication. The important work of these authors, presented at AD/PD 2007, thus gets to be expressed as well, with rapidity and efficiency.

Israel Hanin (USA), Manfred Windisch (Austria),
Werner Poewe (Austria), and Abraham Fisher (Israel)





Neuronal Inclusion Protein TDP-43 Has No Primary Genetic Role in FTD and ALS
I. Gijselinck, K. Sleegers, S. Engelborghs, W. Robberecht, J.-J. Martin, R. Vandenberghe, R. Sciot, B. Dermaut, D. Goossens, J. van der Zee, T. De Pooter, J. Del-Favero, P. Santens, P. De Jonghe, P.P. De Deyn, C. Van Broeckhoven and M. Cruts

Alzheimer Disease and Vascular Dementia Have Distinct Genetic Profiles for APOE, A2M, & IL-1a
E. Corder, M. Pirskanen, M. Hiltunen, S. Helisalmi, A. Mannermaa, A. Koivisti, H. Soininen, M. Lehtovirta, P. Hartikainen, K. Ropponen, R. Pirinen, J. Böhm and I. Alafuzoff

Differential Gene Expression and Memory Deficit in Young and Middle-Aged Rats Induced by Bilateral Carotid Occlusion
A.I. Bier, Y. Bogoch, M. Linial and M. Weinstock

A Gene Expression Signature in Blood to Accurately Detect Alzheimer’s Disease
A. Lönneborg, B. Booij, N. Hagen, K. Bårdsen, M. Jensen, L. Kristiansen, G. Feten, T. Lindahl, B. Winblad and P. Sharma

Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein (CETP) Gene and Cholesterol Metabolism in Dementia
L. Fernández-Novoa, R. Llovo, S. Seoane, L. Corzo and R. Cacabelos
Novel Suppressors of Ab Neurotoxicity

P. Fernandez-Funez, J. Salinas, L. Nino-Rosales and D. Rincon-Limas

Impact of Human Neuronal ABC Transporters on Cholesterol Efflux and Amyloid-Beta Production
W.S. Kim, A.F. Hill and B. Garner

Effect of NGF Infusion on Different Types of Memory in Young and Aged Rats
G. Niewiadomska, A. Mietelska, M. Mazurkiewicz, A. Gasiorowska and M. Baksalerska-Pazera

Cerebrolysin Protects Neurons Against Serum Deprivation Induced Apoptosis
B.O. Popescu, S. Abramovici, D.F. Muresanu and O. Bãjenaru

Cerebrolysin Promotes Neurogenesis in an APP Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
E. Rockenstein, M. Mante, A. Adame, L. Crews, M. Hitzl and E. Masliah

Down-Regulation of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor by Oligomeric Amyloid as a Mechanism for Alzheimer-Associated Dysfunction
M. Fahnestock

The Helical C-terminal Domain of Human Butyrylcholinesterase Attenuates b-Amyloid Fibril Formation In Vitro
S. Diamant, E. Podoly, T. Bruck, H. Wilgus, S. Langerman and H. Soreq

Muscarinic Transmission Is Impaired in Young Adult Transgenic APPswe/PS1dE9 Female Mice
E. Machová, J. Jakubík, P. Michal, M. Oksman, H. Iivonen, H. Tanila and V. Dolezal

Memory Deficit Induced by Chronic Inhibition of Cytochrome Oxidase in Rats Results from Alteration in Hippocampal Cholinergic Transmission
M. Weinstock, L. Luques and S. Shoham

Oxidative-Dependent Stimulation of G-Proteins in Human Control and Alzheimer’s Disease Brain by V717G ("London") FAD Mutant of APP714-723
E. Karelson, J. Eriksson, N. Bogdanovic, V. Jefremov and T. Land

ApoE4 in Mice Induces Age-Dependent Brain Hypoperfusion, Neuronal, Glial and Microvascular Damage, and Cognitive Impairment, which can be Prevented By Feeding Acetyl-L-Carnitine and R-Lipoic Acid
G. Aliev, J. Liu, K. Xu, M. Puchowicz, S.L. Siedlak, J.C. Shenk, M.A. Smith, E. Gasimov, M.E. Obrenovich, K. Fischbach, J. Koistinaho, J.C. LaManna, B.N. Ames and G. Perry

Inflammation Sensitive Proteins Effect on b-Amyloid Aggregation and Toxicity
S. Giunta, R. Galeazzi and L. Galeazzi

How b-Amyloid Proteins and Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines Might Collaborate to Produce the "Alzheimer Brain"
I. Dal Pra, A. Chiarini, R. Pacchiana, B. Chakravarthy, J.F. Whitfield and U. Armato

Differential Apoptotic Response of Primary Human Cerebral Endothelial Cells to Oligomeric Assemblies of Amyloid-Beta Genetic Variants
J.A. Cam, J.L. Meyerson, E. Mezhericher, J. Ghiso and A. Rostagno

Development of Cost-Effective, Homogenous 384-Well High Throughput Screening Assays for Ab1-42 and Ab1 40 Using Alphascreen™ Technology
P. Szekeres, K. Leong and E. Karran

Crystal Structure of Amyloid Beta Fragment
K. Takano, Y. Takeda, D.-J. You, A. Mukaiyama, H. Matsumura, Y. Koga and S. Kanaya

Constitutive a-Secretase Activity of Alzheimer’s Amyloid Precursor Protein by ADAM19, but not by ADAM12
N. Hotoda, C. Tanabe, E. Futai, N. Sasagawa and S. Ishiura

Plasmalogens and APP-Processing: Method for the Analysis of Altered Plasmalogen Homeostasis
M.O.W. Grimm, J. Kuchenbecker, E.G. Zinser and T. Hartmann

Cu(II)-Catalyzed Formation of Plastic Composites in AD
P.S. Willsie, C.K. Harris and N.W. Seidler

Oligomeric a-Synuclein Affects Kinase Activities as Revealed by High-Density Kinome Arrays
C. Schnack, K. Danzer, A. Suttcliffe, B. Hengerer and F. Gillardon

Nitric Oxide and Aminopeptidase A Are Inversely Correlated in Plasma of Experimental Hemiparkinsonism
I. Banegas, I. Prieto, F. Vives, F. Alba, A.B. Segarra, R. Wangensteen, F. Hermoso, R. Duran and M. Ramírez

Role of SIRT1 in the Neuroprotective Effects of Resveratrol on MPP+-Induced Apoptosis in Neurons
D. Alvira, M. Yeste-Velasco, J. Folch, E. Verdaguer, V. Rimbau, A.M. Canudas, M. Pallàs and A. Camins

The Effect of L-2-Amino-4-Phosphonobutyrate, A Presynaptic Glutamate Receptor Agonist on Motor Disorders Induced by 6-Hydroxy-Dopamine
M. Qazzaz, R.M. Husein, M. Metani and A-S. Abdul-Ghani

Neuroprotective Role of Heme Oxygenase-2 in 6 Hydroxydopamine-Lesioned Mouse
Y-S. Kim, D. Guastella, M. Ahmad and S. Doré

Coexistence of Neurotransmitters in Parkinson’s Disease
A.A. Qureshi, G.A. Qureshi and S.H.Parvez

Alpha Synuclein Oligomers – The Toxic Species in Parkinson’s Disease?
K.M. Danzer, A.R. Karow, B. Hengerer and M. Kostka

EEG Comparisons in Early AD, DLB, PDD Patients with a 2 Years Follow-up
L. Bonanni, A. Thomas, D. Monaco, F. Baldassarre and M. Onofrj

The Influence of Co-Morbidity Factors in a MCI Risk Sample and Their Influence on the MCI-Alzheimer’s Dementia Conversion
L. Spiru, I. Ioancio and C. Ghita

CSF Tau Proteins in Evaluation of Patients with Suspected Dementia
G. Simic, M. Boban, H. Sarac, K. Grbic, P.R. Hof, C. Hamann, N. Ackl, B. Bader and A. Danek

Alzheimer’s Disease - Safety and Dropout in Long-Term Galantamine Treatment in a Routine Clinical Setting
Å.K. Wallin, C. Wattmo and L. Minthon

Activities of Daily Living – Outcome During Two Years in Galantamine Treated Alzheimer Patients
C. Wattmo, Å.K. Wallin and L. Minthon

Neuropsychological Aspects of Cognitive Impairments Associated with Body Imbalance
K. Sakamoto, C. Nakayashiki, M. Hida, F. Sakamoto and N. Ishiko

Stance Adaptation to Unilateral Achilles Tendon Vibration in Parkinson’s Disease and Vascular Dementia Patients
M. Saling and P. Valkoviè

Duodenal Enterocyte Mitochondrial Involvement and Abnormal Bowel Function in Idiopathic Parkinsonism
D. Ellis, R.J. Dobbs, S. Dobbs, A. Curry, I. Bjarnason, J. Williams, M. Mccrossan, C. Weller and A. Charlett

A Direct, or Surrogate, not Necessarily Unique, Role for Helicobacter Infection in Pathogenesis of Idiopathic Parkinsonism: Analogy and Contrast with Gastric Cancer
S.M. Dobbs, R.J. Dobbs, A. Charlett, C. Weller, I.T. Bjarnason, A. Price and N. Oxlade

Which Neuropsychological Investigation in Amnesic Mild Cognitive Impairment?
L. Paciaroni, S. Paolini, M. Guidi and O. Scarpino

Colostrinin™ Increases the Lifespan and Neurological Performance of Mice
I. Boldogh, A. Bacsi, L. Agulera-Aguirre, P. German and M. Kruzel

Therapeutic Potential of Potent Marine Neuroprotectans
E. García-Palomero, P. Usán, J. Pérez-Baz, R.I. Fernández, A. Martínez, A. Fernández and M. Medina

Imperacer™ - New Prospects in CNS Biomarker Detection
R. Wacker

Dementology – Solution for the Future
J. Reban

Vascular Risk Factors and Endothelial NOS3 Polymorphic Variants in Alzheimer’s Disease
L. Corzo, L. Fernandez-Novoa, S. Rodriguez and R. Cacabelos

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