IV Congress of the
World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery

(June 24-26, 2007, Athens, Greece)






Composite Tissue Allotransplantation


Evaluation of Distant Sentinel Skin Allografts for Monitoring of Rejection of Limb Transplants
I. Lascar, D.G. Zamfirescu, E. Owen, M. Molitor, G. McCaughan, G.A. Bishop, C.A. Lauer, B. Wright and M. Lanzetta



Allotransplantation / Microsurgery & Aesthetics


Aesthetic Microsurgical Facial Burn Reconstruction
E.H. Rose





Management of Amputated Digits by Temporary Ectopic Implantation
J. Bakhach

Surgical Management in Ring Avulsion Amputation of the Fingers
I. Lascar, D. Zamfirescu, O. Vermesan, M. Ciupan, G. Lipa and R. Bratianu

Free Vascularized Composite Transfer from Non-replantable Fingers as a Free Flap for Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Primary Reconstruction
I. Lascar, D. Zamfirescu, D. Totir, S. Popescu, O. Vermesan, M. Ciupan and G. Lipa

A Degloving Finger After a Ring Avulsion Injury Cover with a Free Anterolateral Thigh Adipofascial Perforator Flap:
A Case Report
I. Lascar, D. Zamfirescu, R. Crutescu, G. Lipa, I. Dragoicea, A. Banu and A. Frunza





Versatility of the Free Lateral Arm Flap for Reconstruction in Different Districts of the Body
D. Parisi, L. Annacontini, G. Gozzo, A. Campanale and A. Portincasa

The Application of Laser-Assisted Indocyanine Green Fluorescent-Dye Angiography in Perforator Flap Surgery
M.I. Newman and M.C. Samson

Effect of Recipient Arterial Blood Inflow on Free Flap Survival Area
S. Miyamoto, A. Takushima, T. Minabe and K. Harii

Salvage After Total Free Flap Loss: Is a Second Free Flap a Must?
A. Nabawi, E. Gabr, A. Semaya, A. Amin, T. Koraitim and E. Magdy

Usefulness of a Perforator Supercharged Dorsal Skin Flap for Face and Neck Reconstruction
R. Ogawa, H. Hyakusoku and S. Ono

Thoracodorsal Artery Perforator (TAP) Flaps
H. Yamaoka, M. Mihara, M. Narushima, G. Uchida, K. Gonda and I. Koshima



Head and Neck Reconstruction


Salvage Surgery for Recurrent Carcinoma of the Hypopharynx using Free Revascularized Jejunum and Pectoralis Major Muscle Flap
T. Rath, P. Dubsky, A. Stift and J. Kornfehl

Successful Simultaneous Reconstruction of a Tracheal and Esophageal Defect by a Revascularized Radial Forearm and a Jejunal Graft
T. Rath, P. Götzinger and J. Kornfehl



Nerve Reconstruction


Intraoperative Nerve/Muscle Stimulation
A.L. Van Beek



Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction


Vascularized Brachial Plexus Allotransplantation in Rat Model
K.-T. Chen, C. Schrag and D.C.-C. Chuang

Comparison of Psychosocial Profile of Patients with Neuropathic Conditions Treated with and without Surgery
J.J. Monsivais and K. Robinson



Upper Extremity Reconstruction


Improving Aesthetics in Hand Reconstruction: The Role of Small Free Flaps
T.C. Teo

Half-Big Toenail Flaps Based on Submillimeter Vessels
N. Kuroshima, M. Kimura, K. Fukazawa and T. Matsushita



Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction


The TMG-Flap in Breast Reconstruction
T. Schoeller and G. Wechselberger

The Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Perforator Flap Breast Reconstruction- Preoperative Imaging Can Impact Surgical Strategy
D.T. Greenspun, A.M. Rozenblit, V. Chernyak, J.L. Levine, H.A. Erhard and R.J. Allen



Elbow Reconstruction


Reconstruction Options for Massive Bone Loss of the Elbow
J. Urbaniak and J. Aldridge



Hand Reconstruction


Specific Flaps in Hand Surgery
J. Bakhach



GU. Reconstruction


Penile Reconstruction in Transexuals Using a Modified Radial Forearm Free Flap
V. Casoli



Foot Reconstruction


Durability of Free Flaps in the Sole of the Foot
H. Kuokkanen



Post Tumor Extirpation Limb Reconstruction


Use of a Vascularized Fibula Bone Flap for Reconstruction After Resection of Sarcomas
D.W. Chang



Facial Paralysis


Computer Based Three-Dimensional Assessment of Facial Movement by Optical Flow After Treatment of Facial Palsy
I. Tanaka, H. Minamitani and T. Nakajima



Brachial Plexus


Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsy: Timing for Primary Surgery, the Use of Non-invasive Diagnostic Tools, and Medico-legal Issues
J. Bahm



Brachial Plexus Palsy


Health Related Quality of Life and Disability Following Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Injuries
D.J. Anastakis, Z. Krajden, W. Ng, G. Martou and C.B. Novak



Management of the Ischemic Upper Extremity


Vacular Disorders of the Hand
P.M. Murray



Pain Management in Peripheral Nerve Problems


Treatment of Longstanding Painful Neuromas of the Upper and Lower Extremity by End-to-Side Neurorraphy
O.C. Aszmann, V. Moser and M. Frey



Tissue Engineering and Regeneration


Bioengineered Neodermis Prefabricated Flaps: Usefulness of Microsurgical Loops, IntegraTM, Surcharge of Newly Generated Growth Factors Obtained Both by Transfection-Induction and Stem Cell Inoculation
B. Manasseri, G. Cuccia, S. Moimas, F. Stagno d’Alcontres, S. Geuna, L. Pattarini, L. Zentilin, C. Collesi, M. Giacca and M.R. Colonna



Vascularized Bone in Orthopaedics


Vascularized Periosteal Flaps
Z.H. Dailiana



Vascularized Bone Transfers


Cross-Leg Pedicled Fibular Graft – Theoretical Basis and Clinical Application
M. Molski



Microsurgical Research


World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery Instructional Course: Microsurgical Research Nerve Allotransplantation Research
P.S. Cederna



Muscle Research


Neurotization of Engineered Skeletal Muscle Constructs Improves Force and Allows Indirect Stimulation
D.L. Brown



Research and Experimental Microsurgery


Tubulization Techniques in Brachial Plexus Surgery in an Animal Model for Long Nerve Defects (40mm): A Pilot Study
E. Kostopoulos, M. Frazier, P. Konofaos and J.K. Terzis

Advanced Training Program in Reconstructive Microsurgery: Experimental Study in Rats
A.R. Lorenzo, Á. Álvarez and F. Martelo





Cortical Brain Mapping of the Rat Forelimb Using fMRI by Direct Nerve Stimulation
Y. Cho, C. Pawela, R.-P. Li, D. Kao, M. Schulte, M. Runquist, J.-G. Yan, A. Hudetz, S. Jaradeh, J. Hyde and H. Matloub

New Pure Motor Nerve Experimental Model for the Comparative Study Between End-to-end and End-to-side Neurorrhaphy in Free Muscle Flaps Neurotization
G.A. Spyropoulou, E. Lykoudis, A. Papalois, A. Batistatou, G. Tagaris, E. Pikoulis, E. Mpastounis and O. Papadopoulos

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