13th European Congress of Neurosurgery

(September 2-7, 2007, Glasgow, United Kingdom)







Head Injury

Does Multimodality Monitoring Make a Difference in Neurocritical Care?
J. Sahuquillo

Decompressive Craniectomy for Head Injury
P.J. Hutchinson

Neuronavigation, Imaging and Nanotechnology

Brain Mapping and Functional Neuronavigation
G. Conesa

Concepts in Surgery: Functional Brain Mapping, Connectivity and Plasticity
H. Duffau

Intra-operative 3D Ultrasound in Neurosurgery
G. Unsgaard

Nanotechnology for Neurosurgery
R. Andrews


Low Grade Gliomas – The Argument for Resection
P. Black

Does Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy Have a Place in the Treatment of LGG?
J.J.A. Mooij

Image-Guided Convection-Enhanced Drug Delivery
R.R. Lonser

Interstitial Brachytherapy and Microsurgery in Eloquently Located Low-Grade Glioma
F.W. Kreth, O. Schnell, K. Schöller, A. Peraud and J.-C. Tonn

Surgical Treatment of Brain Metastases
R. Sawaya

CP Angle Tumors- Technical Refinements
M. Samii and V. Gerganov

Combination of Treatment Modalities To Preserve Function
J.C. Tonn, B. Wowra and A. Muacevic

Pituitary Surgery – Past, Present and Future
E.R. Laws, Jr.

Craniopharyngioma – How Radical Should the Surgeon Be?
J. Šteòo

Clival Chordomas
C. Sen


AVMs-The Role of Radiosurgery
B.E. Pollock

The Management of Dural AV-Fistulas
J.M.C. van Dijk

Carotid Disease – The Argument for Endarterectomy
V. Beneš, D. Netuka, M. Mohapl, S. Ostrý, F. Kramáø and F. Charvát


The Biology of Spinal Fusion
N. Birch

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Is This the Future?
M.J. Perez-Cruet

Disc Arthroplasty – Past, Present, Future
F. Porchet and T.F. Fekete

Percutaneous Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty
M. Perez-Cruet

New Concepts in the Perception of Back Pain and Disability
D. Lloyd, G. Findlay, N. Roberts and T. Nurmikko

Techniques for Lumbar Stenosis
C. Thomé

Spinal Dysraphism; Why Operate & When
E.W. Hoving

Post-Traumatic Syringomyelie – Clinical Aspects –
H. Jaksche and M. Schaan

Spinal Radiosurgery for Tumour and Pain Control
Berndt Wowra, Alexander Muacevic and Joerg-Christian Tonn

Vertebral Osteomyelitis: A Review
J.J. DePowell, D. Cramer, J. J. Jaramillo-de la Torre and C. Kuntz, IV


Hydrocephalus: Pathophysiology
M. Kiefer

Pediatric Posterior Fossa Tumors: Arguments for ETV
G. Cinalli, P. Spennato and C. Ruggiero

Management of Hydrocephalus in Children with Posterior Fossa Tumour: The Argument for EVD or Shunt
S. Sgouros

Shunts: Can We Eradicate Infection?
R. Bayston

Functional and Epilepsy

Microvascular Decompression: Rationale and Roles
P. Jannetta

Targets for Parkinson’s Disease
D.A. Bosch

Neurotransplantation for Movement Disorders
J.P. Nguyen

Preoperative Imaging for Epilepsy
J. Duncan

Modern Imaging and Depth Electrodes: Their Role in Decision Making
F. Mauguière

Temporo-Mesial Epilepsy – What To Resect?
H. Clusmann


Prion Disease in Neurosurgical Practice
B.D. White

Peripheral nerve

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Decompression – Endoscope or Open Surgery?
J. Haase


The UK Neurosurgical Electronic Logbook
S. Thomson

The European Neurosurgical Electronic Logbook of Operations
J.-C. Tonn, C. Eroes, C. Barth and H.-J. Reulen

Late Arrivals

Neurosurgical Management of Spasticity
P. Mertens

Operative Strategies For Neuropathic Pain
M. Sindou

Deep Brain Stimulation of the Posteromedial Hypothalamus in Man
A. Franzini, C. Marras, M. Leone, G. Tringali, G. Messina and G. Broggi

CLEAR IVH: An Ongoing Clinical Trial
D. Hanley, S. Syed, K. Lane, I. Awad and A.D. Mendelow

Contemporary Treatment of Intracranial Meningioma: Microsurgery Versus Radiosurgery
G. Rosseau

Diagnosis and Treatment of Nerve Sheath Tumors
E. Zager





Head Injury and Coma

A Multi-Center Comparative Study of Glasgow Coma Scale and Emergency Coma Scale- Intermediate Report
C. Takahashi, H. Okudera, M. Wakasugi, T. Asahi, K. Yanagi, J. Hamada, S. Okazawa, H. Origsa, T. Aruga, T. Sakamoto and T. Ohta

Emergency Coma Scale - A Basic Concept of New Coma Scale for Consciousness Disturbance
C. Takahashi, H. Okudera, M. Wakasugi, T. Asahi, K. Yanagi, J. Hamada, S. Okazawa, H. Origsa, T. Aruga, T. Sakamoto and T. Ohta

Portable Optical Measuring Device Using Near-Infrared in Detection of Intracranial Hemorrhage
J.Y. Park, S.D. Kim, S.H. Kim and D.J. Lim

Coagulopathy in moderate head injury. The role of Early Use of Low Molecular Weight Heparin
D. Pahaturidis, N. Michalenas, E. Michos, A. Zigouris, D. Drosos and S. Voulgaris

Early Decompressive Craniectomy for the Treatment of Severe Head Trauma: Report of a 4-Year Experience
A. Di Rienzo, M. Iacoangeli and M. Scerrati

Pituitary Insufficiency after Traumatic Brain Injury – Preliminary Data from the Pécs Traumatic Brain Injury Database
D. Szellar, E. Mezosi, P. Kosztolanyi, O. Nemes, Zs. Nagy, B. Bodis, L. Bajnok,
E. Czeiter, T. Doczi and A. Buki

Validation of a Prognostic Score of Early Mortality in Severe Head Injury
P.A. Gómez, J. de-la-Cruz, G.R. Boto, A. Kaen, R. Sarabia, R. Lastra, J. Sahuquillo, J. Morera, E. Lazo, J. Dominguez, J. Ibañez, M. Brell, A. de-la-Lama and R.D. Lobato

Outcome Prediction with Marshall CT-classification and Rotterdam Score in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
E. Czeiter, Z. Ursprung, N. Kovacs, E. Ezer, F. Kover, J. Sandor, T. Doczi and A. Buki

Remodelling with Carbonated Apatite Cement for Plate and Screw Fixed, Fractured Frontal Bone
J.V. Anton, C. Unterhofer, A. Obwegeser and K. Twerdy


Up-to-dated Development of Medical Thermography
J.Y. Park, S.D. Kim, S.H. Kim and D.J. Lim

Use of Highend Ultrasound in Minimally Invasive Strategy of Neurosurgery: Review of 1084 Cases
K.D.M. Resch and H.W.S. Schroeder

Efficacy of Intraoperative Ultrasonography for the Evaluation of Different Brain Lesion Types
S. Kondoff, G. Poptodorov, N. Velinov, N. Gabrovsky, E. Krastev, K. Uzuznov and S. Gabrovsky


Effects of the Fluorescence-Guide Surgery with 5-Aminolevulinic Acid for Resection of Malignant Glioma
A. Aoki, Y. Kajimoto, S.I. Miyatake and T. Kuroiwa

Synchronous Evidence of Intracranial Tumours of Different Histogenetic Nature: Case Report and Review of the Literature
F. Barone, M. Fricia, M. Passanisi, P. Seminara and F. Ventura

Significance of Molecular Cytogenetic Characterization of Glioblastoma
P. Cejpek, P. Kuglik, R. Veselska, E. Necesalova, V. Vranova, P. Krupa, J. Relichova, J. Horky and P. Vnencak

Postoperative Adjuvant DC Vaccination in Patients with Relapsed High Grade Glioma: A Multivariate Analysis in a Prospective, Long-term Cohort Comparison Trial in 66 Patients
S. De Vleeschouwer, S. Fieuws, S. Rutkowski, H. Ardon, P. Bijttebier, L. Claes,
F. Van Calenbergh, J. van Loon, J. Goffin, R. Sciot, G. Wilms, P. Demaerel, M. Warmuth-Metz, J.E.A. Wolff, S. Wagner, E. Kaempgen and S. Van Gool

Improved Survival in Glioblastoma Patients Treated with Local Polymeric Chemotherapy Associated with Decreased Expression of YKL-40
T. Ryken and Z. Sibenaller

The Limited Value of Postoperative Radiation Therapy in Patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme and Low Performance Score Grade
M. Hodzic, H. Brkic and Z. Ercegovic

Incidental Onco-Transplantation: Neuro-Perspective
A.F. Francisco

Implantable Polymeric BCNU as an Adjunct to Surgery for Metastatic Intracranial Disease
T. Ryken

The Many Faces of Meningioma and Its Mimics
J.J. Cortés-Vela, J. Abarca-Olivas, J.I. Gallego-León, E. Feliu-Rey, L.A. Concepción-Aramendía, F. Ballenilla-Marco and I. Sánchez-Piñeiro

The Role of Recombined Factor VIIa in Prevention and Treatment of Hemorrhagic Meningioma Complications
T. Cigiæ, Lj. Popoviæ, Ð. Jajiæ, P. Vulekoviæ, Z. Kojadinoviæ, V. Papiæ, N. Krajèinoviæ, Ð. Ðilvesi and I. Horvat

Non-Benign Meningiomas: Analysis of 54 Cases
A. Vranic, B. Dolinsek Razsa and B. Prestor

Management of Non-Functioning Pituitary Adenomas: A Retrospective Radiological Analysis
I. Coulter, N. Mukerji, N. Bradey, V. Connolly and P. Kane

Results of Transsphenoidal Surgery in Patients with Sellar Lesions
M. Koutourousiou, K. Kostavaras, G. Kontogeorgos and A. Seretis

A Comparative Study: The Surgical Outcomes of Typical and Subclinical Patients in Pituitary Apoplexy
B.J. Park and J.K. Kim

Lymphocytic Hypophysitis: Diagnostic Clues
Y.J. Kwon and B.J. Park

Minimally Invasive Trans-Supraeyebrow Approach for Third Ventricular Arachnoid Cyst
K. Takahashi and M. Nakajima


Endovascular Coiling with Low Complications Justifies Treating Most Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms
V. Beneš III, P. Mitchell, A.J. Molyneux and S.A. Renowden

Surgical Management of Recanalized Aneurysms Treated by Endovascular Technique
R. Conde-Sardón, J.A. Simal, E. Cárdenas, M. Peris, A. Beltrán, V. Esquembre and J.A. Álvarez-Garijo

Risk of Stroke with Temporary Arterial Occlusion in Craniotomy for Cerebral Aneurysm
D.J. Lim, J.Y. Park, S.D. Kim, S.H. Kim, T.H. Kwon, T.H. Cho and Y.G. Chung

The New Aneurysm Clip System for Complex Aneurysm Surgery
C.B. Lumenta

Importance of Lund Concept and Cerebral Microdialysis in the Postoperative Treatment of Poor Grade Patients After Aneurysmal Haemorrhage
K. Dizdarevic, I. Omerhodzic and H. Kelle

Rabbit Models of Delayed Cerebral Vasospasm
S. Marbacher and J. Fandino

Treatment of the Elderly Patients with Ruptured Intracranial Aneurism
P. Vulekovic, Lj. Popovic, Dj. Jajic, T. Cigic, Z. Kojadinovic, V. Papic, N. Krajcinovic, Dj. Djilvesi and I. Horvat

Ischemia After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Predictor Poor Prognosis
H. Brkiæ, M. Hodziæ, M. Moranjkiæ and H. Altumbabiæ

Less Invasive Technique for EC-IC Bypass
Y. Kaku, H. Watarai, J. Kokuzawa, T. Tanaka and T. Andoh

Doppler Ultrasonography in the Detection of Carotid Stenosis: Comparison to Histopathological Findings
D. Netuka, V. Beneš and V. Mandys

Platelet Reactivity Monitoring of Patients with Cerebral Infarction – Platelet Function and Spontaneous Thrombolytic Activity by Gorog Thrombosis Test (GTT)
K. Taomoto, H. Ohnishi, Y. Kuga, K. Nakashima, T. Ichioka, Y. Kodama, H. Kubota, T. Tominaga, H. Tanaka, T. Yamashita and J. Yamamoto

AVM Treatment During the Period 1998–2006
V. Beneš, O. Bradáè and F. Charvát


Clinical Value of Kinematic MR Imaging in Surgical Management of Cervical Degenerative Spine Disease
D. Weinert, M. Rautenberg and C. Muhle

Efficacy of Lateral Position on Minimally Invasive Cervical Expansive Open-Door Laminoplasty
M. Nakajima, K. Iseda, H. Gotoh and M. Tsuboi

Efficacy of Transverse Skin Incision on Posterior Cervical Expansive Open-Door Laminoplasty
K. Iseda, M. Nakajima, H. Goto and M. Tsuboi

PCM® (CerviTech, Inc., USA) Cervical Artificial Disc – Back Ground – Current Experiences – Future Perspectives
C.B. Lumenta, J. Landscheidt, M. Krammer and W. Gerstner

Treatment of Cervical Spondylosis Using a Hybrid of Artificial Disc and Intervertebral Cage-Presentation of 2 Cases
T. Triantafyllou, S. Lipiridis, M. Issa, E. Papadopoulos, S. Liveranou, L. Tacha and S. Tzanis

Cervical Arthroplasty -Total Disc Replacement in 27 Patients with Cervical Disc Herniation During Last 2 Years
T. Triantafyllou, S. Lipiridis, M. Issa, E. Papadopoulos, S. Liveranou, L. Tacha and S. Tzanis

Are There Differences in Patients Younger and Older than 65 Years with Upper Cervical Spine Injuries and Conservative Treatment with the Halo Vest?
D. Daentzer and D. Stüder

Clinical and Radiological Results in Patients with Lower Cervical Spine Injuries and Stabilization with a "Semi-Constrained" Implant
D. Daentzer, K. Staender and D.-K. Böker

Safety and Efficacy of Autologous Stem Cell Implantation for Spinal Cord Traumatic Injury Repair
A. Hadjianev, C. Botev, V. Bussarsky, K. Romansky, N. Mirchev, K. Georgiev, L. Nuchev, St. Djendov, I. Iliev, I. Tonev, I. Altankova, M. Genova, V. Hrischev, D. Kiurktchiev, V. Shivarov, G. Oncheva, I. Shopova, G. Georgiev, E. Boteva, S. Hristova, P. Slavov and M. Mincheff

Surgical Treatment of Spontaneous Spinal Epidural Hematoma. A four-year experience
Cheng-Chih Liao, Li-Rong Chen and Po-Chuan Hsieh

The First Multicenter, Prospective 6 Month Follow-up Study of 21 Patients Treated with the Aperius™ PercLID™ System
R. Assietti and R. De Falco

Symptomatic Ossification of Ligamentum Flavum and Spondylolisthesis. A Case Report
GC. Pantazis, PPh. Tsitsopoulos, A. Bibis, P. Papageorgopoulos and C. Kouzelis

Idiopathic Spinal Epidural Lipomatosis (SEL) in the Lumbar Spine as a Rare Cause of Spinal Stenosis – Real Pathologic Entity or Incidental Finding?
D. Daentzer and J. Fischer

Juxtafacet Cyst (JFC) of the Thoracic Spine As a Rare Cause of Spinal Stenosis with Myelopathy
D. Daentzer and D. Stüder

Vertebral Body Replacement with the VBR® Cage in the Setting of Metastatic Spinal Disease
D. Dominique, K. Donaldson, M. Sumas, E. Baron, J. Jallo, D. Laske, M. Weaver and C. Loftus

Effects of Gabapentin on Postoperative Pain and Morphine Consumption After Lumbar Fusion Surgery
PPh. Tsitsopoulos, O. Kiskira, A. Kolotoura, A. Bibis and E. Anastassiou

Surgical Strategies for the Treatment of Benign Intradural Extramedullary Spinal Tumors
M. Iacoangeli, A. Di Rienzo, M. Dobran and M. Scerrati

Operative Outcome in Craniospinal Lesions, Depending on the Optimal Surgical Approach, Radicality and Correction of Instability
N. Mirchev, V. Bussarsky, K. Romansky, M. Marinov, A. Hadjianev, K. Georgiev, G. Kounin, Y. Enchev and St. Djendov


Surgical Aspects of Subthalamic Nucleus Stimulation
J. Chrastina, Z. Novak, M. Balaz, I. Rektorova, I. Rektor and P. Krupa

On Pathogenesis of Cranial Nerves Hyperactive Dysfunction Syndrome
V. Fedirko

Role of Gray Ramus Communicans Nerve Block and Radiofrequency Treatment for Painful Vertebral Compression Fracture
J.Y. Park, S.D. Kim, S.H. Kim and D.J. Lim

Contemporary Role of Radiofrequency Treatment for Intractable Pain Syndromes
J.Y. Park, J. Park, S.D. Kim, S.H. Kim, D.J. Lim and Y.G. Chung

Primary Motor Cortex Stimulation for Intractable Neuropathic Pain
Y. Saitoh, K. Hosomi, H. Kishima, S. Oshino, M. Hirata, N. Tani, T. Shimokawa and T. Yoshimine

Sacral Deafferentation with Anterior Roots Electrostimulation in the Treatment of Neuropathic Bladder and Rectum after Spinal Cord Injury
P. Cejpek and J. Dolezel

Peripheral Nerve

Morphological and Clinical Factors of Peripheral Nerve Injuries and Their Influence on the Results of Reconstitution Surgery
V. Matejcik

Ballistic Injuries of Peripheral Nerves: Clinical Aspects
S. Rochkind, T. Shlitner, M. Alon, N. Chudnovsky and M. Graif


Possibilities and Limits of Neuroendoscopy in Posttraumatic Hydrocephalus
Z. Novak, J. Chrastina, V. Feitova, M. Shaqbua and I. Riha


ISLS (Immediate Stroke Life Support) Course as Simulation Training System for Neurosurgical Education
H. Okudera, C. Takahashi, M. Wakasugi, T. Asahi, D. Tange, T. Imamura, S. Okazawa and Y. Yamamoto


The History of Armenian Neurosurgery
S. Zohrabian, A. Grigorian, Gaboyan, Zohrabian

Late Arrivals

Combined Management of Comminuted Frontal Sinus Fractures
Nikolaos Syrmos, Kostantinos Grigoriou, Vasilios Valadakis, Georgios Mastorakis, Ioannis Logothetis and Dimitrios Arvanitakis

- Flexis-System - A Interspinous Device - Study of 40 Cases
Nikolaos Syrmos, Vasilios Valadakis, Kostantinos Grigoriou, Christos Dimakis and Dimitrios Arvanitakis

Cervical Arthroplasty with Semi-Constrained Artificial Discs: Analysis of a Prospective, Non-Randomized, Single-Unit, Two-Year Study
G. Barbagallo, N. Platania, L. Corbino, G. Olindo, P. Foti and V. Albanese

Hybrid, Single-Stage, Association of Cervical Arthrodesis and Arthroplasty: Comparison of Short- (1-6 Months) and Intermediate-Term (1-2 Years) Results
G. Barbagallo, L. Corbino, N. Platania, G. Olindo, P. Foti and V. Albanese

Optimalization of the Neurosurgical Care – A Multicentre Telemedical Project
Zbigniew Czernicki, Mariusz G³owacki, Jerzy Walecki, Jerzy Jurkiewicz and Nestor Walasek

Generation of Very Low Frequency Cerebral Blood Flow Fluctuations in Humans
M. Turalska, M. Latka, M. Czosnyka, K. Pierzchala and B.J. West

10 Years of Experience with Teleimaging in Neurosurgical Practice
Zbigniew Czernicki, Mariusz G³owacki, Jerzy Walecki, Jerzy Jurkiewicz and Nestor Walasek

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