8th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine

 Florence, Italy, September 9-13 2007





By tradition the Presidents of the World Congress of Perinatal Medicine are the editors of the proceedings and prepare the foreword. Unfortunately the co-president of the congress, Ermelando V. Cosmi, sadly passed away a couple of months ago.

The 8th WCPM is dedicated to him. He was a pioneer of perinatal medicine and one of the founders and president both of the Italian Society of Perinatal Medicine and of the World Association of Perinatal Medicine founded in Rome,on 1988.

He organised the 2nd World Congress of Perinatal Medicine in Rome in 1993 and then in 2001, during the 5th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine in Barcelona, he received the task of organising this congress in Florence together with me.

I want editing this proceedings in his memory and in recognition of his work in the field of perinatal medicine.

Giulio Bevilacqua
Congress President





Invited Lectures

Improvements in Maternal and Perinatal Care in Europe
A. Antsaklis

How Safe Is Induction of Labor?
V. Berghella

Prevention of Recurrent IUGR
V. Berghella

The Edge of Viability: Prognostic Factors in the Infant at 23-26 weeks
J. Bhatia

Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress in the Foetus and Newborn
G. Buonocore and S. Perrone

Misoprostol for Induction of Labor: 15 Years Later
G. Campos Pérez and M. Davis Guarda

Long Term Outcome of Extremely Pre-term Neonates
M.R.G. Carrapato

Fetal Behaviour: New Possibilities
J.M. Carrera

Integral Plan for Reduction of Maternal Mortality
J.M. Carrera

Dietary Fat Intake for Pregnant and Lactating Women: The Perilip Project
I. Cetin, G. Alvino and B. Koletzko

Adolescent Pregnancy: Risk Factors and Maternal-Perinatal Outcome
P. Chedraui

Severe IUGR: When to Deliver
E. Cosmi, G. Bogana, C. Saccardi, V. Berghella, AA Baschat, M.D. Piga, G. Monegato, S. Manfe’, S. Di Gangi and G. Mari

Cerebral Palsy: An Obstetrician’s Point of View
G. Dekker

Viral Infections and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome
G. Dekker

Incidence of Respiratory Viruses in Premature Infant Treated with Exogenous Surfactant
E.M.A. Diniz, R.A. Vieira, M.E.J. Ceccon and F.A.C. Vaz

Route of Delivery in VLBW Fetuses
M. Di Tommaso

Long-term Outcome of Very Tiny or Preterm Infants
L.W. Doyle

Oxidative Stress in Pregnancy: An Overview
T. Duan

Treatment and Monitoring of Neonatal Seizures
F. Ferrari, L. Lugli, M.F. Roversi, M. Pugliese, C. Gallo, L. Ori, I. Guidotti, C. Bonvicini and M.P. Guerra

New Perspectives on the Use of Human Milk in Neonatal Care
M.S. Fewtrell

New Trends in Very Preterm Premature Resuscitation
J. Figueras-Aloy, JM. Rodríguez-Miguélez, M. Iriondo-Sanz and F. Botet-Mussons

Is Group B Streptococus Prophylaxis Really So Effective?
X. Carbonell-Estrany, J. Figueras-Aloy, S. Salcedo-Abizanda and the Castrillo Study Group

Early Markers of Perinatal Brain Damage
D. Gazzolo and M. Bruschettini

Breastfeeding: Benefits for Children and Mothers
A. Giustardi, A. De Martino and L. Giacchetti

Choice of Anesthesia According to Maternal and Fetal Conditions
F. Gori

Bacterial vaginosis
S. Guaschino and F. De Seta

Human Milk Engineering for High Risk Infants
L. Hanson

CMV Infection: Prognostic Factors
Y. Jacquemyn and G. Palit

Jaundice as a Neonatal Emergency
R. Kishore Kumar

Perinatal Medicine and Obstetric Anesthesia
K.M. Kuczkowski

Functional Abnormalities and Drug Implications (The case of Hong Kong infants with a high body load of toxic metals)
P.K.L. Lam and M.H. Wong

Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis from Maternal Blood Is Finally There
O. Lapaire, D. Huang, L. Ying, A. Gupta, C. Rusterholz, X. Zhong, S. Hahn and W. Holzgreve

Combination of Nuchal Translucency and Ductus Venosus Blood Flow At 11-14 Weeks in Monochorionic Twin Pregnancy: A Predictive Test for the Screening of Twin-To-Twin Transfusion Syndrome
A. Matias and N. Montenegro

Epigenetics of Preterm Labour
M.D. Mitchell

CRF and Urocortin: Stress and Preterm Delivery
F. Petraglia, M. Torricelli, P. Florio, A. Imperatore, C. Voltolini, C. Sommella, A. Altomare, E. Piccolini and C.G. Guidoni

NEC Prevention: Prenatal Steroids, Breast Milk and Probiotics
R. Ramanathan

Long Term Effects of Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy
E. Riva, S. Scaglioni and C. Galimberti

Obstetrical Markes for Very Premature Delivery
G. Rizzo and D. Arduini

Utility of 3D-4D Echography in the Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Diseases
G. Rizzo and D. Arduini

Methodology and Outcome of a Screening Program (Fetaltest) for Chromosomal Abnormality in the First Trimester of Pregnancy
J.C. Santiago, D. Ramos, M. Gallo, A. Espinosa and I. Cohen

Sex – Pre-Selection
J.G. Schenker

Pharmaceutics and Perinatal Medicine: Where Is the Challenge?
D. Schneider

Perinatal Issues in Developing Countries
J. Sciarra

Placental Examination in Multiple Pregnancy
N.J. Sebire

Single Embryo Transfer. An Ideal Solution But What Are the Current Obstacles?
G.I. Serour

Growth and Post Discharge Nutrition of Preterm Infants
G. Serra

Medical Treatment of Postpartum Haemhorrage
B. Serra

Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Neonatal Bacterial Infection in France
U. Simeoni

Effects of Maternal Drugs on the Fetal and Neonatal Kidney
U. Simeoni and F. Boubred

Developmental Origins of Hypertension: The Role of Thekidney and of the Vasculature
U. Simeoni, F. Boubred, I. Ligi, C. Buffat and V. Andres

Treatment EXIT-like for Fetal Gastroschisis
J. Svetliza, A. Espinosa, M. Palermo, M. Gallo and C. Deguer

The Role of Antepartum Transabdominal Amnioinfusion in the Management of Oligohydramnios in Pregnancy
Fatima Tariq Butt and Badreldeen Ahmed

Is Preeclampsia an Infectious Disease?
T. Todros, E. Vasario and S. Cardaropoli

Perinatal Medicine During and After World War II in Asian Countries
Shahida Zaidi



Free Papers


Schizencephaly in an Infant with Persistent Torticollis: A Case Report
A. Anastassiou, K. Katsiardanis and K.-P. Katsiardani

Iliofemoral Thrombophlebitis at the 6th Week of Gestation: A Case Report
L. Batalias, N. Evangelinakis, I. Polizou, D. Panagiotopoulos and D. Kassanos

Birth of a Healthy Neonate by a Woman with a History of Acute Coronary Syndrome and Infertility
L. Batalias, S. Makridima, E. Polyzou, D. Panagiotopulos, N. Evangelinakis and D. Kassanos

Central Nervous System Birth Defects and Antiretroviral Use in Pregnancy
K.P. Beckerman, D. Covington, P. Clax, M. Martinez-Tristani, D. Seekins, A. Scheuerle, D.H. Watts, H. Tilson for the Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry (www.APRegistry.com 800-258-4263)

Premature Birth as Outcome for the Obstetrical Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome
S. Berceanu, C. Berceanu and M.B. Brãila

Macrosomia Real Target on Glicemic Control During Pregnancy in Order to Avoid Macrosomia
A. Bertini, R. Barros, W. Taborda, M. Martins, L. Rios and J. Silva

Human Milk in Feeding Preterm Infants
E. Bertino, F. Giuliani, A. Coscia, I. Appino, C. Rossi, L. Boni and C. Fabris

Non-invasive Diagnosis of Fetomaternal Hemorrhage by Doppler Assessment of the Middle Cerebral Artery Peak Systolic Velocity: A Longitudinal Prospective Study
G. Bogana, S. Visentin, A. Serena, S. Rusconi, F. Neri, C. Saccardi, MD. Piga, G. Monegato and E. Cosmi

Preterm Deliveries – Application of Proinflammatory Cytokines As Possible Markers of Infection
M. Bogavac, A. Nikoliæ, Z. Grujiæ, A. Mitreski, Lj. Suvajdziæ, I. Hrnjakoviæ-Cvjetkoviæ, V. Miloševiæ, V. Patiæ and K. Mrdja

Very Low Birth Weight Infants (VLBWI) Growth Velocity
L. Boni, A. Coscia, E. Bertino, S. Borgione, C. Rossi, I. Appino, L. Occhi, E. Spada and S. Milani

Adult Onset of a Dandy Walker Syndrome and Successful Pregnancy Outcome: A Case Report
N. Bournas, L. Batalias, M. Choli, N. Evangelinakis, E. Polyzou and D. Kassanos

Promoter Variant -98A-C of the LGALS13 Gene and Pre-Eclampsia
N. Bruiners, M. Bosman, A. Postma, S. Gebhardt, G. Rebello, M. Sammar, H. Meiri and R. Hillermann

3D Post-Processing Techniques - Friends or Foe
M. Calomfirescu and L. Ples

Antenatal Care in Romania - Professional vs. Commercial Practice
M. Calomfirescu and L. Ples

Short-Term Effects of Antenatal Betamethasone Administration on Maternal-Fetal Doppler Velocimetry
C. Campana, L. Driul, M. Della Martina, A. Biasioli, A. Calcagno, D. Pontello and D. Marchesoni

Congenital Generalized Myofibromatosis: A Case Report
R. Campos, A. Gomes, C. Carvalho, O. Pinho, E. Cunha and R. Nogueira

Which Is the Best Definition for "Big Babies" – Macrosomic or Large For Gestational Age?
I. Ceausu and D. Hudita

Late Termination of Pregnancy for Fetal Anomalies in One Tertiary Center in Taiwan: Report of a Novel Method (Fetal Cardiac Tamponade) and Discussion of Ethical Dilemma
M. Chen

Doppler, Cardiotocography and Biophysical Profile Score in IUGR Fetuses Because of Maternal Preeclampsia
E. Cosmi, G. Bogana, C. Saccardi, E. Ferrazzi, S. Rigano, M.D. Piga, G. Monegato, A. Serena, S. Rusconi, F. Neri, S. Manfe’, S. Di Gangi, A.A. Baschat and G. Mari

Severe Foetomaternal Haemorrhage – A Case of Diagnosis with Median Cerebral Artery Fluximetry and Non Stress Test
M. Della Martina, G. Fabiani, L. Driul, L. Vascotto, A. Calcagno, A.P. Londero and D. Marchesoni

Regional and International Prenatal Telemedicine Network for Computerized Antepartum Cardiotocography
A. Di Lieto, M. De Falco, M. Campanile, M. Török, G. Spánik, M. Scaramellino, P. Schiraldi and F. Ciociola

Risk of Adaptation Disorders in Neonates with Diabetic Fetopathy
N. Drazdienë, A. Arlauskiene, A. Marcinkute and R. Dembickaja

Crohn Disease and Pregnancy Complicated with Preeclampsia: A Case Report
N. Evangelinakis, G. Salamalekis, P. Skarpas, C. Chrelias, G. Perros and E. Salamalekis

The Alpha2B Adrenergic Receptor I/D Polymorphism in Women with Spontaneous Recurrent Abortions
G. Galazios, D. Papazoglou, K. Papatheodorou, N. Papanas, V. Liberis, P. Tsikouras and E. Maltezos

Cancer in Pregnancy: Safety of Chemotherapy on Fetal Outcome
A. Gambino, L. Agoni, L. Carrara, R. Franzini, A. Gorio, GP. Lupi, T. Frusca and E. Sartori

Morphometric Data in Neonates and their Relation to Demographic and Perinatal Factors in Central Greece
K.-P. Giovanetto, K. Katsiardanis, G. Mitsiou-Dahtyla and A. Anastassiou

Effects of Holder Pasteurization on Human Milk Oligosaccharides
F. Giuliani, E. Bertino, G.V. Coppa, O. Gabrielli, L. Zampini, T. Testa, C. Peila, A. Coscia and C. Fabris

Correlating Cord Blood Insulin Levels with Baby’s wt. at Birth and Maternal BMI
S. Gokhale, P. Posam, D. Desai and Shankar

PP13 as an Early Marker for Preeclampsia
R. Gonen

Efficacy of Surfactant and Recombinant Activated Factor Seven in Neonatal Pulmonary Hemorrhage
R.W. Gueoguieva, E. Hristova and S. Velkova

New Markers in Detection of Inflammation in PPROM
Z. Hajek, A. Germanova, J. Kobilkova, M. Koucky, M. Kalousova, A. Parizek and T. Zima

Admissions in Neonatology Unity in Sofía Queen Universitary Hospital During 2006
B. Hinojosa Marin, E. Sainz de Vicuña Sainz, A. De La Torre Gonzalez and J.E. Arjona Berral

Neurodevelopmental Outcome of Preterm Twins According to the Mode of Conception and Chorionicity
Y. Honma, E. Inamori, Y. Yada, Y. Koike, N. Takahashi, M.Y. Momoi and Y. Nakamura

Relationship Between P Wave Amplitude in Fetal Magnetocardiogram and Prognosis
T. Hosono, K. Arishiro, Y. Sugita, A. Kandori, T. Miyashita, K. Ogata, Y. Mizuguchi, K. Murakami and T. Ikeda

Utility of End-Tidal CO2 Monitoring for Assessment of Tracheal Intubation During Neonatal Resuscitation at Birth
S. Hosono, T. Kitamura, H. Fujita, M. Makimoto, M. Minato, T. Okada, S. Takahashi and H. Mugishima

Diagnosis Difficulties in a Congenital Hiatal Hernia Case
S.I. Iurian, B. Neamtu, M.L. Neamtu and C. Maniu

Comparison of Dinoprostone Slow Release Pessary (Propess) with Gel (Prostin) for Induction of Labour at Term
R.K. Kalkat, E. McMillan, H. Cooper and K. Palmer

Neurological Outcome in Preterm Small for Gestational Age Infants Compared to Appropriate for Gestational Age Preterm at the Age of 18 Months: A Prospective Study
P. Karagianni, M. Kyriakidou, G. Mitsiakos, H. Chatzioanidis, E. Koumbaras and N. Nikolaides

Vacuum Extractor (Ventouse) Use in Obstetrics and Perinatal Outcomes
P. Karanikolopoulos, S. Makridima, N. Evangelinakis, G. Salamalekis and E. Salamalekis

The Prognostic Value of Doppler Measurements in Fetal Descending Aorta in Conjunction with Fetal Pulse Oximetry Recordings During Labor
D. Kassanos, C. Loghis, G. Vasios, E. Hintipas, N. Bournas, C. Kallinteri, P. Thomopoulos, C. Salabasis and E. Salamalekis

Fear During Labor
D.M. Kim, M.J. Kim, J.K. Park, S.Y. Hur, G.S. Lee, J.C. Shin, D.J. Kim and S.J. Kim

Is There Relationship Between Insulin Resistance and Pre-Eclampsia?
A. Kun and J. Tornóczky

A Case Report. Umbilical Cord Ulceration with Congenital Duodenal Atresia
A. Kuramoto

Neonatal Complications in the Population of Macrosomic Babies: An Analysis of 670 Cases
M. Lachowska, D. Paluszynska, A. Szafranska and M. Czyzewska

Troponin I in Newborns with Perinatal Asphyxia – Preliminary Report
M. Lachowska, A. Szafranska and M. Czyzewska

Cervical Occlusion Associated to Therapeutic Cerclage. A Modification of the Saling Procedure. Description
C. Larrañaga-Azcárate, M. Roche-Roche, M. García-Mutiloa, I. Martínez-Montero and M. Ezcurdia-Gurpegui

Obstetrical Forceps: Is It Still Worth Learning?
A. Lebre, AR. Pinto, M. Teixeira, A. Gouveia and R. Magarinho

Periventricular-Intraventricular Hemorrhage in Premature Infants in China
Jing Liu, Qi Wang, Gui-Lian Qin, Yan-Hua Chen and Zhao Ji-Hui

Method of Salvage Cerclage in Advanced Pregnancies. A Case Report
C. Loghis, D. Kassanos, L. Batalias, P. Skarpas, G. Salamalekis, S. Fotopoulos and E. Salamalekis

Measurement and Recording of Traction Force During Vacuum Delivery
C. Loghis and E. Salamalekis

Intrauterine Growth Retardation in Two Subsequent Pregnancies with Abnormal Uterine Artery Doppler
A.P. Londero, L. Driul, D. Rinuncini, A. Citossi and D. Marchesoni

Congenital Chylothorax – Case Report
Sef Lucrari G. Furau, A. Popa, L. Paiusan, T.A. Novak and A.E. Sarbu

Sinusoidal FHR Diagnosis by Frequency Analysis
K. Maeda and T. Nagasawa

Orally Administered Desmopressin in a Neonate with Central Diabetes Insipidus
S. Maglajlic, M.M. Jesic, S. Nedovic, T. Krstajic and M.D. Jesic

Concentration of Uric Acid in Liquor: The Indication of Encephalopathy in Neonates with Severe Asphyxia
S. Maglajliæ, M.M. Ješiæ, D. Bogiæeviæ, Z. Marinkoviæ and T. Krstajiæ

Antibiotic Therapy on Prevention of Preterm Labor: A Double-Blind Randomized Prospective Study
M. Martins, R. Barros, L. Rios, V. Simões, W. Taborda and A. Bertini

Protease Inhibitors Use in HIV Positive Pregnant Patients and Pregnancy Outcome
E. Mattia, C. Tozzi, B. Prisco, M. Truglio, R. Catalano, C. Vecchio, J. Ivanovic and M.M. Anceschi

Application of a Pregnancy Program for the Prevention of Premature Birth. Speciality Centre "Virgen del Valle". Écija (Sevilla)
Á. Maza, J.Mª Bedoya, J. Sánchez, I. Martín and C. Soto

Prevention of Neurological Morbidity in the Program of pregnancy vigilance at the Speciality Centre "Virgen del Valle". Écija. (Sevilla)
Á. Maza, J.Mª Bedoya, C. Soto, Health Mental Team

Limits of Viability and Delivery Type
A. Melo, C. Neves, S. Fonte-Santa, A. Bettencourt and M. Valido

Headache and the Reproductive Cycle
W.M. Merz, V. Abassi and U. Gembruch

Effect of High Ambient Temperature on Learning Ability of Rats Three Months after Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy Assessed by Step-Down Passive Avoidance Test
K. Minato, R. Kondo, S. Hakotani, A. Kamo, E. Kitajima, Y. Nishimura and T. Hosono

Incidence of Detected Genetic Anomalies by Integrated Screening
A. Mitreski and M. Bogavac

Efficacy of a Vancomycin-Heparin Lock Solution for Prevention of Neonatal Bloodstream Infections Related to Central Vascular Catheters
G. Mitsiakos, P. Karagianni, E. Giougi, E. Papadimitriou, G. Pagakos and N. Nikolaidis

Peak-to-Peak Amplitude of EEG for the Monitoring of Brain Function
M. Navakatikyan

Amplitude-Integrated EEG Features as the Basis for Automated Background Classification
M. Navakatikyan, J. Barks, G. Greisen, A. Mathur, M. Stewart and M. Toet

Difficulties of Diagnosis and Treatment in a Case with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) and Renal Tubular Acidosis Type IV. Case Report
B. Neamtu, S. Iurian, M.L. Neamtu, I.Gh. Totoianu, C. Cipaian and C. Maniu

Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease in IUGR Fetuses
F. Neri, G. Bogana, C. Saccaridi, S. Rusconi, S. Visentin, A. Serena, G. Monegato, MD. Piga and E. Cosmi

A Common Viral Aetiology to Intrauterine Fetal Deaths and Pre-Eclampsia?
B. Niklasson, A. Samsioe, N. Papadogiannakis, J. Nasiell, Å. Sjöholm and W. Klitz

Physiological and Psychological Responses during Mild-Cold Exposure in Young Japanese Women Complaining of Unpleasant Coldness
Y. Nishimura, C. Matsubara, Y. Morita, K. Minato, T. Deguruma, S. Masuzawa and T. Hosono

The Investigation of Ghrelin Level in Dahl Salt Sensitive Rat as a Model of Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension
A. Nonoshita, S. Takushima, M. Kitada, H. Mifune, Y. Nishi, D. Hori and T. Kamura

Progesterone Prevents Preterm Delivery by IL-6 Inhibition
T. Okawa, H. Anbe, N. Sugawara, H. Takahashi, A. Sato, Y.P. Vedernikov, G. Saade and R.E. Garfield

Use of Misoprostol for Termination of Pregnancy at 1st and 2nd Trimester
K. Patsouras, N. Evangelinakis, C. Chrelias, G. Salamalekis, P. Trompoukis and D. Kassanos

Transvaginal Cervical Length Assesment Between 18 and 22 Weeks of Gestationas as Demographic Characteristic and Predictor for Preterm Delivery
L. Ples, A.D. Stanescu and N. Ples

Myeloperoxidase and Nitric Oxide Plasma Levels in Women with History of Preeclampsia
A. Portelinha, C. Marinho, AS. Cerdeira, J. Braga, E. Tejera, M. Bicho, B. Patrício and I. Rebelo

Haemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn Due to Anti-Fy(a), Case Report
S. Raièeviæ, G. Globareviæ and R. Rudanoviæ

Idiopathic Congenital Chylothorax Treated with Octreotide
P. Rego Sousa, H. Leitão, C. Camacho, J.L. Nunes and G. Kirsten

Cervical Vaginal Sonography in Predicting Preterm Birth In Patients with Symptoms of Preterm Labor
L. Rios, M. Martins, R. Barros, C. Pires and R. Mattar

Placental Pathology and Adverse Fetal Neurogic Outcome
D.J. Roberts

White Matter Injury in Preterm Infants: Report of a Case with Asymmetrical Lesions
A. Rodono’, C. Carboni, G. Sortino, F. Di Pasquale and B. Polizzi

Temporal Stability and Related Factors Associated with Depressive Symptoms in the Immediate Postpartum Period
P. Rozic, J.A. Schvartzman, C.I. Paolini, A. Gadow, D. Calvo, F. Paesani and H. Krupitzki

Morbimortality of Childbirth Before 34 Weeks of Gestation in Sofia Queen Universitary Hospital During 2006
E. Sainz de Vicuña Sainz, B. Hinojosa Marin, A. De La Torre Gonzalez and JE. Arjona Berral

Belgian National Single E.T. Policy: Economic Analysis and Health Results
Y. Salame and Y. Englert

Zoonotic Ljungan Virus Associated with Intrauterine Fetal Deaths
A. Samsioe, N. Papadogiannakis, Å. Sjöholm, W. Klitz, T. Hultman and B. Niklasson

The Cases of Chronic Abruption-Oligohydramnios Sequence
S. Sato, M. Shindo, A. Tarakida, M. Yokota, S. Hashimoto, R. Fukuhara, M. Umemoto, T. Ogasawara, A. Morikawa and M. Saito

Usefullness of Ultrasonographic Finding of Cervical Gland Area of Uterine Cervix to Predict Preterm Delivery in Twin Pregnancy
A. Satoh, T. Fukami, T. Matsushima, D. Doi and H. Asakura

Early Surgery Corection for Pyoderma Gangrenosum after Cesarean Delivery
M. Sbirciu, M. Muresan, V. Voiasciuc, D. Tataru and N. Ivan

Perinatal Hypoxic – Ischemic Event: Importance of Genetic Testing and Placental Histology
J.A. Schvartzman, A.E. Fiorillo, L. Igarzabal, F. Petracchi, D. Calvo and R. Bravo

Maternal Serum Concentration of Placental Growth Factor (PlGF), Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) and VEGF Receptor in Isolated Intrauterine Growth Restricted Pregnancies
A. Semczuk-Sikora, A. Krzyzanowski, J. Robak, J. Kraczkowski, M. Kwiatek and M. Semczuk

Induction of Labor: The Effect of Alteration of Protocol on Department’s Indicators of Quality
T. Semenova, T. Ramos, R. Viana, M. Almeida, C. Leite, T. Avillez and M. Hermida

Severe Malnutrition and Re-feeding Syndrome in Pregnancy
M. Shehmar and K. Barber

Neonatal Adrenal Hemorrhage in Underlying Congenital Neuroblastoma
S. Sindjic-Antunovic, T. Krstajic, D. Vukanic, N. Jovanovic, S. Maglajlic, Z. Smoljanic and M. Lukac

Maternal Diesel Exhaust Exposure Causes Dyspneic Respiration to Infants
M. Sugamata, T. Ihara, M. Sugamata, F. Mitsunaga, S. Nakamura, S. Tanaka and K. Takeda

Antimicrobial Activity of Fennel and Caraway (Foeniculum Vulgare Mill. and Carum Carvi L., Apiaceaee) Essential Oils Against Potential Causative Agents of Premature Delivery
L. Suvajdzic, B. Bozin, M. Bogavac, E. Mrdja and N. Simin

Nitric Oxide and CD4+25+ Regulatory T Cell Production From iNOS Knockout and their F1 Female Mice Treated with LPS
Hidenori Takahashi, Toshiaki Okawa and Akira Sato

Short Term Variation in Computerized CTG and Fetal Outcome
P. Tsikouras, G. Galazios, V. Liberis, I. Sigalas, E. Kontomanolis, N. Koutlaki and G. Maroulis

Body Fat Composition and Weight Changes During Pregnancy and Post-partum between Primiparous and Multiparous Women
W.W.K. To, M.W.M. Wong and K.M. Mok

Osteogenesis Imperfecta – New Mutation in the Col1a1 Gene
R. Viana, T. Semenova, S. Pedroso, R. Cerqueira, R. Fernandes, P. Rendeiro, P. Tavares, J. Ferreira, M. Almeida, A. Santos, M. Rebordão and M. Hermida

The Association Between Cardiotocography During the First and Second Stage of Labor with Fetal Acidosis
R. Vilendecic and Z. Vilendecic

Antibiotics Prophylaxis in Prelabour Rupture of Membranes: A False Sense of Security?
H.S. Wong, J. Zuccollo, J. Tait and K.C. Pringle

Effects of Low-Dose Doxapram Infusion on Cerebral Hemodynamics in Infants with Apnea of Prematurity
T. Yamazaki, H. Mizutani, N. Kato, M. Takeuchi and M. Miyata

Risk Factors for Neonatal Stress Ulcer
G. Zaharie, N. Schmidt, D. Ion and T. Zaharie

XYY Syndrome. Prenatal Diagnosis
I. Zapardiel, J. De la Fuente-Valero, SG. Kazlauskas, J. Valero de Bernabé and JM. Bajo

Volume Density and Absolute Volume of the Resorptive Villi’s Vessels in Placentas of Pregnant Smokers
Z. Zigiæ, G. Bogdanoviæ, S. Ramiæ, M. Aleèkoviæ, S. Markoviæ and A. Haliloviæ

Short Term Outcome in Preterm Infants Less than 32 Weeks Gestation with pPROM
V. Zimbaldi, T. Fedeli, M.L. Ventura, D. Doni and P. Tagliabue

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