14th World Congress In Vitro Fertilization & 3rd World Congress In Vitro Maturation

September 15-19, 2007, Montreal, Canada




In 1978, when Louise Brown entered the world as the first IVF baby, the field of reproductive medicine was also in its infancy. However, along with Louise, assisted reproductive technology has grown and blossomed over the years, taking new and exciting directions, developing improved techniques and making remarkable discoveries in the complexity of human reproduction.

The 14th World Congress on IVF, held in Montreal in September 2007, attracted an impressive faculty of world-renowned speakers whose presentations were reflective of the burgeoning field of reproductive medicine. Each of these speakers was asked to share their knowledge and expertise beyond the confines of the lecture hall by contributing a chapter to this volume. Together, they present a state of the art overview of assisted reproductive medicine.

Broadly, this book covers clinical, surgical and research topics including:

– Assisted reproductive technology – ovarian stimulation

– Clinical aspects of IVF

– IVM and oocyte quality assessment

– Male infertility

– Fertility preservation

– Embryology

– Reproductive Surgery

– Outcome of assisted reproductive technology

However, in the heady onward rush of scientific discovery, it must not be forgotten that reproductive technology goes beyond medicine and research – it affects the human psyche on the deepest, most fundamental levels and has given rise to moral, psychological and social issues that have never before confronted humanity. Ethicists, psychologists and patient advocates must therefore share the podium and, in this volume, they discuss:

– the psychological aspects of infertility treatment

– the ethical and legal aspects of reproductive medicine

We sincerely hope that in reading this book, you will gain new knowledge and insights into the exciting and dynamic field of reproductive medicine. However, despite the many advances in reproductive technologies, we must always bear in mind that one goal remains constant: to help our patients achieve their dream of giving birth to a healthy child.

We now return to Louise Brown: The baby who started it all is now a beautiful young woman who recently gave birth to a naturally-conceived child of her own. Since she entered the world, several million IVF babies have been born – all within 29 short years. It has been a remarkable journey so far but the most exciting path still lies ahead, because all technologies are interim and we can look forward to future breakthroughs.

Seang Lin Tan, Victor Gomel,
Roger Gosden, Togas Tulandi







Chapter 1: ART-Ovarian stimulation


Does the Hormonal Pretreatment Before the Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation Improve the Clinical Success Rate of the Treatment?
A. Tanaka

Duration of Pituitary Desensitisation of GnRH Analogues: Effect on IVF Outcome
D. Carone

The Use of rLH in Slow Responders to rFSH
C. Alviggi, R. Clarizia, I. Strina, M. D’Uva, M.T. Varricchio and G. De Placido

Ovulation Induction with Urinary FSH or Recombinant FSH in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Patients Undergoing to IVF: A Prospective Randomized Analysis of Results and Cost-Effectiveness
D. Carone and R. Chiappetta

An Alternative to Decrease IVF Costs. First Twin Pregnancy in Mexico with FSH/hCG Protocol for Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation
S. Cuneo, S. Cubillos, E. Arreola, I. Maldonado, S. Sánchez, E. Obregon and A. Bermúdez



Chapter 2: Clinical aspects of in-vitro fertilization (IVF)


Day 3 or Day 5 Embryo Transfer
Xingqi Zhang

Treatment of Implantation Failure
T. Mori

Egg Donation Program: The Spanish Experience
R. Aurell and E. Clua

15 Years Experience in Oocyte Donation Using Split-Cycle Donors
G.R. Lipowicz

The Effect of Source of Eggs (Infertile Donor Vs. Paid Recipient), Age of Donor, and History of a Previous Pregnancy on Pregnancy and Implantation Rates In Recipients
J.H. Check, K. Iacone, J.K. Choe, C. Wilson, D. Brasile and J. Amui

Study on the Outcome of Transfer of Frozen-Thawed Embryos in Artificially Prepared Cycles with or without Prior Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone Agonist Treatment
A. Kaluarachchi, S. Wijeratne, C. Nelson, L.M.C. Nishantha, S. Wijemanne and H.R. Senevirathne

Importance of Color Doppler Evaluation in Assisted Reproduction
E.P. Passos

Abnormal Cervical Cytology in Infertile Women Eligible for IVF/ET
N. Smiljan Severinski, O. Mamula, M. Gašparoviæ and D. Vrdoljak Mozetiè

Conventional Techniques
Selahittin Çayan



Chapter 3: In-vitro maturation (IVM) and oocyte quality assessment


Factors Predicting the Success of In-vitro Maturation (IVM)
S.E. Elizur and S.L. Tan

IVM of Immature Oocytes Derived from Women with PCO
Y. Morimoto

Cumulus Glycodelin and Its Possible Impact on Oocyte Maturity
N. Gneist, G. Keck, I. Trinkaus, B. Heiss, B. Thieme, K. Hänseroth and W. Distler

FSH-Receptor Expression in Human Cumulus Cells of Individually Denuded Oocytes
N. Gneist, G. Keck, I. Trinkaus, B. Heiss, B. Thieme, K. Hänseroth and W. Distler

TAF4B Is a Molecular Marker of Oocyte Quality
C. Di Pietro, M. Vento, M. Ragusa, D. Barbagallo, M.R. Guglielmino, T. Maniscalchi, L.R. Duro, L. Tomasello, P. Borzì, P. Scollo and M. Purrello



Chapter 4: Male infertility


Evaluation of Male Infertility
T.F. Kruger

Cytogenetics and Male Infertility
R.H. Martin

ART in Azoospermia and Aspermia
B. Zorn

Evidence that Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) May Produce Embryos Less Likely to Implant
J.H. Check, D. Summers-Chase, J.K. Choe, J. Amui and D. Brasile

How to Study and Select the Best Sperm for ICSI
G. Ruvolo

Sperm Chromatin as a Target for Male Mediated Developmental Toxicity
B. Robaire and B.F. Hales

Sperm and Embryonic Stem Cells
Toshiaki Noce



Chapter 5: Fertility preservation


Assisted Reproduction and Breast Cancer
K. Oktay

Preservation of Fertility with Cryopreservation and Transplantation
S.J. Silber, D. Levine, J.A. Pineda, M. DeRosa, K. Lenahan, K.S. Gorman and R.G. Gosden

Oocyte Morphological Quality Has No Impact in the Survival Rates After Vitrification and Thawing by Cryotop Method
I. Maldonado, S. Cubillos, A. Bermúdez and S. Cuneo

Blastocyst Cryopreservation by Vitrification
J. Liebermann



Chapter 6: Embryology


New Developments in Human Embryo Culture
J. Cohen, J. Biggers, M. Cecchi, D. Rieger, T. Schimmel and K. Wiemer

Estimation of Respiratory Activity of Individual Human Embryos by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
H. Abe, M. Yokoo, T. Itoh-Sasaki, M. Nasu, K. Goto, Y. Kumasako, Y. Araki, H. Shiku, T. Matsue and T. Utsunomiya

Elevated Systemic Insulin and Compromised Embryonic Developmental Competence
G.D. Smith

The Use of Lasers in Art: Does It Help?
T. Gurgan, S. Guven and A. Demirol

Excess Residual Cytoplasm Affect Spermatozoa Survival After Sperm Selection Procedure
N. Chakroun Feki, N. Abid, C. Chaari, A. Sallemi, B. Ben Ayed, C. Kalle, M. Guermazi, A. Bahloul, T. Rebai and L. Keskes Ammar

The Impact of Sperm Incubation on the Chromatin Condensation, DNA Strand Breaks and their Effect on ICSI Outcome
Hammadeh M.E., Deryal., Sobek A., Dostert T., Alexidis F.I., Schmidt W.

Correlation Between Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), Total Antioxidant (TAS) Concentration of Seminal Plasma and their Effect on Spermatozoa Quality and IVF/ ICSI Outcome
M.E. Hammadeh, A. Sobek, F.I. Alexidis, W. Schmidt, and M. Deryal

PGD by Polar Body Biopsy
A.G. Schmutzler



Chapter 7: Reproductive surgery


Endometriomas: Should this Be Removed Before In Vitro Fertilization?
R. Frydman

Outcome of In Vitro Fertilization in Patients with Advanced Endometriosis; Role of Endometrioma
E. Diaz, R. Pommer, H. Sovino, P. Cespedes, A. Fuentes, B. Arguello, A. Espinoza and L. Devoto

Uterus and IVF Controversies: Laparoscopic Myomectomy
J.B. Dubuisson and W. Parker

The Role of Hysteroscopy in Failed IVF Cycles
Hakan Yarali, Gürkan Bozdag and Ibrahim Esinler

Optimization and Evaluation of the Uterine Cavity for ART
G. Parra

Uterine Contractility and Assisted Reproductive Treatments (ART)
D. de Ziegler, T. Fraisse, M. Bellavia, S. Colamaria, I. Streuli and G. de Candolle

Hysteroscopic Sub Endometrial Embryo Delivery (SEED)
M.M. Kamrava and J.L. Hall



Chapter 8: Outcome of ART


First Mexican Pregnancy with Hatched Vitrified Blastocyst from a Woman with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome as a Tool to Avoid Multiple Pregnancy and Hyperestimulation Ovarian Syndrome
S. Cubillos, I. Maldonado, A. Bermúdez, E. Obregón and S. Cuneo

Twins In Art Is a Desirable Outcome: The "Pro" Position
N. Gleicher

Sonography of Multiple Pregnancies
S. Warsof

Complications of Assisted Reproductive Technology
G.I. Serour

Ovarian Hyperstimulation SyndromeProphylaxis and Management
S. El- Sahwi

Improving Outcomes in Multiple Pregnancies By Fetal Reduciton
M.I. Evans and D.W. Britt

Aspirin, Heparin and Immunotherapy for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
C.B. Coulam



Chapter 9: Psychological aspects of infertility treatment


Stress and How It Relates to IVF
J. Boivin

Psychological Complexities Surrounding Ending IVF Treatment
J. Takefman

Perceived Stress in Couples for IVF
L. Arranz, F. Gavino, J. Ruiz, W. Aguirre, D. Moreno, A. Velasco, J. Cedillo, Z. Sondon and S. Gavino

A Study on the Prevalence of Depressive Symptoms in Infertile Couples Undergoing Invitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer
A. Kaluarachchi, S. Wijeratne, D. Lankeshwara, L.M.C. Nishantha, C. Nelson, S. Wijemanne and H.R. Senevirathne

Psychosocial Aspects of Multi-fetal Pregnancy Reduction
E. Grill



Chapter 10: Ethical and legal aspects of reproductive medicine


Sex – Pre –Selection
J.G. Schenker

From Homo Sapiens to Techno Sapiens: Children’s Human Rights to Natural Human Origins
M. Somerville

Getting Government to Fund IVF. . .The Canadian Experience
B. Hanck

Therapeutic Application of Cord Blood Stem Cells
C. Chillik



Late Arrivals


Minimal Ovarian Stimulation
W.L. Ledger

Slow Oocyte Freezing
E. Porcu, T. Valdinoci, P.M. Ciotti, G. Damiano, L. Cipriani, S. Taraborrelli, A. Bazzocchi, S. Di Ciaccio, A. Farina, V. Mille and S. Venturoli

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