6th International Congress on the Improvement of the Quality of Life on Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, MS and Muscolar Disorders

(January 26-30, 2008 – Marseille, France)




The sixth International Congress of the improvement of the Quality of Life in chronic neurological conditions was organized by the International Society for the amelioration of the quality of life for chronic neurological patients.

The congress was held in Palais du Faro, in Marseille, France from 26th to 30th of January 2008. Honorary President of the congress was Prof. Dr, Dr hc mult Franz Gerstembrand.

Ôhe congress was mostly focused on Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy and MS. The international scientific committee in collaboration with the organizing committee has prepared an exciting scientific program especially targeted on new concepts in the pathogenetic background of the chronic disease and the transfer of new data from the research into the clinical practice for improving the beneficial contribution to the patients.

Outstanding speakers invited from many countries released their knowledge, experience and personal view on the rapidly expanded fields of genetics, pathophysiology, neuropathology, neuroimmunology, neuroradiology, neuropharmacology, therapeutics, radiating at the same time the enthusiasm for the research, the ethics and the devotion to the crucial field of the chronic neurological diseases.

A special effort has been produced by the Organizing Committee in order to promote young neuroscientists to demonstrate the preliminary or final results of their research projects in posters and free communications on the main topics of the congress.

The congress was attended by 200 delegates from 12 countries. Leading scientists in the field of dementia, epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, neuropathology, neuroradiology, neurochemistry, neuroimmunology, and medical ethics released lectures and presented platform presentations. Thus the congress program included 20 plenary lectures, one round table, 11 oral communications and 40 posters.

The opening ceremony was held in the Papal Palace in Avignon, where a performance of elegant Chamber Music was held in the Conclavium, performed by privileged young artists

The main lecture was released by Prof. Gerstembrand entitled "The right and the ethical obligation for a care in severest and hopeless Neurological Conditions" which attracted much attention of the audiences and stimulated long and very fruitful discussion.

The round table on the End of the Life was chaired by Prof. Gerstembrand, with speakers Profs F. Gerstembrand, K. Jellinger, A. Korczyn and SJ Baloyannis. Many aspects from the medical, economical , social and spiritual point of view were discussed and stimulated the enthusiastic participation of audiences who posed many crucial questions.

All the contributions lectures, oral presentations and posters were targeted in the treatment and management of patients suffered from chronic neurological disease, with the perspective of the amelioration the quality of life of the patients and the fulfillment of their expectations.

The effort for the amelioration of the quality of life in chronic neurological diseases is in fact the third way or the third leg of Neurology, besides the treatment of the Acute Neurological Conditions and the Neurorehabilitation.

The international Society for the amelioration of the Quality of Life is based and remains on a strong ethical, humanitarian and ecumenical philosophical background.

Stavros J. Baloyannis MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology
Congress President





Invited Lectures


Dendritic Pathology in Alzheimer’s Disease

S.J. Baloyannis


Obligations for Care in Severest and Hopeless Neurological Conditions

F. Gerstenbrand, C.H. Hess, C. Kurzmann and G. Menditti


The Enigma of Vascular and Mixed Dementia

K.A. Jellinger


Ethics and Quality End-of-Life Care in the Elderly Mentally Ill

N. Tătaru


Ageing, Neurodegeneration and Chronic Neurological Conditions. Some Molecular Aspects

D. Zádori, P. Klivényi, J. Toldi and L. Vécsei





Free Papers


The Importance of Psychological Support in Dementia

V.G. Costa, T. Banaki, K. Metsiou, A. Plastira, M. Traka, S. Albani, E. Oraiopoulou, E. Christodoulou, E. Papathanasiou, E. Koutsouraki and S.J. Baloyannis


Cognitive Enhancement of Patients who Suffer from Different Types of Dementia

V.G. Costa, K. Metsiou, T. Banaki, E. Koutsouraki, A. Plastira, E. Oraiopoulou,
E. Petridou, F. Koiveraki, M. Traka and S.J. Baloyannis


Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or Idiopathic Environmental Intolerances & Related Syndroms

E.A. Dimitriadis and I. Anagnostopoulos


Nanotechnology Approaches for Drug and Small Molecule Delivery Across the Blood Brain Barrier

E.A. Dimitriadis and I. Anagnostopoulos


The Role of Reelin in the BrainOverview

E.A. Dimitriadis and I. Anagnostopoulos


Antibodies Against GM1 and Amyloid-b (1-40) in Demented Patients

E. Hatzifilippou, E. Koutsouraki, M. Traka, J.S. Baloyannis, V.G. Costa and S.J. Baloyannis


Apolipoprotein E Phenotypes and b-amyloid (1-40) Levels in Demented Patients in Greece

E. Hatzifilippou, E. Koutsouraki, M. Traka, J.S. Baloyannis, V.G. Costa and S.J. Baloyannis


Bilateral Thalamic Infarction as a Cause of Acute Dementia and Hypophonia After Occlusion of the Artery of Percheron

E. Koutsouraki, G. Xiromerisiou, V. Costa and S. Baloyannis

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