7th Congress of the Asian Pacific Federation of  Societies for Surgery of the Hand – APFSSH

 (February 14-17, 2008, Hong Kong)







Invited Lectures


The Operative Treatment of Displaced or Unstable Proximal Phalangeal Fractures

A.E. Freeland


Reconstruction of Paralysis Using Implanted Neuroprosthetics

M.W. Keith




Free Papers


Plate Presetting Arthroscopic Reduction Technique (PART) for the Distal Radius Fractures

Y. Abe


The Motor Function of Fingers in Limit of Metacarpophalangeal Joints ROM: Compare with DASH

H. Hiroyuki, H. Ryuichi and O. Akio


The Advantage of Slaughtered Pig Leg in Microanstomosis Practice

J.W. Hong and H.J. Hong


A Comparison of Palmar Static Digit Extension Splinting and Dorsal Block Dynamic Digit Extension Splinting with Post Operative Dupuytren’s Contracture Release

M.S. Pesco


Delayed Extended "Mid-thenar" Flap for Fingertip Avulsion Injury

K. Sano, K. Kimura and S. Ozeki


Second-Toe Transfer for Thumb and Finger Reconstruction

T. Shimizu, H. Yajima, K. Murata, K. Kawamura, A. Yoshida and K. Shigematsu


Comparsion Between Postoperative Dynamic Splinting and Alternating Splinting on a Rheumatoid Arthritic Hand After Arthroplasty on Metacarpophalangeal Joints

J. Uchiya, H. Hayashi, T. Aoki and Y. Ohno


FK506 Promoting Proliferation of Schwann Cells In Vitro and NGF of Schwann Cells Secreted Highly by Itself

Zhenwei Zhang



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