1st Conference of the Asian Oceania Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

 May 16-19, 2008 - Nanjing, China





Dear Colleagues,

On the occasion of our Meeting - Monduzzi Editore International Proceedings Division has been delegated the task of publishing the Proceedings for the 1st Conference of the Asian Oceania Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (May 16-19, 2008 – Nanjing, China).

This publication is not only to increase the success of the individual presentations and the Meeting in general, but also help to publicize the contents of the meeting to a much wider audience, providing a useful updating for the speciality. Furthermore, the Volume will be sent to Current Contents to be indexed.

I would like to appreciate contribution of many famous international experts and our colleagues contribute to this symposium, which makes it very rich in scientific findings and new visions in our field. The symposium is therefore reflecting the progress and development of our specialty in the early 21st century and thus making it valuable for all of us.

I believe the proceedings will be a treasure as the first scientific collection of the Asian Oceania Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and will be the witness of the development of physical and rehabilitation medicine in Asia and Oceania region.


Jianan Li, MD
Professor in Rehabilitation Medicine
Chairman of the 1st Conference of Asian Oceania Society of
Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine




Invited Lectures



Treatment of Joint Contracture: An Animal Experiment Using Correction Device with Low-Load and Continuous Torque

M. Akai


Geriatric Rehabilitation: Current Concepts

I.D. Cameron

East Meets West for the Management of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain:
An Update on Informed Based Rehabilitation

M. Imamura


Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Neuromuscular Disease

S.W. Kang


The Role of Exercise in Cardiac Rehabilitation

T. Kavanagh


Rehabilitation Role in Osteoporosis

V. Kuptniratsaikul


Fall, Fractures and Osteoporosis in the Stroke Patient

J. Laíns and D. Dias


Spinal Cord Injury – Scenario in an Indian State

N. Mathur, S. Jain, N. Kumar, A. Srivastava and N. Purohit


Rehabilitation of Peripheral Nerve Lesions

T. Paternostro-Sluga, H. Kern, O.C. Aszmann and M. Frey


A Multidisciplinary Approach for Dysphagia Management: The MD –SAFE PROGRAM

R.R. Rey-Matias


Innovative Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Technologies in Rehabilitation Medicine: the Case of the NESS L300 Device for
Foot Drop After Brain Injury

H. Ring and J.M. Hausdorff


The Effect of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Unilateral Visual-Spatial Neglect

W. Song, B. Du, Q. Xu, J. Hu, Y. Luo and M. Wang


Current State of the Application of the ICF in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

G. Stucki


Neuropathic Pain – Invasive Procedures

N.E. Walsh


Posture Control and Spinal Stability in Low Back Pain Patients

N. Wang, C. Luo and X. Wang


An Experimental Study on the Action Mechanism of Improvement of Glucose Metabolism of Diabetic Rats by Exercise Therapy

Y. Wu, R.P. Hu, Y.S. Hu, J.F. Wu and L.M. Sun




Free Papers


The Effect of Valproic Acid on Balance Function in Ischemic Stroke Patients

R.X. Bian, Y.M. Cho, J.Y. Han, I.S. Choi, J.H. Kim and S.G. Lee


Significance of Assessment of Fall Risk at Initial Period of Gait Training in Stroke Patients

R.X. Bian, A.Y. Shin, J.Y. Han, I.S. Choi, J.H. Kim and S.G. Lee


An Instrumented 10 Metres Walk Test For Post Stroke Patients Via Foot Pressure Maps Meaurements And Averaging

M. D’Amico, W. Branchini, D. Tulli, F. Ciarrocca, P. Roncoletta, M. Tomassini and M. Vallasciani


A Full 3-D Parametric Biomechanical Skeleton Model for Posture and Movement Analysis

M. D’Amico, G. D’Amico, P. Roncoletta, M. Tomassini, F. Ciarrocca and M. Vallasciani


The Distribution of Plantar Pressure in Diabetic Neuropathy Patients without Foot Ulcer

J.Y. Han, R.X. Bian, I.S. Jang, S.R. Ryu, I.S. Choi, J.H. Kim and S.G. Lee


Ultrasonographic Findings of Both Knee Joints in Chronic Ambulatory Hemiplegic Stroke Patients

J.Y. Han, Y.M. Cho, R.X. Bian, I.S. Choi, J.H. Kim and S.G. Lee


Effects of Chinese Traditional Massage on Shoulder Pain in the Restoration of Shoulder Subluxation

Jianzhuo Yang, Jinglong Liu, Guo Yu and Yugang Bao


Effect of Conductive Education Combined with Salvin Miltiorrbiza and Cerebrolysin on the Developmental Quotient of Infants with Cerebral Palsy

Jiulai Tang, De Wu, Xiaoyan Xu, Li Yang, Lan Jin and Xiaoyan Li


Communication Means of Cervical Cord Injury Patient Who Is Respirator Dependent Quadriplegia

K. Kagechika, J. Oshima, Y. Takagi, H. Yamada, Y. Kanazawa, W. Nasu, T. Toratani, S. Yura and K. Tachino


Effectiveness of Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy to Severe Spasticity

K. Kagechika, Y. Takagi, H. Yamada, Y. Kanazawa, W. Nasu, T. Toratani and K. Tachino

Usefulness of Assessment by Ultrasonic Method of Bone Substance of Distal End of Radius

K. Kagechika, Y. Takagi, H. Yamada, Y. Kanazawa, W. Nasu, T. Toratani and K. Tachino


Analysis of Early Cognitive Development in Forty-Two Children with Microcephaly

Y. Liang, X. Lin, X. Chen and T. Chen


Preliminary Study of the Effect of Aerobic Exercise Training on Patients with Metabolic Syndrome

S. Liu, X. Shen and L. Yuan


Effect of Proprioception Disturbance on Activities of Daily Living (ADL) After Stroke

Liu Jinglong, Yang Jianzhuo, Guo Yu and Bao Yugang


Immunohistochemical Analysis of Coronary Collateral Development in Pigs

X. Meng, J. Li, X. Lu, et al


The Comparison of the Effect of Deep and Superficial Heat on Healthy Ankle Joint Position Sense

F. Moslemi Haghighi, F. Ghaffarinejad and S. Pirouzi


The Prevalence of Depression in Physical Therapy Students

T. Motiallah


Effectiveness of Shock Wave Therapy in Patient with Chronic Plantar Fasciitis

Ngan Thi Hong Anh, Mai Thi Minh Tam, Tran Ngoc An and Nguyen Viet Dong


An Application Study of the Rehabilitation Mode of the Hospital - the Community - Family in the Treatment of Infantile Paralysis Rehabilitation

Y.-J. Shao, K.-H. Zeng, H.-X. Xie, L.-F. Liang, F. Zhang and G.-H. Wu


Reliability of Western Ontario and MacMaster Universities (WOMAC) Osteoarthritis Index

D. Shi and N. Wang


A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Trial Assessing the Effect of the Oral Cannabinoid Nabilone on Pain and Quality of Life in Patients with Fibromyalgia

R. Skrabek and L. Galimova


A Case Report of Replacement of Giant Cell Tumor of Pelvic Bone with a Ceramic Implant – 20 Years Survival Case –

Y. Takagi, Y. Kitano, S. Terahata, K. Kagechika, H. Tsuchiya and K. Tomita


Taylor Spatial Frame in the Lower Limbs – Two Cases Report –

Y. Takagi, H. Yamada, Y. Kanazawa, W. Nasu, T. Toratani, K. Kagechika and H. Tsuchiya


Treatment of Infectious Nonunion of Tibia in Elderly Patient Using Ilizarov External Fixator – A Case Report –

Y. Takagi, H. Yamada, Y. Kanazawa, W. Nasu, T. Toratani, K. Kagechika and H. Tsuchiya


Treatment of Cerebral Palsied Children with a Combined Method Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine-Massage and Conductive Education: Randomized Controlled Trial

Tang JiuLai, Wu De and Yang Li


The Difference of Cervical Vertebrae Movement Before and After Joint Mobilization and Meridian Test

Y. Tanimoto


Organization of Pain Management: Bangladesh Perspectives

M. Taslim Uddin, M. Moniruzzaman Khan and M.S. Rahman


Rehabilitation in Cyclone SIDR Affected People

M. Taslim Uddin, M.S. Rahman and M. Moniruzzaman Khan


Clinical Observation of the Rehabilitative Effect of the Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine to Unstable Angina

Z.L. Wang, R.Z. Hu and S.Y. Sun


Effect of Postpartum Exercise on Human Breast-Milk

Yan Qi, Dongliang Shi and Liping Huang

Apoptosis of Human Ovarian Carcinoma Induced by LED-Activated MPPa

Yong Tan, Chuanshan Xu, Xinshu Xia, Dingqun Bai, Heping Yu and Yong He


Assessment of Oral Health Care at Tonami General Hospital

S. Yura, Y. Izumiyama and K. Kagechika


The Cytotoxicity of Sonodynamic Therapy with Hematoporphyrin Monomethyl Ether on Tumor Carneus Cells

Zedan Tian, Chuanshan Xu, Xuemo Quan, Xinshu Xia, Heping Yu, Dingqun Bai, Pong Li, Xiaoqiong Peng and Zhigang Wang


Effects of Chinese Tuina on the Muscle Strength of Lower Limb of Sarcopenia

Zhang Hong, Yan Juntao, Xu Jun, Wang Zhichao and Men Zhitao


Effects of Infrasound with Different Sound-Pressure Level on Apoptosis in Hippocampal Cells of Rat Brain

Zhao-hui Liu, Jing-zao Chen, Yun-xin Cao, Rui Lu and Xiao-chao Yuan


Evaluation Based on Low-Frequency Impulse Electrotherapy for Reconstruct of Upper-Limb’s Function After Stroke

Zhe Wei and Dongyan Wang


Spinal Dorsal Ramus Injections for Low Back Pain: A Retrospective Study

L. Zhou, A. Miller, L. King and A. Grunwald

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