XXI European Congress of Perinatal Medicine

10-13 September, 2008 - Istanbul, Turkey





Parallel Session

R58fs Mutation in HGO Gene in a Family with Alkaptonuria in the UAE
Y. Abdulrazzaq, A. Ibrahim, A. Al-Khayat, N. Nagelkerke and B. Ali

Factors Associated with Suboptimal Breastfeeding Behaviour in Two Different Socio-Demographic Settings
S. Arsan, E. Okulu, G. Atay, B. Atasay, I. Mungan Akin, . Erdeve and T. Trmen

Case Presentation: Epidural Anesthesia, Methemoglobinemia, Methylene Blue and Hemolytic Jaundice
E. Okulu, G. Atay, . Erdeve, Y.E. Bkmaz and S. Arsan

Shoulder Dystocia: A 5-Year Audit St Georges Hospital, University of London, London, UK
B. Bajardeen and E. Chandraharan

Clinical Presentation and Risk Factors of Placental Abruption in Transferred Patients
Tae Hee Kim

Cerebral Hemodynamic Effects of Nitroglycerin in Preterm Infants
H. Mizutani, M. Takeuchi, M. Miyata, T. Hata and T. Yamazaki

Inherited Hyperacidity Is the Cause of Pyloric Stenosis
I.M. Rogers

pH-Self Assessment in Order to Reduce the Risk of Preterm Birth
E. Siegmund-Schultze, U.B. Hoyme, P. Wenzlaff, A. Schneider and E.M. Bitzer

Risk Factors of Development of the ROP Including IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1) Level Changes During First Month of Life
K. Zieba, E. Kasprzak, D. Tomaszkiewicz-Mondry, M. Pomykalska, I. Maroszynska, J. Czajkowski and J. Gadzinowsk


Poster Session

Goldston Syndrome; Diagnosis of Multiple Fetal Anomalies
R. Abali, S. Albayrak Kaya, S. Bozkurt, C. Leblebici and C. Yavuz Yurtsever

An Extremely-Low-Birth-Weight Preterm with Cutaneous Aspergillosis
A. Baris Akcan, Seyhan Eriir and Nihal Oygr

VACTERL Association with Potter Sequence
A.B. Akcan, S.E. Oygucu, E. Mihci, G.A. Gkhan and N. Oygr

Materna-Fetal Outcome of a Huge Solitary Luteinized Follicular Cyst of Pregnancy; Case Report
S. Albayrak Kaya, R. Abali, S. Bozkurt, C. Aygul and P. Acar

Effect of Partial Liquid Ventilation on Pulmonary Recruitment in Asphyctic Preterm Lambs
F.J. Alvarez, E. Gastiasoro, N. Martnez-Lopez, A. Alvarez, M.C. Rey-Santano, V.E. Mielgo, A. Caballero, F. Goi de Cerio, D. Alonso-Alconada, M.A. Gomez-Solaetxe and E. Hilario

Treatment of Iron Deficiency in Pregnant Vietnamese Women
D.T. Ha, L. Avril, S. Boussetta, V. Habert, F. Raguideau, J. Teillac and H.G. Nguyen

Outlook of the Slovak Newborns on the Border of Viability
K. Demova, A. Bystricka, G. Magyarova and F. Bauer

Neurodevelopmental Outcome in VLBW Neonates
A. Bivoleanu, M. Muscalu and M. Stamatin

Progressive Muscle Relaxation During Pregnancy: Effects on Anxiety and Depression Level, Pregnancy Outcome and Labour
M. Bulgay-Mrschel, F. Langlotz and E. Schleussner

Replacement Therapy with Human Protein C Concentrate in Paediatric Septic Patients
G. Corona, N. Decembrino, A. Bonarrigo, D. Paffumi, S. Aversa, V. Cordaro and I. Barberi

Role of Procalcitonin in the Early Diagnosis of Neonatal Sepsis
G. Corona, S. Aversa, N. Decembrino, G. Giorgianni, A. Artemisia, V. Cordaro and I. Barberi

Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Total Parenteral Nutrition During Pregnancy. A Case Report
N. Cruces, S. Maia, C. Santos, V. Flor, A. Boneca and M. Sousa

Frequency and Severity of Nausea & Amp; Vomiting Du
Danesh Kojuri, M. Soltan, A. Safavi, S. Hosseini, F.

Congenital Heart Anomalies in Praeterm Twins
S. Dinarevic, H. Maksic, A. Redzic, R. Terzic, E. Hadzipasi and M. Halimi

Consequences after Previous Gestational Diabetes
J. Djelmis, D. Husar, M. Ivanisevic, J. Juras and D. Bljajic

Necrotizing Fasciitis in Very Low Birth Weight Infant with Necrotizing Enterocolitis
D. Djojohusodo, K. Gunawan and E. Hanindito

Analysis of the Significance of Placental Weight in Impaired Glucose Tolerance Patients
L. Driul, A. Citossi, G. Poloni, A.P. Londero, M. Della Martina, R. Furlan, L. Tonutti, F. Macagno and D. Marchesoni

Methotrexate Conservative Treatment of an Intramural Ectopic Pregnancy
I. Dumitracu, L. Docan, I. Pun and M.J. Aldea

Weighing Newborns without using scales
E. Elshibly and G. Schmalisch

Procalcitonin Vs C- Reactive Protein in Early Detection of Intrauterine Infection in Premature Rupture of Membranes
V. Elvei Gaparovi, G. Zlopaa, S. Mihaljevi and I. Maurac

Perinatal Cycle: From Prenatal Diagnosis to Early Postnatal Surgery in Newborns with Congenital Abdominal Wall Defects
I. Gordienko, O. Slepov, O. Tarapurova, L. Slepova and N. Rakovska

Is Vaginal Delivery a Safe Option in Twins?
T. Hassan, O. Alabi, A. Norodin, N. Maher, S. OCoigligh and S. Higgins

Role of Adhesion Molecules Early After Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury in Preterm Lambs
D. Alonso-Alconada, A. Alvarez, F. Goi de Cerio, F.J. Alvarez, M.C. Rey-Santano, V.E. Mielgo, A. Valls i Soler and E. Hilario

The Initial Cry of the New-born, a Possible Marker of the Neonatal Neurological Status
C. Ilie, E. Bernad, I. Enatescu, V.R. Enatescu and R. Ilie

Telemedicine and Perinatal Database
M. Ivanisevic, J. Juras, E. Berberovic and D. Bljajic

High Risk Pregnancy and Restless Legs Syndrome
N. Izquierdo, A. Miralles and I. Perelson

The Role of Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM) on Early Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity: A Case Control Study
M. Jafari Shobeiri

Importance of Some Lymphocyte Subpopulations and Markers of Thrombocyte Activation in Preeclampsia and Gestational Hypertension
P. Janku, L. Hruban, M. Doubek, R. Doubek, V. Unzeitig and P. Kachlik

Cervical Incompetence and Connective Tissue Disorders
Z.S. Khodzhaeva, S.R. Gurbanova, G.T. Sukhikh and V.M. Sidelnikova

The Effects of Follow-up Services on the Complications of Newborns Postpartum Early Discharged
G. Ko and K. Eroglu

Neonatal Prediction and Nihilism: Good? Bad? Uncertain?
J. Lagatta, B. Andrews, L. Caldarelli and W. Meadow

Prevalence and Clinical Spectrum of Cytomegalovirus Infection in Newborns and Infants
C.M. Mihai, R. Stoicescu, L. Mihai, A. Balasa, D. Catrinoiu and V. Cuzic

Failure to Recognize Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Newborns
C.M. Mihai, A. Balasa, R. Stoicescu, L. Mihai, D. Catrinoiu and V. Cuzic

The Malformation Risks for the Children Resulted from Therapeutically Induced Pregnancies
C. Musuroi, A. Motoc, M. Motoc, S. Bolintineanu and M. Vaida

The Neonatal Cerebral Lesions of the Children Resulted from Iatrogenic Pregnancies
C. Musuroi, A. Motoc, M. Motoc, S. Bolintineanu and M. Vaida

Periventricular Leukomalacia Correlations with Low Apgar Score and Perinatal Hypoxia
M.L. Ognean, M. Cucerea, N. Silaghy, E. Olariu, L.G. Bera and A. Craciun

Hematological Parameters in Premature Newborns with Respect to their Gestational Age
S.S. Oguz, A.K. Uzun, M. Akar and U. Dilmen

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Changes in Pitutary Gland in Prolactinoma During Pregnancy: A Case report
Yoshiko Ohtaka, Miki Nakao and Michio Hayashi

Regional Anaesthesia for Primary Caesarean Section in Patients with HELLP Syndrome
. Palit, G. Palit, M. Vercauteren and Y. Jacquemyn

Lectin Pathway Activity and Mannan-Binding Lectin Levels in the Course of Pregnancy Complicated by Diabetes Type 1
M. Pertyska-Marczewska, M. Cedzyski, A. wierzko, M. Sobczak, K. Cypryk and J. Wilczyski

Teenage Pregnancy in Our Unit-Trends and Birth Outcome
L. Ples, A. Stanescu, G. Parjolea and N. Ples

Pathogenesis of Hydramnios and Oligohydramnios in Placental Infection and Neonatal Prognosis
O.A. Pustotina, N.I. Bubnova and L.S. Yezhova

Mother/Infant Skin to Skin Contact at Birth: Wireless Neonatal Pulse Oximetry Monitoring
Y. Rimet, M. Leclaire, C. Mathey, C. DErcole, U. Simoni, D. Ronayette and J.L. Weber

Maternal Exposure to Titanium Dioxide Nano-particles Damages Newborn Murine Brains
M. Sugamata, T. Ihara and K. Takeda

Screening and Prevention Infections in Newborn with Group B Streptococcus
M. Trnovanu, M. Onofriescu, E. Dalas and M. Saba

The Efficiency of Cervical Cerclage
M. Trnovanu, E. Dalas, M. Onofriescu, I. Iftime, A. Luca and C. Anton

Atosiban Is Cost Saving Compared to Beta-Mimetics in the Treatment of Preterm Labour in Germany
J. Wex, M. Connolly, D. Schneider, W. Rath and S.K. Nielsen

Intestinal Obstruction During Pregnancy Caused by a Big Meckels Diverticulum
I. Zapardiel, J. De la Fuente-Valero, S. Herrero-Gmiz, L. San Frutos, A. Aguarn and JM. Bajo

Influence of Maternal Age and Parity in Pregnancy and Neonatal Outcome. Analysis of 25,755 Deliveries

I. Zapardiel, J. De la Fuente-Valero, E. Prez-Carbajo, T. Prez-Medina, J. Molero, A. Aguarn and JM. Bajo



Parallel Session

CPAP and Noninvasive Ventilation
S. Arsan

CPAP Era in Russia: Results and Perspectives
E. Baybarina, O. Ionov, O. Borisevitch, A. Antonov and O. Chumakova

Neonatal Impact of Maternal Malnutrition
J.M. Carrera

Perinatal Problems in Africa:How Can the Developed World?
J.M. Carrera

Breast Cancer During and After Pregnancy
C. Dadak

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Prematurely Born Infants
A. Greenough

Long Term Pulmonary Outcome of Premature Birth
A. Greenough

Impact of Antenatal and Postnatal Interventions on Respiratory Outcomes
A. Greenough

Placental Angiogenesis in Diabetic Pregnancy
M. Ivanisevic, D. Husar, J. Djelmis, J. Juras and D. Bljaic

Surrogate Endpoints and Real Outcomes in Perinatology
O. Kadayifci and I.F. Urunsak

Multidose Insulin Treatment in Gestational Diabetes
. Kandemir

Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatal Medicine: Is There a Missing Link?
K.M. Kuczkowski

Anesthesia and Analgesia in Preeclamptic Women
K.M. Kuczkowski

Scientific, Religious and Legal Controversies on the Beginning of Human life
A. Kurjak

New Fetal Neurobehavioral Scoring Test in High Risk Pregnancies
A. Kurjak, B. Miskovic and M. Stanojevic

Heterogeneities in Preterm Birth
R. Menon and S.J. Fortunato

Genetic Variations: Determinants of Distinct Preterm Birth Pathways
R. Menon and S.J Fortunato

Management of Postpartum Haemorrhage
S.A.M. Michaelis and J.W. Dudenhausen

Daily Iatrogenic Teratology: Drusgs, Alcohol, Smoking
J.G. Nijhuis

The Role of Inflammation in Preeclampsia
M. Sezik

What Is Second Trimester Ultrasound?
H. Alper Tanriverdi

Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome and Pregnancy
S.H. Ural

Amniocentesis or Chorionic Villus Sampling
S.H. Ural

MRI Detection of Perinatal Brain Problems
G. van Wezel-Meijler

The Groningen Protocol, How and Why
A.A.E. Verhagen

Death and Dying in the Delivering Room
A.A.E. Verhagen, J. van der Wolde, B. Engels, A. Bos and G. Zeeman

Neonatal Nosocomial Staphylococcal Infection: Is There a Role for Antibody in Prevention?
L.E. Weisman

Ureaplasma Associated Chronic Lung Disease: Can it Be Prevented?
S.A. Walls, L. Kong, H.A. Leeming, F.X. Placencia, E.J. Popek and L.E. Weisman

Hypotension and Shock in the Preterm Infant
J. Wyllie

What Is New About Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn?
M. Yurdakok


Plenary Session

Prematurity Prevention An Update
E. Saling


Poster Session

Influence of a New Food-Support Benefit on the Dietary Behaviour of Pregnant and Postpartum Women in Sheffield, UK
F.A. Ford, T. Mouratidou, S.E. Wademan and R.B. Fraser


Pre-Congress Course

Neuroprotection from Asphyxia-Drugs, Hypothermia
A. Atici

Pressure Support Ventilation
A. Greenough

Weaning Strategies; Failure to Extubate
A. Greenough

Pitfalls in Fetal Monitoring During Labor
J.G. Nijhuis

Hyperbilirubinemia in the Newborn
Y. Perk

Neonatal Cranial Ultrasonography: Role and Limitations
G. van Wezel-Meijler

New Neuro-imaging Techniques
G. van Wezel-Meijler

Do We Need Drugs in Neonatal Resuscitation?
J. Wyllie

Secondary Confirmation of Neonatal Intubation: The Use of Exhaled Carbon Dioxide Monitoring
J. Wyllie, B. Reichert and R. Tinnion

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