13th International Pain Clinic Congress

 May 29 – June 1, 2008, Seoul, Korea








Application of Collateral Meridian Therapy in Clinical Pain Management

Chih-Shung Wong, Jui-An Lin and San-Chi-Ko



Animal Study


A Novel Animal Model of Trigeminal Neuralgia

D.K. Ahn



Basic Science


Neurotropin Causes an Increase of Regional Cerebral Blood Flow

Takashi Gushiken, Yoshiaki Nakabeppu, Tetsuya Ounou, Takashi Masuyama and Yuichi Kanmura



Case Report


Spontaneous Regression of Radiculopathic Cervical Herniated Disc after Non-surgical Treatment – 3 Cases Report –

Kyung Joon Lim, Hyeun Sung Kim, Sung Keun Park, Hoo Joy, In Ho Park, Jae Kwang Ryu and Dae Hyun Jo





Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain

A. Spacek


Reliability of Tissue Compliance Meter and Algometer

K. Morozumi, T. Fujiwara, H. Karasuno, J.C. Castel, F.X. Palermo and D.O. Draper



Interventional Technique


Intradiscal Procedures

D. Beltrutti and L. Pasquariello


Emerging Perspectives of Targeted Epidural Injections for Chronic Low Back Pain

Y.K. Choi


Interventional Treatment of Spinal Pain: Considerations for Optimal Approach

Y.K. Choi


Clinical Application of Spinal Epiduroscopy for the Treatment of Lumbosacral Epiduropathy

Y.K. Choi


New & Excited Approaches to Stimulating the Peripheral Nervous System: Is this the Future of Neuromodulation?

T. Deer


Spinal Cord Stimulation: Current Concepts and Future Directions

T. Deer


Epiduroscopy for Low Back Pain

K. Hanaoka, H. Arita, M. Hayashida, C. Yajima, J. Mizuno and M. Nagase


Percutaneous Lysis of Epidural Adhesions-Evidence for Safety and Efficacy

G. Racz, J. Heavner and A. Trescot


Epidural Steroid Injections

A. Spacek


Delayed Cement Displacement After Kyphoplasty in Kümmell’s Disease

Hyeun Sung Kim, Sung Keun Park, Hoo Joy, In Ho Park, Jae Kwang Ryu, Chang Il Ju, Seok Won Kim, Kyung Joon Lim and Dae Hyun Jo


Epidurographic Findings in Low Back Pain Patients

J. Koh, M. Kawanishi, S. Kaida, N. Yuzawa, S. Kimura, K. Kumagai, M. Kawase,
K. Yoshiyama, M. Kawabata and H. Araki





Guidelines for CNOP Opioid Prescription

D. Beltrutti, P. de Negri and L. Pasquariello


Drug Challenge Tests for Intractable Pain

Hanaoka Kazuo, Hayashida Masakazu, Arita Hideko, Ide Yasuo, Tagami Megumi and Nagase Masaki


Role of Excitatory Amino Acids and Cytokines in Morphine Tolerance: Effect of Tricyclic Antidepressant Amitryptyline

Y.H. Tai and C.S. Wong


Whole Blood mRNA for Full-Length Neurokinin-1 Receptors in Patients with Chronic Pain Treated with Oral Opioids

T. Azma, Y. Matsubara, K. Yamasaki, C. Matsumoto, M. Nakao, M. Hayashida, J. Ariyama, Y. Narita and H. Kikuchi


Pharmacokinetics and Tolerability of Sublingual Fentanyl in Healthy Japanese and Caucasian Volunteers: Phase I, Open-Label Single-Dose Study

U. Lorch, F. Farrell, J. Kilborn, M. Tamaoka, R. Derrick and J. Howell


Effectiveness of Two Regimes of Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Treatment of Pain Syndrome in Patient with Knee Osteoarthritis

V.V. Povoroznyuk, N.V. Grygoryeva, N.I. Dzerovych and T.A. Karasevskaya


Effectiveness of Complex Medication for Treatment of Pain Syndrome Under Knee Osteoarthritis

V.V. Povoroznyuk and N.I. Dzerovych


Study of Efficacy and Safety of Willow Bark Extract (Assalix) in Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain in Patients of Different Age with Osteochondrosis

V.V. Povoroznyuk and T.A. Karasevskaya


Treatment of Men with Osteochondrosis of Cervical and Thoracic Spine and Vegetative Disorders

V.V. Povoroznyuk, T.V. Orlyk and E.A. Kreslov



Postop Pain


Pain Management in Pediatric Day Surgery

Sh. Enkhtuvshin, M. Ariuntungalag, B. Odgerel, S. Burmaa and L. Ganbold


PCA – an Update

A. Spacek



Social Environment


Pain Research Environment in Mongolia

Chuluunaa Sharkhuu





Pain caused by Peripheral Venous Puncture or Cannulation

K. Onishi and T. Hosokawa

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